Best Projector Buying Guide In India 2024

projector buying guide

Tired of working for the entire day? Now, I have come with the most amazing term called projectors. Once we start analyzing the reason to get the projectors, it may vary based on the needs of concern person. And now, the digital projectors holds its position as first in the list.

Ways To Pick Ideal Projector For Home And Office Use

When it comes to buying the projectors, you may experience many perks. Our guide to buying the projectors is y comparing many terms like brightness, resolution, as well as the contrast ratio. Before looking deep into the topic, let us discuss some types of projectors that loved by the people of recent days.

Types of the Projector:

  • Digital Projectors
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Projectors
  • Home Theatre/ Cinema Projectors
  • Portable Multimedia Projectors
  • Conference Room Projectors

Let us look deep into each type of projectors, by going through the concerned topic, you can pick as per your needs.
Digital projectors: This type of projector allow us to use the video files on PC, and some even make internet viewing. In this, you can find two common types such as LCD and DLP. The significant factor to consider while choosing the digital projector is a lumen. Lumen is the number of various aspects of light, which are available at one time.
LCD projectors: As stated, this is one type of digital projector. The significant factor with the LCD projectors is, this provides a clear and sharp image than many counterparts. This projector will show the image by shining light through LCD panels with it. The common purpose of the LCD projectors is to watch movies and even for a business presentation. The thing to consider is this works effectively only in dime light.

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Cinema projectors: As the name indicates, this helps to provide home entertainment. Purpose of using such projectors are playing music’s, DVDs, movies, and even sometimes, you can let your children play video games. This comes under DLP, which is a type of digital projector.
Multimedia projectors: In other words, we can say this means for portability feature. This helps in offering noise free presentation with the ideal image.
Conference room projector: You can easily find the usage of this projector just through this name. This projector has mainly used for presentation purpose and this mostly reports in conference rooms. You can deliberately see this in medical presentations.
Since these are some common types of projectors, you can even find many types in the market. Even though you have diverse collections, digital projectors are an ideal choice. Here are some points to focus while buying the digital projectors.

Points to consider:
Among many models, people fond of picking digital projectors. Here are some significant points to consider while choosing the digital projectors. These points will match almost all types of projectors. Have this as small illustration to pick the right one:

  • Resolution
  • Throw distance
  • Lumen
  • Lamp life
  • Contrast ratio

Resolution refers to the pixel density of projected images. Generally, projectors have two main resolutions; one is natural resolution and next is the maximum resolution. Natural resolution- standard pixel size of the image.  Maximum resolution- the maximum capability of the projector. The common resolution accepted by the digital projectors is 800×600, 1280×1024 or 1024×796. Having a higher natural resolution means greater color density.
Throw distance always refers to the maximum amount of distance you need to project with your projector. Generally speaking, digital projectors have a sufficient range of throw distance, especially for home and presentation. Are you in need of buying projectors, consider this major term?

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Lumen always refers to the brightness of images you want to display. You deliberately come to a conclusion; you should have the projectors with high lumen effect. In the case of home theatre model, you can expect lower lumen effect. The lumen range will be affected by the screen size too. In case, the contrast ratio becomes low, consequently, your image looks washed out.
Lamp life should always range between 1500 and 3000 hours. Therefore, check with the lamp life of the projector.
Contrast ratio always refers to the difference between the black level and the white level. The projectors with high ratio can have the well-defined picture as a result.
These are the most common terms to consider. Over these things, there are some common terms such as design, weight, price, and some additional features. Leap into the right place to get the best projectors. Consider these factors always while buying the projectors.