Best Hero Gear Cycles Under 5000 to 7000 in India 2024

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Hey guys, looking for the best hero gear cycles below 7000 rupees? My affordable research will show you why you should buy the hero cycle. Before choosing the right one for you, you must have to read the below information about the company and very interesting and useful details about hero cycles.

Hero Cycles is one of the Grates company in India which produce over 18500 cycles per day. This is not enough it is highest in the global ranking. Also, hero cycles get Guinness Book of the world record for its 48% share in the Indian market and quality of products.

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Recently Hero Cycles to get into premium segments. That means there is no bargaining with quality. If you go with any other company to compare hero with quality there is no choice for us. you can find hero cycles comes in every range with age and price range. 

Best Hero Gear Cycles For Boys in India

Below are some key parts we should know before buying any cycle that frames are made of aluminum, steel, alloy (titanium), fiber, etc. Most of them made from aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. Steel frames are heavier and tougher than aluminum. Titanium and fiber are more expensive.

Brakes used to stop moving or reduce the speed. Nowadays there are three types of breaks available in the market – Rim Break, Disk Brake, Drum Brake. Gears help us to adjust the speed of the cycle. You can shift gears with your hands. Depending on the manufacturer.

1. Hero Disney Hulk 24T 6 Speed Gear Cycle

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Hero Disney is the best selling cycle on Amazon in India. It has almost 100 reviews and it is for the 15-18 Age Group. It comes with a great design which makes it very comfortable and easy to ride. It has Steel frames with V Brakes and a variant available with mudguard and stands. The best part is the saddle is easily adjustable.

2. Hero Sprint Elite 20T 6 Speed Gear Cycle

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This is also the best selling gear cycle on Amazon India for boys below 12 age as it is made for min rider height 3.11 feet and max rider height: 4.3 feet. It is easy to control as it has gear 6 speed and caliper brakes front and back.

Watch the following review for more information. You can also learn how to properly put it together.

3. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 Speed Gear Cycle

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It is an awesome cycle its gears are working very nicely with 18 Speed and its caliper brakes are superb. It is good for 15 – 18 year old but not for the one who has a great height than normal.

Check out this instructional video on how to assemble a Hero Sprint Cycle:

4. Hero Ranger DTB-VX 26T 6 Speed Gear Cycle

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This is the best cycle for boys above 6 feet height as its min rider height is for this cycle is 5.8 feet and max rider height is 6.2 feet. It is a heavyweight cycle made up of steel with smooth front caliper brakes and rear caliper brakes.

5. Hero Neysa Ranger Dtb-26T 6 Speed Gear Cycle

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Hero Neysa Ranger Dtb-26T 6speed is a great mountain gear bike for boys and also for adults as its seat is adjustable and you can easily adjust it as per size. Hero Neysa Ranger Dtb-26T 6speed has only a front disk brake and its gear has 6 speeds.

It is made up of steel material which makes it a  heavy bike and can bear till 80 kg weight.

Check out which are the features of the top 5 Hero Gear Cycles in the following infographic:


  • Which is the cheapest gear cycle?
  • Which is the best hero cycle?
  • What are the disadvantages of the gear cycle?
  • Which cycle is best for adults?
  • Which cycle is better gear or gearless?

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  1. Hero is real Hero ..

    I admire this brand cycle, its hard and fast with a heavy look

  2. Hero Hulk Gear Cycle is awesome got after saving 6 months pocket money, but love it

  3. This bike is Great, Amazing gears, Wonderful design, and Best quality. It also comes with a stand fitted. My son loves it

  4. Great product at a reasonable price, only one thing should be done that is you should make the fitting by a professional cycle mechanic.

  5. superb cycle from hero, but not for adults it is awesome for 7 to 15 years old boys

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