Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine 2024

front load vs top load

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine – Which is the better one?

If you’re planning to buy an automatic washing machine, you’re going to be confused between top-load and front-load most likely. Buying a washing machine for me was one of the tedious tasks. 

Top Loading Washing Machine at a glance

As the name suggests, the clothes are loaded from top of the machine. The tub is sitting vertically in this type of washing machine.  

The top loading machine has some advantages which include – friendly design, 10 to 15 wash programs, flexible loading process, and inexpensive. 

While there are tons of other pros and cons which will look at later in this article. 

Front Loading Washing Machine at a glance

In this variant, the clothes are loaded from the front side of the machine. The drum or tub here sits horizontally. If you like having advance set of controls, then front loading machine might work for you perfectly.

Some advantages include – excellent wash quality, water efficient, more wash programs, and washes delicate clothes with ease. 

Water Usage in Front Load as well as Top Load

  • When it comes to water usage, Top load washing machine consumes more water than front loading machine. 
  • Even for rinsing, the front load machine requires less water. 
  • Front loading machine uses one-third of the water used in top loading machine.

Washing Capacity 

The washing capacity of a machine matters a lot. It is the number of clothes your machine can wash in one go.

Front load, in this aspect also, has high capacity thanks to the absence of agitators. 

Energy Efficiency

As much as a washing capacity or water usage matters, energy efficiency matters too. 

  • Front load machine runs for the longer time at slow speed. The rinse and spin speed and duration are at the optimal level which consumes less energy. 
  • In the traditional top-loading machine, you can’t control wash cycles due to which this type of washing machine consumes more energy. 

Clothes Lifespan

Top load washing machine uses agitators, impellers or pulsator to pass detergent water on clothes. This method of washing degrades the clothes lifespan to a somewhat extent. 

This is not the case with the front load machines. Since there are no agitators, impellers or pulsator used which keeps clothes lifespan.

User comfort

You can already guess which machine will provide more user comfort and that has to be the top load washing machine. 

While loading on the top load you don’t have to either bend or sit ( as in the case of front load). So, if you’re suffering from back pain then you might want to avoid front load. 

Other factors to keep in mind

Front loaders:

  • Front load washing machines are heavy in weight and you can not shift it that frequently
  • It washes clothes much better thanks to the tremble wash action.
  • Higher washing duration as compared to Top loaders. 
  • High water pressure required 
  • You can not open the machine midway to add more clothes
  • Consumes less energy but is more expensive

Top loaders:

  • Unlike front loaders, you can add clothes midway during the cycle. 
  • The control panel is not that complicated and is more on the user-friendly side. 
  • When it comes to heavily soiled clothes, cleaning results might not be that attractive. 
  • Consumes more energy but is not that expensive
  • If you love having advance features then top load washing machine will disappoint you. 

There comes another type of machine which is basically an amalgam of front loaders and top loaders giving you benefits of both the machine. It goes by the name of High-Efficiency Top loader.

Which one to go with – Front or Top loading?

Now the biggest question arises. Which one should you go with? 

For starters, if you’re living in an area which experiences frequent power cuts then top loading machine will suffice. 

On the other hand, if you’re area suffers from proper water supply then the front load will be a good option since it consumes less water. 

You should consider all the above factors including pricing. There is around 10-15k price difference between the top and front loading machine of the same capacity. 

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