Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Knives Last Long 2024

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As the saying goes, ‘People eat with their eyes’ it reinforces the idea that aesthetic food automatically starts tasting better. Similarly, if the vegetables and fruits are beautifully cut up, people instantly choose them over candy. All this makes us realize that looks really matter when it comes to food. And to make our food look good, knives play a very mandatory role.

Ask any chef, and he’ll tell you the secret behind their good presentation skills is a sharp blade. Though people are reluctant to spend extra money for a good quality blade, once they get over this thought, they find how useful they actually are. They can be a good value for money if you take care of them enough to make them last longer.

Here, we’ll tell you some secret tips about the selection of knives shared by chefs at, how to keep them sharp for a long time. As your cutting and plating skills are bound to impress everyone, follow the tips below to make people gush about your food even weeks after dinner parties.

1. Never leave them in the Sink

Many a time, we carelessly throw our dirty dishes in the sink without sorting them first, make sure that is not the case with knives. Good knives have sharp tips which can bend and become blunt due to minor negligence. The blades can get scratched and worst of it all is that they can seriously injure the person who’ll be washing them later. Thus, vow to never show carelessness when it comes to knives if you want them last long.

2. Treat them Differently

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You heard it right, treat your knives like the royalty they are and keep them separated from other utensils. Do not dump them in the kitchen drawer instead always stack them in the knife rack or knife holder properly. When they bump into other utensils or are being jostled in the drawer whenever you’re trying to find something, they’ll get scratched and denknifeted. Thus, always keep them separated from other utensils.

3. Never Entrust Them to the Dishwasher

Washing the dishes in the dishwasher sounds convenient, but when it comes to knives it’s not a very good idea. One step of taking care of the blades is to wash them by hand as the water cycle of the dishwasher could cause dents in them.

4. Use Knife Sheaths When Carrying Them Outside

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Whenever you go for picnics and you need to take the knife with you, always carry them sheathed in their holster. Because otherwise, not only they can get dented or scratched, but they could also cut through the bag you are carrying them in and while fishing for something else, you could hurt yourself. if you don’t have a sheath, you can easily make a DIY holster by covering the knife with silicone or hot glue and letting it cool. Once it solidifies, you’ll have a DIY knife sheath to keep your knife safe.

5. Don’t Dry it in the Dish Rack

Not only is it risky for the knife and yourself, but it can also cause molds to grow on knives sometimes. The best way is to dry them out with cloth after washing and then hanging it in the knife rack. Once they are completely dry, put them in the knife holder.

6. Sharpen the Blade

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When you feel like your knife has lost its sharpness, stop putting force to make it work and sharpen its blade. There are tools to sharpen the knife at home e.g. honing steel, a knife stone, etc. You could also send it to someone who is a professional.

7. Always Use Cutting Boards

Often, we show laziness and don’t take out the cutting board when we only have to cut a vegetable or two. However, this carelessness can cost us a fortune. If we use knives on plates for dicing purposes, not only it can put scratches on the plate but also hurt the knife. If we use it on the shelf, its blade gets seriously damaged. However, the cutting boards are made with the material which is gentle to the blade. Not only do they make cutting an easy thing to do, but also keep the blade safe.

Handling the kitchen doesn’t only mean cooking food and doing the dishes. It is, in fact, a long list of chores which include keeping the kitchen clean, keeping the utensils safe and in good condition. If you’re spending extra money for good quality blades, it goes without saying that taking good care of them will make it worth every dime.