8 Common Plumbing Problems

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It’s hard to evade plumbing disasters. They are constantly occurring even when we least expect it. Some problem comes with the type of material that was used at first. Therefore, a plumbing problem is bound to occur, and can’t do much to stop it from happening.

However, some mistakes can be prevented. It will be beneficial because you can save the money you would have spent fixing it. On the other hand, the plumber may not be available to fix it immediately. Same Day Trades are always ready to send the most available and professional plumbers to your house, read more.

Therefore, you should be familiar with some of the most common plumbing problems that can occur.

1. Weak Faucet

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It’s so disappointing to use a faucet can’t lock tight. You will keep wiping away the dripping water coming from it. Sometimes the reason behind the weak faucet is just a simple O ring. The good thing is that you can ask a plumber to get you the ring and fix it.

In other cases, the dripping from the faucet maybe because it’s worn out, after all its old and rusted. You can also replace the faucet and get a better one or a new and advanced faucet that will not get destroyed soon.

The installation of the faucet can also cause a drip. If it is not correctly installed, it will be a problem for you, it’s best to get the proper installation soon. You can as well disable it and fix it again.

2. Leaking Pipe

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If the pipe leaks, it may not deliver the total amount of water to the outlet. You may be standing against the tap waiting for water to drip; it’s either slow or not dropping at all. You can be impatient, especially if you need to use that water urgently.

Various factors can cause the leak in pipes. Some of the factors include corrosion and laying the pipe incorrectly. It can also be due to a crack along the pipe, so it should be blocked.

There are so many other reasons that can cause the leak. You should get a professional plumber to help you determine the exact reason behind it and fix it immediately.

3. Minimum Pressure

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The water can be running at low pressure. Weak pressure is not suitable for your plumbing system. It’s because you will not even enjoy the shower and sometimes the water will not get to rooms on the top floor.

Also, low pressure is a sign of a problem with the pipes. It can be caused by a pipe that is about to block. Therefore, the diaphragm of the pipe is narrowing, and it will soon clog. Thus, you should get it fixed soonest.

4. Overflowing Toilet

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If the toilet is overflowing that’s dangerous even for your health and kids still crawling. They may get close to the water and even start drinking it. The more it overflows; it can drain more than 200 gallons of water by the end of the day.

It will increase the water bills and make it hard to clean the house. The problem may be as a result of worn-out flush valves.

5. Hose Bibb Leak

Hose Bibb is very delicate, especially for those who live in climatic regions. It’s advisable to consistently protect them, especially during cold weather. The hose Bibb is very delicate and can crack easily when the weather gets warm. It’s advisable you get a frost-proof to use on the Bibb so you can prevent leaks from happening.

6. Blocked Drains

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Having a blocked drain is very dangerous because it will result in other issues. A good example si if the pipe is blocked, it will make the water flowing through it have increased pressure. As a result, the pipe can burst open and end up causing a leak.

Additionally, it can result in an overflowing toilet, which will eventually become a problem as water will start flowing to the rest of the house. Thus, it would be best if you asked a plumber to unblock it before it causes more problems.

7. Pump Malfunction

People who own big buildings with so many floors will highly experience this as one of the common plumbing problems. It will fail to pump water to all the floors it’s not fixed or operating expected. Therefore, ensure you get a professional plumber to make it work well soon.

There are so many reasons that can contribute to the pump not working well. One of them is having extreme water tit’s overwhelmed to pump. Another reason is if the pump is old and outdated. Ensure you do regular replacement to a new and advanced pump.

8. Water Heater Malfunction

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Some people cannot go a day without taking a hot shower. It’s hard to take a cold shower in the morning, especially during cold weather conditions. Water heaters are very fragile and can get destroyed at any time.

You can either have an electric problem that will destroy it. On the other hand, the problem can be caused by sediments built up in the plumbing system. It can also be due to improper installation of the water heater. Ensure you fix it so you can enjoy the daily warm showers.

The problem can also be due to using a water heater to a system that does not support it. The plumber should have checked eth house connection first before installing the water heater. The water heater can be of the wrong type or size for the building.

Eventually, it will not support the operations anymore and thus stop working or even totally break. You must walk through the plumber on the building connections before handling any installations.


There are so many plumbing problems. It would be best if you noticed them before it gets worse. Ensure you always have plumber’s number so they can fix it on time. Also, ensure you call a professional to help you. Because if someone is not licensed and well experienced, they will make it worse instead of making it better.