Top 4 Technologies to Develop Your App in 2024


In the last decade or so, the mobile sector grew quite a lot. We can’t say that any other managed to reach these heights and kept evolving similarly to the mobile one. We don’t need to tell you that the number of mobile apps users grows every day, and the trend would continue without a doubt. According to the data we have at our disposal, there would be more than 350 billion app downloads by the end of 2024. What this means is that we’ll have competitors competing to create better apps, that would increase the number of downloads even further. The number of mobile app development companies is also relatively large, and their sole goal is manufacturing apps that would please the users and call for another download.

This is the ultimate goal, but not one easily achievable. To have an app with millions of downloads, you need to have a user-friendly interface and up-to-date digitization of the app and also to make it go viral and trending in order to attract as many people as you can. Is this possible? Of course, it is, but if you pull all the right moves. To do this, you’ll need to create an OK app, but how to do this? Well, you’ll need to use the latest app building technology. If you know how to chose one, you’ll have no issues, but what if you don’t know anything about this subject? If this is the case, count on our help, as it was our intention to help all along. In this article, we’re going to present to you the top four technologies to develop your app in 2024. Let’s start!

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It’s no wonder this one is the first one on our list, as this open-source mobile app development software development kit was launched by Google. If you opt for using Flutter, you’re up for the content of high-quality. The best part is that equally adept at working on both iOS and Android platforms.

In order to build native interfaces with Flutter, you’ll need to get used to Dart it uses. In the world of mobile app developers, Dart is a relatively new programming language. The development of apps with this technology is somewhat flexible, which gave it the rating it has and a broad spectrum of usage. The best-known apps developed thanks to Flutter are Xianyu by Alibaba, Reflect, and the most famed one, Google Ads. With a portfolio like this, you’ll have all the belief in the quality of this option.



Java has been around for some time now, and the chances are slim you haven’t heard about it. Android uses it as the first choice for its apps, as they consider this object-oriented language a perfect choice. We can agree with them on this, as it is relatively simple and easy to use. All users can approach their open libraries and take whatever they want. Because of its long presence in the world of technology, Java is considered as the software that has the best community support and the best documentation.

By using this language, you can create any app you’d like. Java is behind frameworks such as Log4J and TestNG, which is a statement on its own. If you want to know which apps have been developed by Java, you can see it on their website, as there are too many. We would love to single out only some standouts such as Telegram for Android, VLC media player, and SeeWeather.



Python is yet another well-established option at your disposal. This programming language has been around for a while, which is a credit to its quality. Many apps are based on this language as it is easy to use, fast enough, can be deployed with ease, and it’s used for scalable apps.

Many people are not aware that some of the apps they use every day are created by using this programming language. We are talking about such strongholds such as Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, and massive household names such as brands as Instagram and YouTube. The support for the library of this language is unprecedented in the world of programming. The developer community behind it is also a massive one. If you are looking for a start-up app, then Python is your best option, thanks to its strong integration and high-end control capabilities.



The best of C and Objective C is used to build apps with Swift. This open-source language is used for apps such as watchOS, iOS, OS X, and tvOS. The thing with this tech that attracts new users is the safe approach it offers within its programming language, with the addition of some new features that allow you to be comfortable and flexible while programming. If you want to use it as a scripting language, you’ll find enjoyment as it is rather expressive. It’s also worth noting that the first industrial-quality systems are a part of this programming language. Its portfolio is also strong as it includes the names of such apps like Hipmunk, Luft, and LinkedIn.


What you have above are the best mobile app development technologies that can be used to your advantage in making the app you want. Once you have the desired app in your mind, you can pick the option that suits your needs the best it’s all up to the desired look, type, and platform you want for your app. If you remain undecided, then the best route to take is to hire someone to do it for you and select the best options. There are numerous options available for you, like KitelyTech, that have their offices Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Miami so that you can hire them from every part of the United States. If you remain undecided about what to do, then the situation is out of the grasp of our hands, minds, and possibilities. Or, you could go to the top and read our article once again.