Samsung J7 vs Samsung s7 – Which One is Better 2024

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    If you are a fan of the Android platform, there is no doubt about the fact that you need to take a look at Samsung mobile phones. Even though there are some rivals that are now making really good phones, Samsung is still at the top of their game. They have so many models that it’s quite easy for everybody to find what they need – and for the right price.

    There are a lot of people that have wondered which model is better – Samsung J7 or Samsung S7. When S7 came out, there was no doubt that it was the best product that Samsung put out since „S“ phones are their best – and the most expensive.

    But, since then, we have seen a lot of newer models, which made S7 look like a „middle-of-the-pack“ product.

    On the other side, J7 was a perfect budget phone when it came out, you got the most bang for your buck back when it came out. Since it’s original release, we have seen Samsung update this model a couple of times – that is why we have 2017 edition and 2018 edition.

    When we look at the specs of these two, we are going to notice why a lot of people are comparing J7 and S7, wondering which one is better. If you are a fan of big screens – J7 is for you. A bigger screen is going to have a lot of impacts if you are mostly watching videos and movies on your phone.

    Both of them have an octa-core processor, but S7 has the stronger one since, as we said, „S“ is the main series for this company. The cameras are pretty much the same, 13 MP and 12 MP respectively.

    The biggest difference that you are going to notice is the RAM memory gap between these two. While J7 has 2 GB of RAM in most cases, S7 doubles that – it comes with 4 GB of RAM which is nice for this kind of a phone.

    When are you going to notice that? Well, probably when you are running some really large games for mobile phones, or some kind of big software that you need for your work. If you are one of those that likes gaming and needs the phone for working with serious software in order to get your job done – S7 is for you.

    Having 32 GB of storage space, compared to 16 GB that J7 is coming with also helps. But, we feel like this is not really that important since you can always get the SD card.

    But, unless you are really into gaming and just like having better specs, our choice would probably be J7. There isn’t that much of a difference between the two, while prices can be quite different. S7 is better, but not enough for us to justify paying more for S7 than J7.

    If you have a friend that uses one of these – you should probably talk to them first because they are going to give you the best answer out of anybody.