Why Pg-free E-juices Are Important: Know What Goes into Your E-cigarette

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Manufacturing e-juices consists of mixing liquids referred to as PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine). They are all found in different ratios in each e-juice. PG is a colorless liquid that has a lesser viscosity than VG, and in most cases, is used as a food preservative.

VG, on the other hand, is more consistent than PG. and produces a much denser vapor.

The compound can be made artificially or naturally extracted from plants or animals. It is also used to thicken and sweeten food.

Therefore, with a high PG ratio in the e-juice, you can expect a strong throat hit, flavor, and low vapor production, while a high VG ratio has a soft throat hit, medium flavor but a high cloud production.

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Why Do People Use E-Cigarettes?

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An e-cig also referred to as a vape or e-hooker, is a gadget that heats an e-juice just enough to produce vapor for inhalation. The heating component, referred to as an atomizer, has rechargeable batteries.

During the manufacture of e-juice, nicotine, various flavors, and a specific ratio of PG and VG compounds comprise the final product so that users can have a variety to choose from.

Smoking traditional cigarettes can pose serious health risks, and therefore e-cigarettes have become popular because they can help people quit smoking.

Other uses include; affordability, a pleasing odor, protection of people’s social image, and comfort in vaping indoors.

However, even if vaping could be better than smoking, there are many concerns about the safety of e-juices. This is commonly associated with additives such as Propylene Glycol as you will see below.

Allergies Due to Propylene Glycol

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PG hypersensitivity diagnosis is a stinging sensation on the throat and possible irritation in other places in the body. Other common symptoms include cough, nausea, wheezing, sore or dry throat, and occasional skin reactions.

Research shows that people who smoked e-cigs twice a day had significant amounts of PG in their blood.

This finding is expected since vaping involves direct delivery of the chemical to the lungs – affecting the respiratory system. There were inflammatory changes in the lungs, with immune cells rising exponentially with time.

They found that an increase in vaping PG e-juices was directly associated with increased PG levels in the blood and, consequently, profound inflammation.

For people new to vaping and trying to ditch cigarettes, PG e-juice is good to carry nicotine better than VG, but the long-term cost can be detrimental to your health. Also, PG e-juices do not work any better with sub-ohm mods.

Another study revealed that PGs found indoors were associated with asthma, allergies, and sensitization in children and featured in rhinitis and eczema diagnosis. The ‘Throat hit’ that some users love can be uncomfortable for others.

Propylene glycol is a lab product, and as with many synthetic compounds, they all have their downside. It can predispose you to specific chronic ailments, e.g., cancer, and affect the expression of circadian molecular clock genes.

One of the reasons people take up vaping is to avoid putting synthetic chemicals in their body as is the case with cigarettes. If you are looking to avoid chemicals, PG-free juice is the way to go.

To facilitate the transition from cigarettes, users ought to try vapers with high VG content because they allow the blowing of thicker clouds. Over time, this can help consolidate the new habit with lesser side effects.

More Disturbing Evidence on PG Juices

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With the many downsides associated with PG e-juices, it just becomes unnecessary to put them in your body. In other examples, PG caused bleeding in rats exposed to the compound. Another case had some female rats lose their body mass.

On the other hand, dogs had a decline in red blood cell functioning when exposed to PG. Considering the fact that rats and dogs are all mammals and are close to humans, it only makes sense that PG e-liquids are not suitable for human consumption.

Another study had volunteers exposed to PG, and a good number of them experienced irritation in the upper airways, coughing, and some airway obstruction issues. When a group of a hundred actors was exposed to PG in theatrical fog machines, high concentrations were associated with nose, throat, and vocal cord inflammation. If this is not alarming, I don’t know what is.

What Next?

Now that you have seen PG’s disadvantages, it is clear that organic VG juice is the way to go. Since it can still carry nicotine, it is not a massive trade-off; you will still be getting the hit you crave. So, go for e-Juices with a 100% VG. There are many out there; please feel free to explore and find the best one for you.

PG-free e-liquids are natural because they are extracted from vegetable oil and have a slightly sweet taste, making the flavors a little hard to detect. They also have a tolerable allergy profile which makes them ideal for users allergic to PG.

Dense cloud production and a smooth smoking effect in e-juices are because of the VG content. However, remember, PG-free juices’ viscosity can make the e-juice build up in the vaporizer, and the device could clog, leading to malfunctions. Please make it a point to clean them often. For more information, visit this website.


Source: freepik.com

You have seen that PG juices can cause many respiratory problems, altered gene expression, and unpleasant hypersensitivity reactions. To overcome this hurdle, users can thereby switch to pg-free e-cigarettes.

So, would you like the safer, PG-free vape with dense clouds? Or would you prefer the synthetic PG vape with more disadvantages than advantages in the long term? It is a tough decision to make, particularly if you are new to vaping and don’t know what to expect. However, whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with your values.

Armed with this information, you can now put your health first, as the world needs you. Please consult a doctor when you experience any symptoms listed above and try other healthier alternatives.