How to Store E-Liquid for a Long Time


Vapers must properly store e-liquids to keep their flavor and potency. Individuals who have been vaping for some time know what they need to do to preserve the lifespan of their juice. Those new to vaping, however, often question what steps they need to take. Fortunately, storing the liquid takes little effort from the user. Try the following tips and tricks when you handle this basic task for great results.

Why Proper Storage is Crucial


The outstanding vape juices found at make use of the highest-quality natural ingredients. Consumable products of all types, including e-liquids, come with a shelf life. Although vapers may use the e-liquid after this period, they notice a decrease in quality. To preserve the taste of the liquid while ensuring it does not go stale prematurely, individuals must properly handle and store the e-juice. Surprisingly, men and women who take these simple steps find their e-liquids last up to two years with no loss of quality.

Heat and Light


When storing e-liquids, make certain the bottles remain in an area that is cool and dry. Light and heat lead to deterioration of the nicotine found in e-liquids. Furthermore, juices lose their flavor and freshness more rapidly when they receive exposure to heat and light for longer periods. By minimizing the e-liquid’s exposure to heat and light, a vaper slows the natural chemical processes that lead to this deterioration of the nicotine.

Individuals often assume that the refrigerator or freezer serves as the best place to store the e-liquids. Both locations ensure the e-juice doesn’t receive exposure to light or heat and will help to extend the lifespan of the e-juice. Although both locations will work and help to slow the chemical reactions while inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the e-liquids, the lower temperatures lead to the liquid becoming thicker. Before using the e-juice, remove it from the refrigerator or freezer and allow it to come up to room temperature.

Vapers making use of an e-liquid with a high concentration of vegetable glycerin need to take care when freezing their e-juice. Any liquid with over 80 percent VG will freeze if stored in this appliance. It’s best to select other options when this is your e-liquid of choice.

In those homes where there is a basement, consider using this location to store the e-juice. This area of the home is cooler and darker than the rest of the residence, making it the ideal place to store the liquids. Another option vapers should consider would be cupboards and cabinets. Parents often select this option because it allows them to ensure they preserve the quality of the e-liquid while keeping the juice out of the hands of children.

Safety First

Nicotine is poisonous in large quantities, which is why parents must keep the e-liquid away from children and pets. Although these products come with child-proof caps, the caps often fail in achieving their goal. Put the juice in a safe place, such as in a high cabinet or lockbox, to ensure the child cannot access it. With pets, the same holds true. Keep the liquid out of the animal’s reach to ensure the pet doesn’t chew the bottle and become ill from the consumption of the nicotine.

Storing Bottles for the Long Term


Thanks to the global pandemic, individuals now realize they need to stock up on items. If there is a resurgence of COVID-19 or another illness sweeps the globe, they want to know they have access to their favorite e-liquid. However, storing bottles for the long term involves more than simply finding the right location in the home. The plastic bottles most e-liquids come in today aren’t suitable for this purpose, which is why experienced vapers invest in glass bottles ideal for storing e-liquids long term.

Once you have purchased the e-liquid in bulk, move it from the plastic bottles to tinted glass containers. Many health food and general stores carry these bottles, and the prices remain affordable. When transferring the liquid from the plastic container to the glass one, remove as much air as possible. Leave little headspace in the bottle when filling it for the best results. Store the glass containers in a cool, dark place just as you would the plastic ones and enjoy the e-liquid at your convenience. By purchasing in bulk and storing the e-juice appropriately, you ensure you always have some on hand regardless of what is happening outside of your home.

Steeping E-Liquids


Certain vapers choose to steep their e-liquid before using it. This process involves aging the e-juice to enhance its flavor, and many men and women who choose to make their e-liquids allow their mixtures to go through this process. They do so to ensure the flavorings blend in. However, commercial e-liquids often benefit from this process as well, which is why every vaper should consider steeping their favorite e-juice at least once to see the results. They may find they want to do this with every e-juice they buy.

Key Points to Remember


When purchasing any e-liquid for use or storage, recognize the quality of this product plays a role in the user’s enjoyment. This remains true whether they will use the product the day of purchase or store it for use in years to come. By starting with a high-quality product, you’ll feel more comfortable putting it away for future use. Once you obtain this product, minimize its exposure to air, light, and heat. All three will harm the liquid and negatively impact its quality. Store the bottles in a cool, dark place, such as a cabinet, the refrigerator, or the basement of the home. This protects the quality of the juice.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your e-juice provider or contact the manufacturer directly. They want you to enjoy the products you buy and will share information on how to store their products and preserve the flavor. Learn more today and begin stocking up on your favorite e-juice. By doing so, you can ensure you never have to go without.

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