How Technology Has Changed Hunting – 2024 Guide

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Hunting is an activity that has been around for a very long time. In the past, people engaged in it with the goal of hunting for food, but nowadays, things are a lot different. Today, hunting can even be thought of as a type of sport. For many people, this is a fun activity that allows them to reconnect with nature and have fun at the same time.

Still, with the increased development of technology, it comes as no surprise that tools and equipment that hunters use has changed drastically. This means that this activity has taken a completely new course and people nowadays find it to be much simpler than it used to be in the past. As you can imagine, this is going to be the main focus of this article and we are going to discuss gear that has been significantly upgraded.

Firearms & Bows

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We have to begin with these because they are after all the most essential pieces of equipment every hunter needs. When it comes to weapons, manufacturers have surely made this activity a lot easier by developing top-notch guns and rifles. It’s even quite simple to build your own gun by visiting,

Nowadays, these are not only easier to use and handle, which is very beneficial to the beginners, but they also provide hunters with a number of great features.

Their main advantage is that they allow people to be more precise and state-of-the-art scopes provide them with the opportunity to hit their mark from a greater distance. This is something that wasn’t possible a few decades ago, plus, the design of both guns and bows impresses us every time a new piece hits the market. While on the subject of scopes, if you are looking to buy a rifle one, check out where you will find reviews of different models.

Trail cameras

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There is absolutely no doubt that these cameras and drones are essential pieces of equipment every hunter must possess. Why? Well, in the past, people had to go around the fields for days in order to locate and discover the perfect hunting ground. This wasn’t only tiresome, but it also required a lot of their time, meaning that hunting trips were significantly longer then they are today.

The advancement of technology has brought us new tools that have made this part of the process much easier – trail cameras and drones. Basically, these cameras have to be attached to trees in the desired location, and they will send photos to your smartphone. They are usually triggered by heat and movement which means that you won’t receive useless footage. When it comes to battery life, it is usually between one and three months, and there are even some solar-powered cameras. As it is to be expected, most of these can also record videos and when it comes to the quality of the photos, this usually depends on the model you purchase.


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GPS system has become a part of our everyday life, and the same thing goes for hunting. The importance of this one is quite obvious, right? A long time ago, people had to leave marks on the paths that they took so that they would be able to return home. Getting lost in the woods is very easy, but today, GSP does all the work. All one needs is a device, any kind of device actually, and they will be able to see their exact location at any time. Besides the opportunity to learn one’s location, GPS trackers are also used to find water and the best place to spend the night.

Spotting scopes

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We have already mentioned rifle scopes that have proven to be a very useful feature, but now we are going to discuss this type of scope that is a completely separate piece of equipment. Why are these important? The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it provides you with a clear vision. Yes, you surely already have binoculars, but how far can you see with them? How clear is your vision? It isn’t very good, right?

You can think of this tool as an upgraded version of binoculars. The purpose is practically the same – for you to be able to spot the animal at a large distance. However, this scope is more powerful than your regular binoculars. It has greater magnifying power meaning that not only will you be able to see the animal from a greater distance, but since your vision will be clear, you will be able to notice all the necessary details about it and decide how you want to proceed.

Scent eliminator

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A lot of new hunters do not understand how important this product is. As you surely know lot animals have a heightened sense of smell. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that in most cases, your target knows about your presence which is why hunting can become so difficult.

This is where this small machine comes in handy. This simple device gives you the upper hand by taking away your target’s most powerful asset – their smell.

Hunting apps

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The fact that there are numerous apps you can choose from isn’t that surprising, right? After all, it seems that nowadays there is an app for everything. So why should you have one of these on your smartphone?

Well, these are going to provide you with all information you need in order to have a successful hunting trip. Naturally, you should investigate and go with the one that sends you real-time data. You will be notified of the weather, the exact time of sunrise and sunset so you could plan your day accordingly, you will receive images of a certain area, and so on. The best part is that some of these can be connected to your weapon which means that you will be able to see the target on your phone.

Weight of gear

The last thing that we are going to discuss is the weight of the equipment. It is very simple – the more weight you carry with you, the faster you get tired. This means that you wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Due to this reason, manufacturers nowadays used lightweight materials for the construction of the gear. This means that the equipment is significantly lighter than it used to be, and you don’t have to worry about its quality, because these materials are very durable meaning that you will get your money’s worth.