Top 5 Accessories Every Archer Needs To Have 2024

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Whenever we’re interested in a new hobby, we must commit to it otherwise we’ve wasted our time, energy, and money on nothing. But to commit to something takes determination. It also takes to like to hobby. One way to make things easier is to acquire the gadgets and accessories that will make the hobby more likable.

So if you’ve picked archery as your new hobby, here are the gadgets and accessories that every archer needs to have.

1. Bow Stand

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A bow stand does exactly what the name says, it hops your bow anywhere. A collapsible bow stand is a must-have gadget because it’s great whenever you need to put your bow down. A lot of archers hate when they have to retrieve their bows after shooting. In most cases, they do it while dragging their bow with them. Instead of doing that, a bow stand will hold your bow while you’re taking a break or retrieving your arrows.

2. Arm Guard

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An arm guard is yet another highly valuable accessory that every bowman needs. An arm guard is made out of plastic, cloth, or leather

(preferably leather) and you wear it on the arm. An arm guard protects you from the slap of the string and is used folding the bow on the arm. According to, you will wear an arm guard regardless if you need it or not.

3. Bow Case

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No matter what your hobby is, having the case to store the equipment is just as important as any other gadget or accessory. That’s why you should always get a bow case where you can store your compound bow after you’ve finished shooting. A bow case is the best way to make sure that you don’t damage your bow while transport and it is the best way to know the whereabouts of your bow at all times. There are dozens of factors that can cause damage to your equipment when going hunting or simply hitting the range. The best way to make sure that no harm is done to your equipment is to use a case.

4. Sights

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Every archer needs a sight that will allow him to aim easier. It is a gadget whose importance cannot be overstated. A sight will especially come in handy for hunting, where being precise can be the difference maker is getting the kill or losing it. A sight is a type of attachment that can come in multiple range limits. From 10-yard sights to even 80-yard signs and above, it is something that every seasoned pro uses.

5. Bow Stabilizer

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Every rookie notices a large rod sticking out of their bow, and asks what it is. Well, that rod is called a bow stabilizer, and it’s used to absorb the movement that is generated when you release the bowstring. Whenever we release the bowstring, the result oftentimes comes in the form of a missed shot. If you use a bow stabilizer, it will result in a much steady, precise, and consistent launch of arrows.