5 Biggest Upsets in NFL So Far

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Football is the most popular sport in the USA. This is supported by the fact that NCAA football is more watched than the NBA and the NHL. The NFL, as the only professional football league in the world, attracts hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world.

Everyone enjoys the magic of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Jefferson, and other NFL stars. We are halfway through NFL playoffs. We know which teams have won a place in the playoffs and are now trying to reach the main goal – winning the Vince Lombardy trophy. Let’s take a look at the five biggest upsets during the regular part of the NFL season, some of which had major implications for the standings.

1. Washington Commanders 32 – 21 Philadelphia Eagles

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After eight weeks, Philadelphia was the only undefeated team. Journalists have already started talking about the perfect season, and no one thought that Washington had any chance, especially at Lincoln Financial Field. The odds on Commanders were very high when I checked before the match on n1bet1.com

But the perfect work of the head coach and the whole team led to a double-digit victory.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 17 – 20 Indianapolis Colts

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Before the beginning of the season, it was thought that Indianapolis would be a play-off bound team, so at that moment this result was not so surprising. But as the season unfolded, we realized just how shocking the Colts’ victory against the Chiefs was. We have to be honest and say that this probably wouldn’t have happened if the Kansas City kicker had been healthy during the game.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 – 21 Carolina Panthers

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After Carolina traded CMC and Baker, it looked like they were going to lose every game until the end. The situation then actually completely reversed and they were close to the playoffs until they lost to Tampa Bay in the penultimate week. This match jumpstarted their game, and the defense and run game literally obliterated the Buccaneers.

4. Houston Texans 32 – 31 Indianapolis Colts

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As the season progressed, it was clear that Houston and Indianapolis were almost equally bad. That’s why this victory was not a upset from the Colts’ point of view, but from Houston’s point of view, however strange it may sound. But with this victory, they lost the 1st overall pick. The head coach was fired, so he’s probably glad he hurt their chances of obtaining franchise QB. First game ended in a tie.

5. Detroit Lions 20 – 16 Green Bay Packers

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Both matches of these two rivals could end up on our list. The first match was marked by a disastrous game by Rodgers, and it was also a turning point for Detroit. In the end, the playoffs narrowly eluded Detroit, because the Seahawks won, but at least they made sure that their division rival is also watching the playoffs from the couch.


If you watched these five matches, we’re sure you enjoyed very much, unless the team you’re rooting for ended up on the losing side. The NFL is so interesting among other things because even the worst team can beat the best. There is also no tanking, which is a popular approach in the NBA, for example, where teams lose on purpose in order to secure a higher draft pick. We can wait to see upsets will 2024 season will bring.