10 Best Safety Shoes in India – Price & Review 2024

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Safety Shoes is a type of Shoes. Safety shoes made of durable material that prevents getting foot injuries. Shoes are such important things for our legs. When you think about protecting your shoe against dangerous hobbies like Engineer, Electrician, Linesmen, Mechanic, Maintenance men, Warehouse Worker, Plumber and Construction work then the safety shoe is perfect for you.

Also, is much better for a slippery floor, uneven flooring or a bumpy road.

Our Top Picks

#1 Hillson #2 Safari #3 Allen
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A shoe is available in various kinds of brands and quality. Also, comes in a different price range. Most of the customer confuse to choose the best in the affordable range. So we have researched and after preparing a shortlisted of best safety shoes in India.

1. EVER Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • Excellent grip.
  • Oil and slip-resistant.
  • PU Midsole for comfort.
  • Protection against electrocution.

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EVER Safety Shoes are trusted by millions of users in the world because of their comfort and rubber outsole. The stylish shoe perfect for those who work to Engineer, Electrician, Linesmen, Maintenance men, Mechanic, Warehouse Worker, Plumber and Construction.

They offer a variety of sizes and electrical resistance. The EH-rated footwear has standard passes 18,000V protection 60 hearts for one minute. These seem indestructible and they’re surprisingly oil and slip-resistant also. To add on, the steel toe boot comfortable to wear and durable.

2. Clarks Men’s Triken Active Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • Good looking.
  • Anti-slip rubber sole.
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up.
  • Build with good quality material.

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This casual style shoe suit to casual dress style. Made of leather with a rubber sole for helping you to stay upright. Its inner sole is soft for more comforting. Its thick and round toe which makes comfort your fingers. The provides you 90 days warranty against manufacturing defect.

For cleaning instructions: You can clean your shoe leather cleaner or leather shampoo and better quality brush to remove heavy dirt.

3. ACME Men’s Camel Cruiser Leather Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • CE, ISI & EN certified product.
  • Electrical resistance sole.
  • The inner sole is removable.
  • Great traction.

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If you want to pocket-friendly safety shoes then the best for you. The leather guaranty shoe built with direct injection single density PU sole which assures more safety, will not easily fall apart.

ISO certified shoe provides the highest level of safety, durability and comfort. This shoe has a 100 Kohm to 1000 Mohm electric resistance sole. Also, anti-skid, oil, chemical and fuel resistant sole for longest durability.

Overall, the ideal for those who want some new.

4. Allen Cooper 1156 Men’s Safety Shoe

Key Features:

  • Oil and acid-resistant.
  • Offer multiple sizes.
  • ISI marked and DGMS approved.
  • Buff suede leather with black Cordura.

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It is one is the best Safety and highest rating shoe in the overall list. Its thick and hard design completely protects your ankle and toe. It has a steel toe can withstand an impact of over 200 J. The rubber sole in such shoes will helping you to better grip and prevents accidental slipping.

On top of the shoe, the lining is moisture-wicking breathable fabric So clearly, the safety shoe protects your foot health as well.

5. Fashion Tree Timberwood Men’s Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • Flexible and durable.
  • Exclusive price range.
  • Absorb electric shocks.
  • Lightweight & dryable.

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Fashion Tree Timberwood Men’s Safety Shoes is available in mid-range. The safety shoe friend for men can be wear while riding a bike, Engineering, outdoor, construction and industrial site. They offer a lightweight composite toe with durability.

The equipped with steel-toe technology for the utmost protection of your toes. Its sole is able to absorb electric sock and resist high temperatures.

6. Eego Italy Heavy Duty Steel Toe Safety Boots

Key Features:

  • Tough sole.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • High-performance air mix soles

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These durable hiking shoes made of tough sole with unmatched durability and stability. This looks like a partyware shoe. The high-quality shoe comfortable to were a long time. It protects your legs properly and prevents against slip. It doesn’t break so easily because its stitch work is clearly and nice.

You can adjust with laced and ideal for men. With this high-quality shoe, enjoy your outdoor activity fullest.

7. Tiger Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • Top-notch quality.
  • Colour: Black.
  • ISI certified.
  • Shock absorbent.

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The Tiger Safety Shoe provides excellent protection on hot surfaces and provides oil resistance up to 200J impact. This is wholly black and the size is 9 inches. It also offers good slip resistance for safety. On top, the fending leather is dust resistance and is wonderfully sock absorbent.

8. Hillson Beston Safety Shoe

Key Features:

  • Smooth texture.
  • Attractive body.
  • Moisture-wicking breathable fabric lining.

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Hillson Beston Safety Shoe is the best brand shoe in India. These shoes are built with premium quality material. It comes with an anti-slip PU sole and breathable fabric lining leather that makes you cool and comfortable. Also, its steel Toe cap as per IN standards. Its blistering look touches a solid real finish.

9. Bata Industrials Endura Safety Shoes

Key Features:

  • Extremely light in weight.
  • Provide more safety.
  • Upper printer leather.
  • Various sizes are available.

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Bata is a worldwide famous brand in the footwear industry. The main construction of this shoe is used as a lightweight sole that provides optimum safety and comfort. The fashionable shoe urged Automotive, manufacturing, construction and electronics.

The Endura Low Cut is a low SB safety shoe. Its mesh finish keeps your shoe sprightly clean. Also, feeling fresh after leaving this shoe. The heat-activated thermoplastic counter stiffer offers excellent shoe shape.

10. Safari Pro Booster Gold PVC Safety Shoes Steel


Key Features:

  • Good material.
  • Solid and sturdy.
  • Sweat absorbing lining.
  • Oil and acid resistance.

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This is the cheapest best safety shoe in India on the list. Getting the highest good review on Amazon. It properly protects your legs and doesn’t crack easily.

Since Shoe looks so much stylish and attractive. The fitted with the finest quality material that keeps your leg pain free. As well, these safety shoes are available in various sizes so, you can choose your feet size.

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