5 Best Cricket Balls in 2024

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Cricket balls are different in types and each of them has a particular boon to the players. Also, they’re addressing the need for different parts of cricket. But, most of them have confounded to offer almost a similar user experience.

This is the motivation why we’re going to share the best cricket ball in the market. While shopping for a cricket ball, you’ll have to ensure what type of cricket you’ll play with it.

For example, many different cricket games out there like recreational cricket, training, and league matches. That’s why we have reviewed some different types of cricket balls so that you can choose accordingly.

1. Raisco BW01 Leather Cricket Ball (White)

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Crafted with a natural seasoned internal core as well as a 2-piece construction, this cricket ball has designed for school and club matches. Since the cork core comes with wool wounded, the ball is better shaped with retention and durable as well.

Because of sturdy outer material, the ball is as long-lasting as wear and tear-resistant. Moreover, it’s light in weight that has made it easy to throw and manage. This is why the ball is especially ideal for fast bowlers. Also, it means that this ball will help you to perform better when it comes to mid-throw.

Besides, the ball has a minimum circumference, which has been recommended by the rule. As a result, it’s perfect for gripping the ball easily; hence it’s also easy to throw than many other balls. Thanks to its smaller size, it’ll help bowlers to attack their target, wickets.


  • Lightweight design
  • Genuine leather made outer later
  • Long-lasting & worn resistant
  • Hand Stitching


  • A bit expensive

2. Red Cherry by Kookaburra Leather Cricket Ball, (Red)

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Kookaburra is one of the world’s famous cricket ball manufacturers and their Red Cherry is also a premium cricket ball in their production line. The hand-stitched cricket ball has made with 4 pieces with a center of 3-layer quilt.

This is the best thing about this cricket ball that comes with a hidden cover of Grad 2 alum-tan steer. Also, it’s waterproof which means you can use the ball outside while raining. And you can use it even when the outer weather is very misty.

Along with its air-dried coring system, the ball also has a high-quality 100% wool cork. Although it has two different color options, the red one uses widely and attracts more. Because of this, red is the most demanding color of this ball. Its strong and tough material is the best choice of fast bowlers.


  • Premium cricket ball
  • Hand-stitched
  • Triple-layered quilt
  • High-quality 100% wool cork


  • Not much durable

3. Omtex Cricket Ball Hanging and Knocking Ball with Cord for Batting Practice

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This is the perfect ball for those batsmen who like to develop their skills in batting. You’ll find the attached cord that provides you higher flexibility. It’s hardball and heavy as well, so it’ll offer you a better batting experience. You’ll be able to improve your coordination of hand-to-eye while using this long-lasting ball.

Being comparatively weighty, it doesn’t weight as higher as a cricket ball should not be. Besides, it’s much cheaper that means it’s very simple to change frequently whenever it gets worse. The ball comes with the appropriate gripping system that has made it easier to hold the plus bowl with.

This B-grade leather made ball is easy to hit on the target stumps and simple to make it a spin. Indeed, the ball is not premium in quality. But, it has some high-quality materials since the ball was designed to use mainly for practice sessions.


  • Perfect for training sessions
  • Corded cricket ball
  • Develops coordinate of hand to eye
    best for learners and beginners


  • Suitable for batting practice only

4. Tima Leather Cricket Shot Practice Hanging Ball, String Multicolor

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Premium quality cricket ball that has made with selected leather. This ball is usually suitable for improving batting skills since it helps to anticipate the techniques of the bowler. Also, it helps you to manage coming out above to perform the tough task.

This is the type of ball that needs to become a master while looking for getting the best output in the game. As you already know it has a preset cord, it’ll help you to get you good practice sessions. Corded balls have another great use that you can continue practicing batting when you don’t have a bowler.

Since the brand is very famous across India, it shows practicing and its presence including gully cricket, corporate league, and school matches. Because of its premium center construction and selected leather, it’ll provide you higher performance within the cheaper price.


  • Premium quality leather
  • Multi-color string
  • Suitable for most batting practice
  • Improves coordination of hand to eye


  • Cord breaks soon

5. Jaspo T-20 Cricket Ball

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Jaspo offers PVC softball for cricket practice, which is ideal for improving your spin, seam, and swing bowling. This is an appropriate training ball model and suitable for practice sessions for most types of play. You’ll get a soft practice ball with the premium quality exterior.

Since it comes with external stitching on its PVC wrapping, it’s excellent in durability and performance. The brand is well-known for manufacturing cricket ball and this one also has a similarly higher quality. As its name suggests, the ball is second to none for the T20 cricketing.

Because of its high-quality buildup, it’s one of the first choices for cricket lovers. Also, it becomes more appealing for its great red color. While comparing these features with some other similar ranged products, you’ll find it much advanced.


  • Practice ball with PVC coat
  • Soft flaunting coat
  • Suitable for all type of practice
  • Top-quality material


  • Doesn’t bounce much


Choosing the best cricket ball largely depends on what you’ll use it for. It’s because there are lots of types of balls for different kinds of use.

We have reviewed some different kinds of cricket balls that will help you to choose the right one for you.

So, you’re all set to get your desired cricket and start playing cricket accordingly.