Top 5 Best Cricket Kit Bags in 2024

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Cricketers need a high-quality cricket bag to keep their accessories other than anything. You might have noticed that some cricketers are using one bag for whites and the other one for drinks while they’ll be playing the game.

But, when players are taking their cricket seriously, they should have something more. If you think from the perspective of a cricketer, a better cricket bag will protect your expensive cricketing items.

Besides, it’s slightly hard to find the best cricket kit bags because of so many brands and models out there. But, we have made things simpler for you as we have done good research for finding some top-graded cricket bags. Let’s check them below:

1. Spartan MS Dhoni Cricket Kit Camouflage Backpack- White Print

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While looking for a perfect carrying bag of your cricket kit, this is the right fit for your needs. You can use it for playing and coaching purposes. The bag not just comes with a durable texture; it also has one large compartment.

Apart from this, it has 2 bat slots for a full-size bat along with 2 tiny pockets that allow you to keep your essential accessories. The brand of Spartan always likes to keep sportsperson’s equipment protected from the possible deforming or damage. With this premium type cricket bag, you’re all set to go for better cricket.

Since it has padded at three sides, you’ll find it as long-lasting as strong. The design of the bat pocket is a bit different that has made it more attractive where there are bottle pockets outside and a large shoe compartment inside. As a result, the bag is very comfortable to carry with and its materials have made it sturdier.


  • One large compartment
  • Easy to carry two full-size bats
  • Two front pockets for accessories
  • Long-lasting textured material


  • A bit expensive

2. WINART Professional Cricket Kit Bag-Sports Bag-Backpack-Cricket Bag

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For its affordable price, this is a very comfortable cricket kit bag. Fits all of your cricketing stuff because it’s larger and it’s more durable than some other bags of the same range of price. This is a well-made, well-designed, and well-defined bag that has almost nothing to write against.

The bag is an all-round performer for your cricket supplies, but surely the best value for your investment. Coming with a two-sided pouch is a superb addition and many players carry two bats with it. That means this cricket bag allows you to keep the most items you need for the game of cricket.

The measurement of the bag is one meter tall plus 40cmX40cm width and depth with the aero fit for your stuff. It has three detachable sections where there is scope for kits, durable things, and another one for toiletries and valuable items. Also, the outside of the bag has big pockets with a lock for extra security.


  • Highly heavy-duty material
  • Adjustable & Padded shoulder straps
  • Extra zipped pocket
  • A lock for extra security


  • Largely suitable for kids

3. Klapp CRICPRO Cricket Kit Bag (Blue) (75 x 35 x 20 cm)

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CRICPRO cricket bag from the brand of Klapp comes with an excellent option with large storage inside. While looking for a perfect bag with space for two full-size bats, this is your right choice. Because of its boot’s room and some external pockets, the bag is very useful for the cricketers.

This bat will help you to protect your costly as well as beautiful bats smartly. Since it comes with a handy airflow system, it’s a promising and mold-free cricket bag. Besides, it has handles and straps with lots of cushioning that offers you comfortable carrying experience.

So, if you’re in search of a big cricket bag with all quality, your search ends here. While shopping this bag, you’ll get a 75cm long, 35cm height, and 35cm width space inside it. Although it’s not ideally suitable for kids, it’s the best choice for the men’s and senior cricket players.


  • Perfect for beginner
  • Matte material made
  • Larger in size
  • 4 pockets & 1 large compartment


  • Not ideal for kids

4. Jonex Super Army Cricket Kit Bag @ Kin Store

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Made with sturdy materials, this cricket kit bag is as durable as easy to carry your essential field gear plus equipment. While checking out some other things, you should not forget to put them nearby and your bag is the place in this issue. So, you’re ready to concentrate on the game when you have this nice bag.

The bag allows you to store lots of things such as training pants, guards, pads, socks, shoes, and other stuff. That means this bag is not just a simple cricket kit bag, it’s your backpacks, duffel, and totes bags. As a result, it holds things that you need for practice, work, and class.

You’ll get a street-style cricket bag that will make you more creative in terms of your cricketing workouts. It’s because you’ll get all your essential things inside your bag. Besides, this bag is comparatively lightweight in design that will offer you a comfortable outdoor playing tour.


  • Larger & durable backpacks
  • Bigger in size
  • Light in weight
  • Easy & comfortable to carry


  • Lower in quality

5. New Balance Junior Wheelie Bag

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To be or as an enthusiast cricketer, you always should keep your playing stuff in the safer state. Because of protecting your gaming gear from damaging and keeping in the right shape, you should store them in the best bag.

As a result, you don’t have any other ways to buy a high-quality cricket bag like this one. This bag was designed for those cricket lovers who like to use their leisure and free time on sports like cricket.

Due to its nylon made cricket bag that has made it as durable as extremely flexible to ordinary damages. Coming with a modern design, the bag is also very handy for outdoor and looks stylish.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Made with excellent Material
  • Ideal for keeping balance
  • Adjustable straps with the backpack style


  • Expensive


We strongly recommend every bag of the above list that’s great in design and durability than some other models of this price range. All of the reviewed cricket kit bags have enough space to keep your essential things that are related to the game of cricket.

So, now, it’s your turn to choose the suitable cricket kit bag in your budget and preferences.

Happy Cricketing!