Top 5 Best Cricket Kit Under 5000 in India 2021

Best Cricket Kit

Being an Indian you must be a die-hard fan of cricket. Yes, 90% of Indian loves cricket whether it must be senior, adult, teens or kids. We can see children and adults playing cricket almost in every Indian society. Actually, the one who more often plays cricket know which cricket kit will be good for them but the one who is not more found of cricket but want to get this kit for husband, brother, friend, kids, we are here to guide you to select the best cricket kit set in India for 2021 in all size for children, teens, and men. Have a look at our top picks of 2021.

Our Top Picks 2021

#1 SG Kashmir #2 Spartan Dhoni #3 SG Economy
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In this cricket set, you will find a solid grip bat, best leg pads, durable hand gloves, helmet, and even a cricket kit bag. These cricket accessories are very important it is for your safety do not play without helmet and leg pads. Here we have mentioned all good quality and selected the best selling Cricket Kit Set in India 2019

Top 5 Best Cricket Gear in India 2021

Here are some best cricket gears kit selected to make your decision easy and to make a great choice for your loved ones. If you want a quality cricket kit and a more comfort kit then you have to invest a good amount in it and have to choose a branded kit for more often use or professional use. We have both, for professionals and for non-professional use kit, just have a look and decide as per your requirements.

1. Spartan MS Dhoni Cricket Kit

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Spartan Cricket Combo Kit is high in demand because of its quality and it is also endorsed by MS.Dhoni. Size is 3 and it is good for children and teens. The best part about it is it has our captain MS Dhoni signature on it. If you are MS Dhoni’s fan don’t scroll down to see more options just grab it without hesitation. Spartan Cricket Combo Kit has 1 Cricket Bat, 1 Pair Batting Gloves, 1 Pair Batting Leg Guard, and 1 Kit Bag.

Customer Reports
S.P. Karthikeyan

I really liked it. I am a beginner so it is very useful. Very very good product. The product also carries the signature of MS Dhoni, and I am going to buy it.

Vijay Joshi

This kit is awesome and the bat is lightweight. Good product, I loved it.

2. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit

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Klapp Champion Cricket Kit is a complete cricket kit with all gear that one cricket kit must have including a helmet. The best part is it available in all sizes for boys, youth and men. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit has 1 Cricket Bat,1 Pair Pad, 1 Pair Batting Gloves,1 Cricket Helmet,1 Thigh Pad, 1 Arm Guard,1 Abdominal Guard & 1 Kit Bag.

Customer Reports

Worthy for money for boys superb product plse buy this product Bob. Superb

Deep Arora

Very light weight pad, really good quality bat for leather ball, good quality gloves and other parts. Extremely satisfied with this purchase. Highly recommended kit for men size.

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3. SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

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If you want the best quality bat SG Kashmir brand is best for you. It has very long-lasting and durable products. SG Kashmir has all the gear excluding the helmet. It is available in all sizes and also the full size for adults and men. SG Kashmir Cricket Kit has Cricket Bat,  Legguard, Batting Gloves,  Kitbag, Thigh Guard, Arm Guard, and Abdo Guard.

Customer Reports
Kanchan Kumar

Excellent product. Suitable for 6-9 years.

Amazon Customer

The kit is perfect for kids which I was looking for the requirement. Quality is also fantastic for kids professional leather ball practice and matches.

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4. Sunley Wooden Cricket Kit Combo

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Sunley Wooden Cricket Kit is not for professional it is a small kit with less amount and it is mostly purchased for kids under 12 years old.  Bat is heavy as it is made of pure wood, Bat has a good curve. There is no protective gear in it if you want you to have to purchase it separately. It is worth as per its Price.

Customer Reports

Happy with the purchase. Bought for my 7yr old. Quality is okay for juniors, but also can’t expect too much for this price. Kit contains, 3 wooden stumps, 1 wooden base, 1 joined wooden bails, 1 wooden bat, 1 lightweight ball, 1 water-proof bag with shoulder strap. The bag for the kit is too good than what I anticipated. If you plan this for your juniors (under 12), then I would suggest going for it.


Product: good at this price
Delivered: delivered everything intact
Delivery: before time
Content: 1 bat, 1 bell, 1 ball, 3 wickets, 1 wicket stand, 1 kit bag
Overall: good product for kids to learn and start practicing!

5. Sigma Match Complete Cricket Set 

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Sigma Match Complete Cricket Set is best as it is budget-friendly, it will be a great choice in less amount. It is also available in all sizes and also the full size for men and professional use. this is actually best for the beginner.

Customer Reports

I am impressed with quality of goods.


It’s good. It has a good bat but doesn’t have a helmet and a good batting gloves for batting it’s good you must buy it.


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Don’t miss some other interesting models available at today’s market:

Gneric Wooden Cricket Full Kit with Carry Bag
  • Made Up With Nice Material
  • Designed for regular cricket game and easy to play at home, gully, garden, park, playground
  • Durable movable easy to fit
SUNLEY Plastic Cricket Kit (1 Piece Cricket Bat, 4 Piece Wickets, 2 Piece Base, 2 Piece Bails, 1...
  • Made Up With Nice Material
  • Designed for regular cricket game and easy to play at home, gully, garden, park, playground
  • Durable movable easy to fit
MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit for Tennis Ball Size 3 Combo for Age Group 5-10 Years
  • Package: Available in various sizes for different age groups With Wooden Wicket Set and tennis ball, Bails Cricket Kit bag
  • Willow : Popular Willow / Handle Type: Standard
  • Bat weight : weight range is 1100 to 1150 gram
  • Material :Wooden, Tennis Ball
LYCAN Beast PVC Cricket Bat Kit (for All Age Groups, 0 Number for Age 2-3 Year; Yellow)
  • Delivers minimum 25% more power than a wooden bat
  • Package Contents: 1 cricket bat
  • made with eco friendley hard plastic
  • suitable for soft ball cricket u can use ( tennis ball , wind ball & cosco ball )
  • very durable , light weight
e-YOP Wooden Cricket Kit with Carry Bag (Without Cap & Gloves)
  • > A ideal gift for your child for electrifying own passion become great
  • > Dimension: Bat Size - 68 x 9 x 3 cm
  • > Wicket Height - 69 cm Cricket Kit for kit,cricket bat,cricket set.
  • > Contains: 1 Bat, 1 Ball, 3 Wickets, 2 Bails, 1 Carry Bag
  • > e-YOP Provide the best Wooden Cricket Kit for Small Boy's. Age Group 5 -7 Year Boys

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