How to Win Bets on IPL


Just like South Americans adore soccer, Indians love cricket and watch every match with thrill. That’s because every single game raises their levels of adrenaline, making them glued to their TV’s. The short duration of the matches increases the excitement even further. Also, because the teams are named after Indian states, many Indians watch the games and cheer teams representing their states.

More spectators of this game have necessitated the urge of business through gambling. Many betting sites offer odds where you can place a bet and win or lose. On the other hand, more fans in the stadiums have also helped teams to gain a lot of revenue through tickets.  With a lot of money at stake for bettors and teams alike, there’s a need to know how to bet to gain money.

Here’s how you can win bets on IPL:

1. Know the teams in the league


The first step that you need to take as a gambler of IPL games is researching the teams involved. You need to know the auction of players every season and the roster changes that occur annually. You also need to review each player’s T20 statistics to help you decide which teams and players are the strongest. You can do that by comparing their batting and bowling averages on sites such as The TopBookies.

Researching the players may show you that some players auctioned at high prices don’t deserve those price tags because of their performances. That may, in turn, save you from losing your bet. Also, researching the head-to-head statistics can enable you to know the strong players, teams, and winners.

2. Use skills to apply your bets on markets


The IPL is currently a strong sport with strong fielding, huge hitting, and smart bowling. To earn profit from your bet, you need to have excellent skills. If you bet on players blindly, you may end up losing your money.

Also, if you intend to bet on markets such as the top wicket-taker and leading run-scorer for a particular match or the entire league, it’s vital to analyze the players before betting. Previous T20 competitions can be your reference point of collecting data. If, for instance, you want to place a bet for the IPL in UAE Matches, you need to look at player performances in the past years. If they didn’t do well in those matches, it’s possible they may not perform well in the successive games as well.

3. Know the fixture


Before you consider placing your bet on a longer-term market, you want to ensure the key players are available for the tournament. That’s because international schedules may affect the composition of players in many IPL teams. For example, an international tour beginning in mid-June may enable a player to participate in the IPL for just a few weeks before going to represent his nation.

Also, if you decide to bet on a team because they have imported players, ensure they are present to the finals of the tournament.  You may also need to know the 11 players who’ll be on the field before placing your bet. International players who’ve not played on the cricket grounds aren’t good fits to place your bets on. Be patient and study how they play. If they perform well, you can bet on them or their teams.

4. Know the skilled players


In any sport, whether it’s basketball, soccer, cricket, or tennis, there are skilled players. Most of the time, it’s these players who help their teams to win matches. As an IPL punter, therefore, you need to know the skilled players in every team who are responsible for ensuring that the teams win. That needs research.

During your research, find out the player that’s exceptional from the other players. Betting on that player or his team may increase your chances of winning your bet. An example of a skilled player who’s stood out in the past is Josh Butler, who scored 548 runs during the 2018 season for Rajasthan Royals.

5. Bet professionally


If you want to win money betting on IPL, you should treat gambling as a business rather than a game. In businesses, owners make logical decisions regarding the sale of goods to make profits. That’s how you should also treat betting. It would be best if you don’t let your emotions get the better of you when betting. Instead, be professional and sober.

Professionalism entails a lot of things. You need to really understand the games, the players and teams that are in form, the pitch reports, and the weather conditions. Weather conditions particularly can negatively influence a game. So, before placing your bet, ensure the conditions are favorable. Knowing all these factors may instill some confidence in you.

6. Bet on few matches


A punter shouldn’t be greedy while betting on IPL matches. You may be tempted to select many matches to bet on because of the huge amount of money you’re likely to win. There’s a chance you may win such a bet, though it’s very slim. Therefore, to increase your probability of winning, you need to bet on a few matches.

Take your time to look at the teams, matches, and odds. Choose teams that are strong and are playing against a weaker opponent. Also, consider teams with a lower odd against them. After that, select a few matches to bet on.

This strategy, however, does not guarantee that you’ll win. Betting is a game of luck, and the results could turn out against your expectation. So, even as you apply this strategy, ensure you also research well. That way, you may improve your chances of winning many bets that you place on IPL matches.

The Bottom-line

The IPL is a unique league that can offer you enormous possibilities of earning money through gambling. But before you place your bet, you need to know the fixture, teams in the league, and apply skills when choosing betting markets. You also want to know each player’s weaknesses and strengths – especially if they are imported – before placing a bet against them. Knowing the traits of the IPL can enable you to spot the value that a bookmaker is offering.