Best Article Rewriter Tools to Avoid Duplication of Data


Online writing has become a profession for several people on the internet. The work could get complicated, and the demand for high-quality paper is on a constant rise.

It is essential to ensure that each article that you compose is ideally written because that plays a pivotal role in generating traffic and rate higher on the Search engine result pages (SERPs).

If you are a webmaster or a site owner, the chances are that you would already be familiar with the role played by the frequency of posting. Regular publishing of articles is essential for increasing the ratings of your site.

Writing several articles daily, particularly if you have to write them on a similar topic or even one issue, can get pretty hectic. It is because writing so much material about particular topics eventually kills your creativity.

There is another significant restriction, and that is self-plagiarism. If you copy content from the previously published article, then it could result in self-plagiarism arising in your work. Plagiarism is an offense, and regardless of its type, the writer has to face strict consequences.

Fortunately, Article Rewriters have been developed to assist writers in this purpose.

What are Article Rewrites?


Article Rewriters are tools that are usually available and accessible online. These tools rephrase an entire article, adding synonyms and modifying the overall structure of the material while preserving its general meaning.

Article rewriter tools are on a constant popularity rise. They are continually being used by writers of all sorts for their benefit.

Advantages of Article Rewriters


Article rewriters provide users with a lot of advantages.

The first advantage of using the tool is its time-saving application. Writing thousands of words each day can get hectic and exhausting. Using these tools can help you create authentic versions of your own previously written content.

Another significant beneficial aspect is that if you convert content using the rewriter, the tools usually ensure that the newly generated document is free of plagiarism. Thus, the application of the article rewriters prevents copyright strikes since the plagiarism checkers are unable to detect for it in the text.

Productivity is the key if you want to earn more. Article Rewriter tools massively enhance the productivity of the user. It gives them the capability of writing several articles in a short period and that too in good quality. Therefore, these are incremental in the added productivity.

Creativity level drops as the word count increases. It is because we run out of ideas sooner, and hence the quality of the work drops as you compose more content. These tools ensure that the creativity level is preserved as you move up the words.

Best Article Rewriter tools

The tools for rewriting an article are available online and are easily accessible. There is no word limit; therefore, you can upload the entire document and change it.

Some of the best tools for rewriting available online that provides maximum usage and without login or any cost are as follows: –

Article Rewriter


If you intend to improve your writing efficiency, then you should try the rephrase proposed by Article Rewriter. The tool is developed to provide exceptional performance and delivery the results with splendid speed.

This usually works by scanning the whole document and replacing words by their synonyms wherever required. It certain cases, the sentence structure is also altered, and the new material generated consists of an authentic version of the uploaded article but with different words.

The tool is free, and you don’t have to go through the tedious login process or purchase a premium membership for its usage. It saves you hours of writing and delivers absolute performance. You should ensure that the article you are changing is high quality because if you use the tool for low-quality content, then it can turn out to be worse after using the tool.

To use the tool, you have to insert the text in it. You can do it by both copying and pasting the text in the tool or upload an entire file to rephrase it.



Coming up with new and creative ideas to compose an article can get hectic. Instead, you can use the PrePostSEO article rewriter tool for devising new content, and it saves you the time, energy, and effort required each time for writing.

The PrePostSEO rephrasing tool presents several benefits. It is free, so students who want to use it can easily benefit from it, and no login is required as well. Another significant advantage is that it has no word limit, so if you have a large document that you want to rephrase, then the tool is an ideal choice.

Using the tool is a three-step process. You first have to insert text in it as an input query; it can either be done by copying and pasting in the search engine or uploading the file in txt, pdf, doc, or Docx format. The next step is the rephrasing, which is performed by the tool itself, and finally, the unique article is presented to the user.



The SpinRewriter is software that can be used for rephrasing. Unlike the other tools on the list, this one requires the user to register and create a free account before it could be used.

The tool isn’t entirely free; if you are looking for a paid version of Article rewriters, then you should consider it.  It is an excellent way of creating unique content within seconds and thus optimizing your content frequency.

The SpinRewriter tool is initially free for five days, and after that, you would have to purchase a package for it. It recreates an article while maintaining the paragraphs and general structure of the material. The synonyms are added adequately to ensure that the sequence or context is not disturbed.

To produce a new article using the tool, there are three main steps. The first one includes entering the text in the engine. The second step comprises adding phrases and words. The final step is the unique article generated by the tool.