Why Smart Devices Are So Popular Amongst Kids in 2024

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It seems that the advancements in technology have influenced almost every aspect of our lives. From shopping, ordering food, booking a hotel, watching movies, to earning money – everything can be done online and through a smart device. Not to mention the easy access to information.

Due to the fact that we live in the era when everything seems to be ‘a click away’, our lives have become faster, and perhaps easier. Just like the advances in technology, i.e. the expansion of the Internet and smart devices, have influenced numerous aspects of our lives, they have influenced multiple generations.

In that sense, it seems that everybody, from elderly people and adults to teenagers, have a smart phone and access to the Internet. Have you ever wondered what happens with the kids? You must have at least once witnessed a child being fascinated with, for example, a smart phone. How come that the smart devices are so popular amongst them?

When it comes to the adults or teenagers, the thing is pretty clear. Watching movies, reading news and books, or spending time on social media are some of the most common reasons for the popularity of smart devices. But what attracts children to use them?
The following article will try to provide you with possible reasons why smart devices affect kids so much, and how they can be useful both to the children and their parents. Take a look.

1. Entertainment

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Just like adults, kids use smart devices in order to entertain themselves. The truth is, these devices can provide them with lots of fun. Therefore, kids can do numerous things such as watch cartoons, play games or even take photos on their own.

Furthermore, some children like to pretend that somebody is calling them on the phone. In that sense they engage in the role-play, and develop their creativity. While we are at creativity, playing with camera, or taking photos, affects kids’ creativity equally. When it comes to cartoons and games, there are plenty of options. The majority of kids’ cartoons and games have educational function. This leads us to our next reason for the popularity of these devices.

2. Education

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Today’s cartoons and games are usually made in order to educate your child. Therefore, kids can play a game and unconsciously gain knowledge about the world around them, while having fun at the same time. Furthermore, you can install various types of quizzes and even play them together with your child.

When it comes to cartoons, they include relatable characters. According to that, children can see some of their favorite characters in various types of situations, and learn how to act if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

3. Developing skills

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As a parent you want your child to develop a set of useful skills. Whether these skills are related to cognition, affection, or behavior, the smart devices can, in fact, help. Additionally, they influence kid’s imagination, creativity, and graphomotor skills.

For example, you can install certain games which require logical thinking on your device, and allow your child to play them from time to time. Also, there are games which include drawing or designing which are highly recommended when it comes to developing creativity and graphomotor skills.

4. Safety

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Believe it or not, smart devices can even be useful when it comes to the safety of your child. Devices like smart watches are becoming more and more popular amongst children. Not only that, but they are more than useful to parents. How do they function? Even though smart watches have all the features of the regular watch, they are different and advanced. In that sense, they can include alarm, games, messaging, video calls, camera, etc.

Children seem very fond of this idea of having a watch which serves as entertainment. On the top of that, the design of these watches is very attractive and appropriate for a child. They are colorful, and created in such a way to suit the kids’ needs. More importantly, these devices can help you as a parent as well. The majority of them have a GPS.

So, if you are worried why your kid is a bit late from school, there is no need for panic. All you have to do is check their location. Smart watches generally add up to children’s safety, not only due to this GPS feature, but also because your child can call or text you in any minute. If you are interested in purchasing one, we recommend you to visit findthedecision. This website will provide you with the detailed description of best smartwatches for your child.

5. Fairy tales and bedtime stories

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Every child likes to hear stories before falling a sleep. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy all the expensive books. Instead, you can simply download some of the multiple applications which include hundreds of fairy tales. These stories are just as illustrated and fun. Therefore, you can easily scroll through them and show your child the pictures while you are reading. This is perhaps another reason why children are so fond of these devices.

To conclude, the adults find smart devices useful and fun, and the same goes for kids. You have to remember though, that these devices are not unfamiliar and strange to kids. The reason behind this lies in the fact that they grow up surrounded by them. While adults were introduced to this phenomenon when they were, let’s say in their twenties, it took time to get used to the technology and keep up with its progress.

Things work differently for the new generations. They will encounter smart devices everywhere. Therefore, including their usage into the lives of children can be rather useful and have many benefits, as long as you pay attention to the amount of time they spend using it.