How To Choose The Best Card For Your Smartphone or Tablet in 2024

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Running out of storage space on your phone or tablet can be quite frustrating. You keep on cleaning your device, but the glitches keep on bothering you. To find the best way to this issue is to insert a microSD card in your device. But make sure that the smartphone you have supports the SD card you buy. For example, not all smartphones and tablets support micro SD Cards. Thus before getting an SD card, check all the specifications of your phone.

What to consider when you are buying the best SDcard?

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One of the most important criteria to look for when you are buying an SD card is the price and the capacity. But there are also other criteria that you need to see before getting SD card for your smartphones and tablets. Before inserting the SD card in your phone, be sure that your phone has the capability to support the SD card and also that the SD card is needed for your device.


The only difference between these two is the range of data they can store. Most SDHC cards have a data range of up to 32 MB. And on the other hand, the SDXC cards have the data range up to 2TB. Thus if you are buying a card, it will be an SDXC type card.

Class and UHS ratings

Class in case of a micro SD card is the minimum transfer speed. UHS means Ultra High Speed.

Application performance class

Most micro SD cards also have a standard known as Application performance class, and this highlights the SD cards that are suitable for smartphones and tablets. The A1 and A2 class of SD cards are best if you want to format your card as internal storage in any android devices. These kinds of cards are also known as adoptable storage.

How to choose the best SD cards?

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Everyone wants high storage, high capacity SD cards at an affordable price. But before choosing an SD card for your device, check for the brand reputation as well as the performance of the SD card you are going to buy. Also, try to look for warranties and discounts the seller is providing you.

You can get some amazing deals and 5-year warranty on SD cards if you buy the SD cards from the platform. This is an online platform that manufactures as well as sells bulk SD cards at an amazing discounted price.

List of the best SD cards for your smartphones or tablets

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These are some of the best SD cards for your device, but the usability of the card will depend upon the type of device as well as the needs of the person using it.

Sandisk Ultra

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This is an A1 rated card that belongs to class 10. This SD card is best for people who have Android smartphones. Sandisk offers this SD card at a very affordable price. This SD card is suitable even for 1080p video recordings. The reading speed of this 256MB SD card goes beyond 100MB/s, but the writing speed is a bit lower. This card is not suitable for recording 4k videos, but the reasonable price of this SD card makes it one of the most liked cards at present. This SD card also comes with an SD card adapter.

PNY Elite-X

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This card has an amazing reading as well as writing speed of over 90mbps. This card is an excellent choice for people who want the card for storing app data and also for recording 4k videos. This card also has a V30 video speed class. This 256MB microSD card can easily accommodate large amounts of data and also helps to improve the performance of the android devices so that the applications can function smoothly.

Lexar 1000X

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The Lexar 1000X SD card is another best 256MB SD card that is very fast and has huge storage capacity. This SD card by Lexar is a perfect choice for shooting lots of 4k videos. This has enough storage available that can accommodate lots of videos and game app data. This SD card is even available in size beyond 256MB. You can get amazing deals on this card from sites such as

Sandisk High Endurance

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This is another good SD card that has high endurance, as the name explains. If you want to take your smart device to a desert, Ski location, or even the beach, this is a must-buy SD card for you. This card has the capability to withstand the harshest conditions. And this card is also available in other storage capacities starting from 32MB.

So, before you buy an SD card, make sure you go through this information to get the best for the investment you are making.