Pub Quizzes And Beyond How To Excel In Trivia Competitions


Do you often visit bars and try to participate in the trivia night? Most people who take part in the trivia competitions have no idea about the answers to the questions asked. Keeping yourself updated with current facts and knowledge can help you excel in trivia competitions. You can also take quizzes regularly or board game trivia at to gain more knowledge. Scroll down to learn different tips that can assist you in improving your chances of winning trivia competitions:

Listen To The Podcasts And Radio


The main key to winning trivia nights is improving your general knowledge. You can take various steps to improve your GK, and listening to podcasts and radio is one of them. Radio is one of the best sources that provides you with information. The use of radio has drastically decreased, but still, you will find it serves many purposes. To get the current updates, listen to the radio talk shows daily.

Listening to podcasts is another engaging method to learn about the things that interest you. You will find podcasts on almost every topic, such as money, politics, real estate, stock market, science, education, business, animals, history, etc. There is no end to the knowledge that these podcasts share online. Find the topic of your interest and start listening to that particular podcast online to excel in that subject.

Install Trivia Games On Your Smartphone

Consider installing trivia games on your smartphone to gather more knowledge. So many options are available online, and you can choose any of them according to your preference. In 2017, one of the most popular trivia games, known as HQ, was launched. When you play trivia games daily on such apps, you will see where you stand amongst the other players worldwide. It will motivate you to become better day by day.

The best part of playing these quiz games is that you can play them from anywhere around the globe and anytime. There are no restrictions as such. If you are on a long journey, consider playing these trivia games. It will not only increase your knowledge but will also help in passing your time while traveling.

Watch Trivia Quiz Shows To Gain Knowledge


Watching quiz shows is one of the most interesting ways of gaining trivia knowledge. Apart from giving you the necessary awareness, it also keeps you entertained. While watching the show, you must also keep your answers ready as the show goes by. At the end, see how many answers you have got right. It is a great method to analyze your intelligence. Do learn the right answers to the questions you have gotten wrong. No worries if you are not willing to watch such quiz shows on television. There are plenty of quiz shows available online.

Do Not Hesitate To Make A Guess

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to improve your knowledge. A person can’t know each and everything. Therefore, sometimes you have to make guesses. Most of the time, trivia competitions are not penalized for wrong answers, which means you must be bold in making guesses. However, you have to be a little cautious while making guesses in the games where the incorrect answers have penalties.

Consider Reading The Subjects You Are Interested In

Most people keep on reading and cramping the facts, but there is no fun in doing this. The best learning method is to find different ways to help you stay engaged while reading. It generally happens only when you are reading the subjects that interest you. If you want to enter the world of knowledge, consider becoming friends with Wikipedia. You will find almost every topic on Wikipedia.

It would help if you played along while reading your favorite subjects, as it will help you memorize things much faster. Try making a rap song out of what you are reading. It will be fun and make it easier for you to learn things that will help you win trivia competitions.

Learn About The Venue


Many times, trivia games include questions related to the venue. Therefore, before you leave for the trivia night, you must gather information about the venue. Focus on all the topics and themes related to your venue. By doing this, you will prepare yourself well in advance for the quiz competition.

It would also be helpful for you to gather information about the trivia competitions regularly at the venue you choose. Understand what types of questions are commonly asked at that particular venue. Are the questions related to sports or science? Once you understand their pattern of asking questions, it will improve your chances of winning at the trivia night.

Feed Yourself Before The Trivia Competition

You must have heard from your elders that you should always get your stomach some food before any exam or test. The same applies to when you are heading towards the trivia competition. You need to get some good food before the quiz begins. Otherwise, your brain wouldn’t be able to think properly and provide the right answers. Your brain is the most important part of your body. If you do not fuel your body, your brain will stop working. It reduces your chances of excelling in trivia competitions.

To Sum Up

Trivia competitions consist of a vast range of topics, and it is nearly impossible to cover every topic. But what you can do is learn more facts and improve your general knowledge. Mostly, they ask questions related to current affairs. Therefore, you must keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

There are numerous ways in which you can gather more knowledge. These methods include reading newspapers, listening to radio and podcasts, and playing trivia games. The best way of utilizing the bunch of knowledge you gain is by participating in trivia competitions and impressing your friend circle with skills that they never knew you possessed.