Best VPN Services for Android in 2024


Having a VPN has to turn out to be so conventional these times that it’s no wonder that you’d want to have it on your Android handset or tab, also. Luckily, pretty much all of the finest companies have devoted Android VPN apps to install, designed especially for mobile phones.

The issue faced by the public in such a competition is that just one search away, you get thousands of options for VPNs to install from the play store. So how do you select the effective one?

For helping you out with this, we have narrowed down the search to the top 5 Android VPN services of 2024; check out the list below:

Express VPN


The reasons to love ExpressVPN and its Android contribution are countless. The devoted app is tremendously user-friendly and upfront but also bargains lots of unconventional options. As soon as installed, using the Express Android app is absurdly laidback to do – it’s actually no diverse to the desktop type. So that means a “nice, clear on /off switch and an easy-to-navigate server – over 3,000 in all, across 94 countries ranging from Albania to Venezuela”. What’s additional, the application is now accessible in a blend of 16 tongues.

If you face any problems whatsoever with this VPN Service – whether that be after you install the ExpressVPN Android app or throughout usage – its site displays a wide collection of accessible content and movie guides, along with 24/7 client support by the feature of live chat.

ExpressVPN is certainly not the inexpensive VPN out there, but it may be worth the cost for individuals who need the finest Android experience. ExpressVPN bids three value plans, with the yearly plan subscription offering the major saving as you would imagine, and you get an additional three calendar months free. And its 1-month money-back assurance lets you test Express 100% hazard-free.



The NordVPN app is immensely prevalent with 10 million-plus downloads and a great ranking on the Google Play store. And it has noteworthy strong points together with ‘Double VPN’ technology which gets you connected to two distinct VPN servers, as opposed to only one, for an additional coating of safety. The facility also brags a ‘zero logs’ strategy, meaning it doesn’t path the operator’s internet activity. Though the emphasis is obviously on safety and confidentiality, NordVPN doesn’t lag behind in the rest of the areas. The Android app is relaxed sufficiently to use and has a list of good topographies like fragmented tunneling, the capability to robotically link to NordVPN whensoever you link a Wi-Fi network and the quick NordLynx protocol. The app also delivers a live chat feature for 24/7 client support. And even though there’s no cohesive kill switch that is integrated, it’s really simple to implement a similar tool in the settings.

Nord’s general asset when it refers to unblocking sites and ditching around streaming limitations is nearly supreme.

It’s rationally evaluated, too, and has a 1-Month money-back assurance if you just need to give the app a trial run before you get the subscription.



Surfshark has acquired a lot of attention recently – mainly thanks to its market-crushing pricing (it’s the vibrant champion in our finest inexpensive VPN guide). But don’t be cuckolded, as it actually doesn’t dearth in the superiority and quality department. And that smears to its Android app, as well.

Unlike a lot of further benefactors, Surfshark hardly modifies the operator interface from desktop to phones. We presume that the pure straightforwardness of its desktop version means that its designers didn’t have a tough time moreover in decoding to the reduced screen size. It means you can effortlessly get to safety features like the devoted kill switch, divided tunneling, and malware blocker. Surfshark retains things really upfront on mobile.

In such a packed market, it can be tough to turn up with rather a truly original product, but Surfshark pulled it off. It’s the solitary Android VPN app we’ve understood that comprises a GPS fooling feature, allowing it to return the coordinates of your selected VPN server.

And presumptuous, you’ll need to use this VPN on your TV streaming device, laptop, router, and added devices as well, then the statistic one payment covers limitless gadgets will be the most amazing feature you heard about a VPN.



The IPVanish app is decent in general, with some rare (but great) choices, like mystification or divided tunneling. And it’s lastly added that beforehand missing kill switch, a typical feature which instantaneously shuts down the net linking in the occasion the VPN drops to stop your accurate IP from being exposed.

In fact, devote even a rapid limited minute to the IPVanish Android app, and you’ll start to feel harmless already. We love that the app shows sincerely useful status info (e.g., server name, IP address, location, and more) by the method of actually outstanding visuals. The download speeds are incredible if you test it. “you get 256-bit AES encryption with the OpenVPN protocol, along with 24/7 customer support”.

Nevertheless, the cost can be the single undesirable component that drives people away, though three accessible plans come with a 1-month money-back assurance. And IPVanish has now become free of all bounds on how countless devices you can attach with your substitute, so there’s additional value here.

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access’s Android app is simple to practice with plenty of selections and settings you can pinch. Its operators truly like it, accompanies by an amazingly good ranking in the Play Store.

Yes, it’s missing the straight asked for arrangements that nearly all other VPN companies have, but there is an entire cluster of other topographies. You have proxy support, port promoting support, UDP, then TCP decorum settings; you can define local and remote ports, choose custom encryption and handshaking methods, even shake the telephone to specify when you’re linked. You, too, have an automatic connection whensoever you connect a VPN in addition to a kill switch. Though there is not one unrestricted, free-of-cost trial, the subscription is honestly reasonably priced no matter what package you select. Clearly, the yearly plan gives you the finest discount.

How To Choose The Right VPN According To Your Need?


Clearly, a devoted Android app aids in making things as easygoing as likely, and so the app should be comprehensible. If you need to learn more check this out.

You’re perhaps going to want to practice your Android VPN on lots of other gadgets, also – so make certain you get something that also works with your personal computer’s OS and has sufficient permissions to protect all your devices.

Other contemplations are close-fitting safety – a kill switch is convenient, so as to not get you exposed if your net connection shuts – and obviously a confidentiality policy and terms of the deal that make it strong what logins and particulars are reserved by the provider.