How To Have a Better Love Life. A Comprehensive Guide in 2024

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Intense love life can be heavenly, romantic, passionate, and everything you’ve ever desired… If you aren’t in the right place, it will struggle to get you to orgasm. Having intercourse in a single position daily might be boring, so it would be beneficial to experiment with the different intercourse positions. Every woman is unique, and what calls you orgasm can be totally different (and even the polar opposite).

Fortunately, you will hear a lot about other women’s positions. The thing about having intercourse with women who are available on Oklute is that we all like it a little differently because women’s preferred intercourse poses change based on their relationship, mood, or even the time of day. Some people favor the missionary style all the time, and others prefer the doggy style.

Every position has its own benefits. According to a survey done on people of 19 to 36 years of age, doggy style is the most common pose among men, while women like cowgirl followed by missionaries. Oh! Keep patience, I’ll tell you why just to keep reading on.

Here I am going to talk about 3 different aspects; the first one is better orgasm, second deep penetration, and the last, intimacy. Let’s dive deep into positions and the causes they are beneficial for.

For better orgasm

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Women-on-top aka Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

You can control the depth, angle, and pace of penetration if you’re in a woman-on-top intercourse position. It can also make it easier to achieve orgasm. Women with clitorises like being on top and more than 70% of them need additional clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. The friction helps awaken the clitoral cluster when you’re on top and lean over. The fun is easier for everyone when you’re more aroused.

Generally, this pose includes Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl which is considered the key to better intercourse, according to women, because it allows them to move in ways that feel natural to them, apply pressure to all of the right places, and, for others, set them up to enjoy more pleasure.

1. For deep penetration

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Doggy style

Doggy style is arguably one of the most common poses among women all over the world. I think you don’t need me to clarify why this is so great: Men go super deep with this position, which is fantastic for women who can orgasm only from penetration. (Most women can’t, but don’t be disappointed if that’s not you.) This would always be enjoyable for her.) It strikes the G-spot square in the face and adds just the right amount of slapstick. Many women consider it is bit painful position. But who cares pain when pleasure is all around.


Add this to your list of must-haves if you enjoy deep penetration. “Arched back leapfrog is perfect for deep penetration. You can increase the sensitivity of this pose by rubbing the tip of the clitoris to ensure full arousal. If manual stimulation isn’t working using a clitoral toy would be beneficial.

This is a doggy-style modification. Have your companion get down on their hands and knees, then join them from behind with your finger or strap-on, holding their hips raised.

Chairman pose

This position is ideal for G-spot lovers. Plus, women get both hands free for some sultry stroking. Reach down and touch yourself with your hands, or demonstrate how to touch yourself with your hands. This pose is perfect for experimenting with various penetration angles. Changing angles by leaning forward or back will help you and your partner figure out what fits best for you both.
Your mate lies on the edge of the bunk, facing you, and you lie on top of them.

For promoting romance and intimacy

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Missionary style

Sometimes you just have to go for what you know, and for many couples, a missionary role is a tried and tested choice. It’s the most popular position because when we start intercourse, it happens itself. It encourages women to rub their clitorises against their partners. It, plus its one that’s great for eye contact if you want to make the intercourse more intimate. It simply works for everyone. She’s lying underneath him, while he’s on top, doing whatever he likes. It’s personal and romantic, but it can also be just the right level of raunchy if she brings something to the role and avoids the dreaded “starfish.” If she’s doing it well, she’ll move her hips, catch her, open and close her legs to give him a different sensation.

Lazy man

This position gives you leverage while also allowing for lots of intimacy. She uses partner’s pelvis as a masturbation instrument, something on which to rub and stimulate her clitoris. She likes to rock back and forth to build friction on her vulva. Applying some nipple play to this pose makes it even hotter. Sucking, kissing, or massaging your breasts when you’re in this position will increase arousal and satisfaction for both of you.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of intercourse is spooning afterward. But spooning during intercourse can only be nice, which it is, spoiler warning. Allow her to lay down on her side while he raises her top leg from behind. He will maintain balance in this pose by gripping her hips, rubbing her clitoris (which, in case you didn’t remember, is what you need to do to make her orgasm), and grabbing… other stuff. She will up the ante by turning to catch his neck as he walks slowly… and then a little faster… and then slowly again… and hold on, I’ll be right back.

Words to end

The adage “familiarity breeds scorn” holds true with intercourse as well. Going through the same movements in the bedroom over and over again isn’t exactly conducive to romance.

Relationship experts advise keeping it spontaneous, whether it means doing something new at a particular time, location, or status, or just becoming more daring in general.

The aim is to stop a loop of dull “duty” intercourse while still encouraging healthier behaviors in a long-term relationship. When you are in a relationship, make it beautiful by not only having intercourse but by showing loyalty, honesty, respect, and trust to each other, because at last, only these things work.