10 Tips that Will Turn You Into a Top Paintball Player in 2024

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Don’t ever tell an avid paintballer to relax; that phrase might work at the Olympics or at the tennis club, but in the world of paintball, there’s no room for error. While it may be true that paintball is not for everyone, the enthusiasts who make it their passion take the game very seriously. It’s a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of game.

One way to get serious about your paintball passion is to team up with equally serious but more experienced players. Another way is to study different paintball guides. These can be found online or at your local paintball range.

If you’re too busy practicing your kill shot to go and do research, you can simply read our article for some informative tips that will have you at the top of your game in no time!

Pointers to Being a Paintball Champ

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Players who take paintballing seriously also have several tips and strategies they swear by. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Accurate Planning

Paintball is a team sport, and it’s important to have a game plan in place. Your game plan must be a summary of who is going to do what at which stage. The plan must also be well-thought-out and be based on each team member’s strengths.

Familiarize your team with the different game zone layouts. It’s easier to strategize if you know what you’re dealing with. Encourage all team members to come up with plans and strategies.

Continuous Communication

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Communication is essential for team players. Discuss the plan and your different strategies well in advance. Consider different approaches that need to be taken in each of the different game zones. Discuss the tactical plans, and make sure all players know their individual roles in the game.

On game day, go over the plan and reinforce everyone’s understanding. This is extremely crucial when executing the needed offensive maneuvers. Continue communication throughout the day. It might be a good idea for your team to learn hand signals. Communication should be simple, accurate, and as quiet as possible. Remember you’re on the battlefield, not in the boardroom.

Ditch the Ego

You may be a pretty big deal in the real world, but on your paintball team, you’re just another player. There’s no room for egos and know-it-all attitudes. You’re also not filming a Rambo movie, so there is no place for heroics. Your team needs you to be reliable, focused, and using your skills for the benefit of the team.

As you are well aware, there’s no “I” in “team”. To quote a corporate slogan, Together Everyone Achieves More.

Think Ahead

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If you have a lackadaisical approach to paintball, you may as well exchange your paintball gun for a badminton racket. Survey your surroundings. Move around the game zone and make a mental map of where the enemy is, could be, and where your team should be.

Observe, make mental notes, and be sure to look for retreat points. Try to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Listen as much as you’re looking. Be calm and quiet when you’re not strategizing. It’s important to remember that your enemy is observing you and your movements as well.

Re-adjust the Plan

Another tip to a working plan is to be flexible in terms of your strategy. While your initial stance might be to aggressively enforce your plan, it may become necessary to change maneuvers and amend tactical plans. Remember to keep the other teammates informed of changes and new moves.

Learn About Stealth

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Rushing at your enemy like a tribe of screaming banshees could work in certain game zones. However, there’s also a time to act stealthily. Learn to blend in with the different surroundings, move slowly from place to place, and remember to keep your head down.

Keep your marker attachments out of site. The last thing you want is to be well hidden in a trench but a protruding weapon attachment announces your location to every enemy in a two-mile radius!

Moving Is Better

Unless your plan is to get tagged by the enemy, moving around is the better option here. Standing still or hiding in the same spot for too long will get you noticed, surrounded, and eventually tagged. Be sure to advance to the best place that will give your team the greatest advantage.

Invest In Pyrotechnics

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Pyrotechnics refer to the various ammunitions that can be used to get the upper hand over your opponents. While paintball reviews may advise you that these pyrotechnics are not allowed in tournaments, they are allowed on most ranges during regular games. Similar to games like archery, accessories are key to winning the game.

Here are a few of the different types of pyrotechnics you can use:

  • Flashbangs: These make enough noise to make your enemy keep their heads down long enough for you to flank them and execute an attack.
  • Smoke grenades: Smoke grenades can get your enemies to reveal themselves when they’re bunkered down in a trench.
  • Paintball grenades: These are great for destroying several enemies at once. Made from cardboard, these grenades contain a bag of paint that explodes when detonated.

Stay Positive

When it comes to triumphing over your enemies, it’s important to remain positive at all times. A negative attitude won’t do well on the battlefield. Remember that you are there to have fun and of course, win. A tip to remember here is to warm up and engage in some pre-game workouts to give you the edge.

Follow the Rules

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Like all other games, rules and regulations are important to final success. Listen to the field marshals to ensure you act as required. Following the rules includes wearing the right tactical gear. Remember, this is not a yoga session. Obeying the rules and adhering to the regulations will ensure that you and your team live to fight another battle.


Winning at paintball requires some skill but definitely also adherence to the regulations. By always wearing your safety gear and following our simple tips, your team will be the number one contender on the battle range! Stay alert, communicate, and be prepared for anything, at any time, and savor the adrenaline rush!