Tips for Better Blogging – 2024 Guide


The practice of blogging is as old as the internet itself. From the early years of the service, countless talented and passionate people have recognized how beneficial the internet can truly be. Those who did some kind of writing simply moved onto a better and more modern platform, while others started from scratch and began writing solely on a digital platform. Whatever their beginnings were like, they became internet bloggers, people who are passionate about sharing their writing talents with the world while exploring and touching on countless topics.

As technology advanced and the online world became far more accessible, easy to use, and user friendly, blogging also evolved to a point where there are not millions of them on seemingly any kind of topic. All one has to do is pick a platform and start writing. Of course, it takes time and a lot of effort to make it in the world of blogging because there are some very talented and knowledgeable people out there who have been doing it for years.

In order to become better and make the most out of your blogging experience, an average content creator writer could always use several tips. Honing your skills is always welcome, and in this article, we will try to give you some advice on how to become a better blogger. To find out even more tips and tricks, make sure to visit

1. Read More


First of all, a little piece of general advice for your life even if you are not writing on a daily basis. By reading literature you will not only expand your vocabulary and start using new and interesting phrases and word combinations but also expand your knowledge on many topics. Reading a few books per year is more than enough, but if you really want to become better at both writing and thinking, try reading one book per month. You can always choose something related to your blog’s usual topics, but remember than many people find it beneficial to read about things they know nothing about, especially if they always found it interesting or appealing.

2. Scale Down


Moving onto more hands-on tips, the first thing you have to do is try to scale down your blog to a single overarching topic. The Internet is a vast place full of very different websites, social media services, and news. People can find whatever they are looking for within a few clicks. This is why you should narrow your material to a single, or a few topics you love and care about and stick with that. In time, you will become a true expert on it and it will be something your readers and fans know you for. If you stretch your attention and effort on too many things, none of them will be as successfully performed because you will be thinking about too much at the same time. If you like movies and TV shows, that is enough for a blog. If you are a book enthusiast, perfect. Cooking is more than enough for a single blog. Pick out your hobby and passion and start building your brand from there.

3. Write about Topics People Search for


More than 51% of all internet traffic comes from actually searching for the thing one needs. This works by the well-known system of tracking down keywords to give the user as many results as possible until they find what they need. By reversing this, one could see what people look for the most and use that data to help their writing. Multiple free online tools can give you precise enough data about the things people look for the most. If you utilize those keywords and integrate them with your current search engine optimization skills, you will reach a wider audience and get a lot more clicks than before. Questions beginning with “are”, “can”, and “how” are some of the most searched on the internet, so keep that in mind.

4. Check on Competition


Whenever you start writing a blog and whatever your topic may be, chances are there will already be numerous successful blogs dealing with that already. Never let that discourage you as you have to start from somewhere. It is how you move forward that really matters, and what better way to improve than to study the veterans and learn from them? For example, if you want to start blogging about sports, open several sports blogs, and look at how they are doing things and what their most popular posts are. What are they doing that you are not? How are they phrasing their content? Do not copy them as sooner than later someone will crack down on it. Instead, find a way to incorporate their tricks to your own blog and write more about what their readers seem to enjoy with your own twist on things.

5. Make it Easy to Read


The fact is people on the internet are not looking for overly and unnecessarily complicated texts and “smart” sounding words without any need for it. Remember that reading is not what it once was and that people will not think twice about going back to their other daily obligations or a different medium if your blog post is not easy to read. A common rule of internet writing is straightforward, as you have to make your blog posts easy to read, understand, and follow. Shorter paragraphs and shorter sentences are key, as they require less focus and mind work to follow. In addition, readers love different forms of media so try incorporating relevant pictures, gifs, memes, and videos into your text. Apart from helping you express yourself, they will also act as a breather from the reading. Formatting will help you break your text into different chunks and put more attention to important sections or words. Finally, always read your text to yourself out loud to get a sense of what it sounds like. If it for some reason does not work for you, chances are it will not be interesting to your readers either.