How Modern Technology Has Changed The Way We Watch TV – 2024 Guide

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Modern technology has had an impact on many aspects of our life. Ever since TV was invented, we have looked towards changing and improving the way we watch it.

Modern technology has had a significant impact on television. To put it simply, it is our number one source of home entertainment because of it. Life at home would be so much boring without.

But we’re here to discuss at greater length at how modern technology has impacted the way we watch TV. Is it really all that impressive? Or is it a byproduct of our imagination?

We certainly agree that the latter is untrue, and we’re going to prove it with further explanation.

1. Content Through Social Channels

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Any show that we see on television has some sort of social following. Partly to thank for this are the various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Regardless if it’s a talk show, a series, a movie, or a reality show, we can interact with it through social channels. But why is this important? – you might ask.

Well, it’s important because it offers every single one of these a better way to interact with you- the audience. All of you are following at least one show, movie, or series on your social channels; this is indisputable.

Whether it’s the official Disney Star Wars account, or Masterchef, or any other for that matter, you’re following at least one.

And we do this not only to keep up with the show or movie but for those little bits of information that they throw at us every once in a while. We were all super hyped during the filming of the first Star Wars movie under Disney, and our hype grew bigger with every tweet and post from these pages.

So, in a way, with the help of social channels, we’ve seen a change of approach in the industry that creates and eagerness to watch more TV.

2. We Dictate When We Watch


In the past, when technology didn’t have a clear grasp on television, we were slaves of the TV guide that said when and where we have to be to watch our favorite shows.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, we dictate when and where we have to be to watch our favorite shows. We have the technology to thank for this, and the streaming industry specifically.

Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more, we can stream our favorite shows, series, and movies whenever we want wherever we want.

3. We Watch More TV

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According to tv-aerials-uk, not only do we watch more TV, but we’ve also diversified our TV box sets to accommodate to our needs.

Nowadays, you can use streaming services, cable TV, and aerial TV based on your needs. If your favorite shows aren’t available on your cable or aerial TV, then you simply use Netflix or any of the dozen others.

But if you’re after high-quality and endless-variety of TV, then you go for aerial. Aerial TV refers to a television approach that uses an antenna. Even if they sound old and outdated, they accommodate most of the world’s means of watching TV.

And to say it’s old and outdates is an overstatement on its own. Nowadays, we can watch all the TV we want through this method. While some exclusive shows are only available on streaming platforms, the rest of the channels and content is all available to us through aerial TV.

If you love sports, movies, shows, and even reality TV, then you can get access to hundreds of channels only through aerial TV.

If you happened to be interested in installing an antenna for aerial TV, then you should use the helping hand of expert professionals that specialize in the installation. For more information, make sure to check this out.

4. App Engagement

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Nowadays, your favorite TV channels have their very own smartphone apps that bring us even more content than we’d ever imagined.

As we said, technology impacts all aspects of life, and it certainly impacts the way we watch TV. Through carefully thought-out and designed smartphone apps, our favorite channels can be easily accessed through our smartphones to watch on the go.

If you’re a hardcore FOX fan and cannot miss your favorite shows, then all you have to do is download their app and watch whenever you want. This applies to all major television producers that have carefully planned on keeping your home entertainment on the go.

This fundamentally redefines the way we watch TV but giving us more sources to watch it from. Our smartphones are slowly becoming just as important as our TV, and technology is currently made so we can combine both into a single one.

Since we can already connect our TV’s to the internet, we can also download these same apps and watch them straight from our TV’s even if we don’t own those channels.

This brilliant way of cross-platform integration is all made possible thanks to the advancements of technology.

5. The News is Popular, Again

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Thanks to technology, the news is interesting again. This last point resembles more the first one we made where social platforms impact the way we watch TV.

Well, thanks to these same platforms, we can carefully engage and observe our favorite news anchors, news broadcasters, politicians, and athletes.

As these are the faces we mostly see on the news, we can get accustomed to and grow more on them. This makes watching the news more likable, more bearable, and more popular with the youth.

As it currently stands, there hasn’t been an age where the younger generations are more interested in watching the news. Could this be because of President Trump’s wacky tweets and press conferences? Maybe it is but regardless of why we’re seeing a drastic approach in the way we watch the news of TV.

Like we said earlier, you can increase your TV watching experience by combining the ways technology allows you to watch television. Streaming services provide us with high-quality series and shows and aerial TV provides us with an unprecedented choice.