TCL 10L Review: Buy the Plex, If You Can


TCL is a company that has successfully made its place in Spain. This company has recently launched a mobile named TCL 10L. Let us find out now, how popular this model is, and why.

About the Smartphone


TCL 10L is economically priced. It has a plastic body, which adds to the easy handling of the phone. Also, the weight is reduced. As a result, it works better than a premium metal or glass body. The absence of flatness in case of design with an inbuilt camera is something new in the market and people are loving it. Also, it has four cameras at the back of this model.



The smart key is present on the left side. The Type-C USB port is present on the lower side of the mobile. Also, it has two grills for creating an asymmetrical look. These grills seem to cover the work of a microphone and a speaker.

NXTVISION, the most important feature of this model has awesome visual enhancements. Also, it has facilities for converting SDR to HDR. This feature is possible through some dedicated display hardware chip and some software tricks. Veteran users do not find this feature impressive because the videos of Netflix and YouTube are over-saturated. Fortnite is not certified to work with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processors.



A screen protector made of plastic had already been applied on display. The display becomes more visible when the screen protector is taken off. The box includes a plastic case which is not manufactured by the brand of TCL.

Bookworms will give hands up to a feature named reading mode that has been incorporated. The display is beautiful and woos the reading genre of people. This is because the colors are quite vibrant and at the same time are good for your eyes.


Both the speakers emit high pitch sound and the sound quality is superb.



The extra camera has a macro lens having 2MP. A primary sensor of 48MP and an ultra-wide camera of 8 MP is impressive. Replacing the low-light video camera with a depth camera to take portrait shots is mindless. The images that are clicked in lesser light also turn out to be clear and bright. Clear light brings out the contrast and brightness of colors. The cameras offer intricate information about the pictures. 48 MPS sensors of the main camera are indeed impressive. However, the 12-megapixel resolution is fixed. The photos clicked at night is grain.

It has a mode called “High Pixel” that may shoot at 48 MPS. The “High Pixel” mode renders beautifully intense photos. The video quality is also quite impressive while shooting indoors. The camera that faces front captures pretty good photos in case of natural light being present. People are required to get nearer to their theme in order so that they may capture their ideal shot when the macro camera mode is on.

Overall Performance


However, it packs a decent performance. It is a waterproof phone. This feature attracts many potential customers.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chips work pretty fast. The screen is bright in sunlight. The 4,500 MAH battery that cannot be removed lasts for an entire day, despite heavy use. It is really power-packed because it can also last even after brightness gets drastically increased.

The device has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Another microphone is present at the upper end. The phone operates on Android 10. However, it may be upgraded to android 11.

The smart key can be double pressed so that it may open any app. This key can also belong pressed to use Google Assistant.

The Flaws:

  • A fingerprint scanner is found at the back. Veteran users state that it doesn’t respond as fast as some other phones.
  • Given the price, this phone should have offered wireless charging. The absence of wireless charging has made some prospective buyers raise eyebrows.
  • This model includes 64 GB storage. It can be expanded unto 256 GB with the help of a Micro SD card. Also, it has 6 GB of RAM.
  • This phone makes the users face a lot of lags while performing basic chores like opening the app drawer of the phone or switching apps.
  • It is very irritating to have a processor that lags when it is being switched between the lenses at the rear of the phone. However, it handles apps like TikTok and Instagram smoothly. It took a long time to load “The Call of Duty.”
  • The performance of the mobile fluctuated. Navigating Settings would be very difficult one day but works well another day.
  • However, the photos clicked in the “High Pixel” mode need the user to be steady for a long time. This feature becomes tricky if the photographer is traveling or accompanied by children. The video quality is not impressive while shooting indoors.

TCL 10Lalso has a dual flash and has a punch hole LCD. It doesn’t perform well when directly exposed to sunshine is a minus factor. The brightness while streaming videos is impressive. The smaller the size of the file is, the better is the clarity of the picture is. All the pictures have a watermark applied across them by default. However, this feature can be turned off by visiting the Settings option of the camera.

The UI of TCL over Android 10 appears sluggish indeed. However, it doesn’t reduce energy.

The Final Words

The reviews of this phone are expected from any mid-range phone. The battery life and a nice camera in bright light make it worthy of the price. It is not equipped with face id. The phone is tall with a ratio of 19:5:9. The top, the left and right sides have slim bezels. Even then, the bottom of the mobile has a thicker bezel. This gives the user a place to hold the device. The left side of the mobile has a combination of the micro sim as well as the micro SD card slot. 6.53. Inch LCD phone is worthy of the moolah it rakes in.