Packing And Moving In A Busy City: How To Plan, Prepare, And Execute Your Move


Relocating to a new location could be daunting, especially if moving to a busy city, as it could lead to a lot of headaches. Even though the new lease agreement for the new home gets signed, the actual moving process could be cumbersome if the new location is a busy city.

The busy city could have its traffic woes, crazy traffic filled with aggressive, abusive drivers, and parking woes where a car finds difficulty in finding a space to park, and in its place, a moving truck is honking to get a parking spot.

It could seem like a setup in Hollywood movies, but only the mover to the busy city will know it is a fact. Moving could feel like an unpleasant food as it may not look fun, but it generally leads to a positive outcome. Success depends on planning and avoiding mistakes, so the move becomes smooth. Movers NYC provides moving, storage, transportation, and delivery at a budget-friendly, cost-effective rate and ensures a smooth head-ache free process.

Packing And Moving Tips


Whatever the reason, shifting to a new home sometimes becomes challenging to manage everything independently, so taking professional help from moving companies will immensely help. Here are a few practical tips for packing and moving,

Address Change Details

After shifting and unpacking at the new home, many will be busy arranging the things in the new house and celebrating with friends and family for a few days.

Then the thought of forgetting to update the change at the US post office is remembered. It will become annoying if the post gets delivered to the old address. Therefore, it will immensely help if the address request form gets filled with the US Post Office before shifting to the new home.

Sometimes the address change request takes time, so notify the bank, post office, and other vital contacts about the address change so that everything gets updated by the move-in date to the new address. There will be many loose ends that need to get tied up before shifting to a new address.

Moving Checklist


It is an excellent idea to prepare a checklist before moving. Depending on the factors and timeline, things like the notice period before shifting and the distance to the new home location should get considered.

The notice period could vary from two weeks to two months. Whatever the case, it is better to make a checklist and plan the move-in that will help in getting enough time to distribute the tasks. Then there will not be a last-minute rush happening on the big day.

Check off the to-do items from the checklist as one after the other work gets done. When a family has kids and pets, there are many things to consider before shifting.

Few things should get done before others; this checklist inventory will help ensure everything gets noticed while moving.

Packing Supplies


Proper planning means there won’t be a need to pay for packing supplies. Shifting to a new location involves a lot of work, even if it means moving to more affordable accommodation. Money gets spent when moving.

Get free moving boxes from package and grocery stores. After calculating the required packing boxes, add twenty percent more boxes to the initial count and visit the local department or grocery store.

Avoid boxes carrying frozen foods as they are water damaged or may even have food stains. Visit the local stores when they are expecting shipments. They might even keep boxes and packing paper aside.

Anyone visiting the right store a few times can obtain bubble wrap, packing boxes, and paper without paying the high price required for packing.

Let Go Of Unwanted Things


Shifting to a new place is an excellent time to throw out unwanted things instead of piling up the same junk in the new location.

Go through each item before packing and decide which items should be throwaways before the moving day approaches. Most of the household items could get given away to charity.

It will be good to check online for local charity centers and donate the junk accumulated at the house. Keep track of all the items donated and get a receipt for the taxes. A garage sale is a good option if enough time is available before moving.

Decluttering unnecessary items ensures that unwanted things stay in the new home. Hence, deciding which items should be kept in hand, sold, tossed off, or given away as a donation is important.

It is advisable to take measurements of the new home and remove any furniture that will not fit into the new house as it won’t get used there.

Set Timer To Pack


If packing alone, set a timer and pack for an hour every day before the final date to move approaches. Relocating to another place is a long and tiring process, and doing alone without any professional help can quickly burn out the strength if done in a short period.

Break down the tasks into smaller manageable steps before packing or moving. Start packing things from one room, and when it gets finished, then only pack the items in another room.

It is better to start packing a month before the moving date.

Driving A Rental Truck

If driving the rental truck or van to shift the household items to the new location, it will be a good idea to read up about driving rental trucks.

Many things have to be kept in mind when driving a truck. If used to driving a sedan or SUV, the rental truck will be broader and lengthier than the previous vehicle.

The truck will be heavier and will not stop as a sedan stops. Hence it is essential to have more than a car length space between the truck and the vehicle ahead while driving.

Always make sure to pay attention to the road signs concerning trucks. Only overtake a vehicle that is moving at most forty miles an hour. If not used to using side mirrors while backing up, it is better to avoid backing up as the situation could be tricky.

Color Labels

Print multi-colored packing color labels, and use a different color of masking tape on the boxes as per the room where it needs to get unpacked. For every room, give different colors of packing labels.

Label the contents in every box and write the room it belongs to. In the new home, mark the entrances of each room with colored tape.

This colored tape on the door of each room will help the movers place the correct color-labeled boxes in the relevant space of the room. This tip will save a lot of time when unpacking the boxes.

Hiring Professional Movers


Suppose family and friends are not there to help when moving to different cities, states, or overseas. It will be helpful to hire professional packers and movers.

The stress associated with moving will get reduced immensely when the moving company gets hired to do the packing and moving. It will be well worth the money spent.

When hiring professionals, ask questions before signing any papers. It will provide peace of mind on a moving day.


When the decision gets made to move to a new location, create a plan. Start with basics and fill in details as the schedule and timeline get finalized. Think about what needs to get done at the present living home. Whether any renovations have to get done and other things to take care of if deciding to sell the current home before moving.

When moving, never overpack a box or leave space in the box. Always make use of the correct size of the box. All fragile items should get packed with proper padding.