How to Record Your Tamil Song 2021

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When we take a peek down memory lane, we can pretty much see that a lot of things changed from the way they were a couple of years ago, and the case is no different with music as well. About a few decades ago, in order to get recognized as a music producer, you had to play with your band every single day at local shows, bars, clubs or whatever other locations, and pray that someone that’s rich or influential enough will notice your talent and give you a shot on the big stage. Today, things are completely different.

Nowadays almost every music producer has their own home studio where they record their songs, and they’re so common that most of the times you’re quite surprised by walking into someone’s bedroom just to find out that it’s a music studio. A laptop, a USB and a microphone are all you need in order to record a track and post it on the internet, and that’s definitely not the way things were like in the past.

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How to record your first Tamil song?

Tamil music is getting extremely popular nowadays, and the same thing can be pretty much said for the entire Indian culture as well. If you are looking forward to recording your first Tamil song, here’s what you need.

Understanding Multitrack Recording

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According to masstamilan, songs in the past had to be recorded in one or two takes, with all of the band members playing the instrument at the same time. Today, we have a multitrack recording which is something that allows much greater freedom for the artist and helps us achieve a much higher quality song. Now you can record the bassline, for example, then the lead guitar, then the drums and so on. After recording all of the instruments, you can “mix” them together and do separate adjustments if you want to. Tracks made this way sound a lot cleaner and higher-quality. You can even add special effects which were non-existent back then.

You need a studio

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Technology changed and we are now free to do many different things and experiments with our music, but one thing hasn’t changed and it never will. You need a studio in order to record your music. By studio, we mean a place that has very good sound isolation and sound-proof spots. You can’t use a room that makes echo or distorts the sound, because your song will sound pretty bad. Studios have special materials attached on their walls that make all sounds “bounce” off them without creating and strange noises or echoes.

You will need quality equipment

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If you are planning to release your song with the expectations for great success, make sure that you record it at a high-quality studio that has high-quality equipment. We can’t really say which part of the equipment makes a difference because they all do. Each part of the chain of devices used to record a song makes its own impact on it, so if you do the entire procedure on cheaper and entry-level equipment, your song will probably sound that way as well, sadly. Try to rent a studio or purchase top-tier equipment if you are very serious about becoming a music producer.


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