Technological Excess: The Most Useless Car Options 2024

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Today, buying a new car can be a real trap for true connoisseurs of modern technology. The border between the real requirements of the driver and the options imposed on him by marketers is very blurred – often people pay extra thousands of dollars for additional equipment that they absolutely don’t need.

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In fact, many of the so-called automotive functions are quite outdated technology, and only its presence in the car makes us think about it again. Finally, there’s simply frankly useless equipment, and you can find it in the following list.

Wireless internet

Of course, a car with the ability to connect to the wireless Internet can be an interesting solution for those who don’t know how to entertain children and teenagers on a long road, but in practice, this option is not worth the money.

Typically, for this option adds 700-900 Euros to the price of a car, which is already unprofitable purely mathematically. Plus, if you take into consideration that you will also have to pay a monthly fee for data transfer, it becomes clear that mobile Internet is still the best solution – unless you spend your whole life on the road.

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Gearshift paddles

The ability to manually shift automatic and robotic gearboxes is appropriate on such supercars as Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R. In these cars, the driver really needs to be forced to change gears on time.

Nevertheless, on compact city hybrids like Honda Insight, and on large long-wheelbase limousines like Mercedes-Benz S-class, such paddles, as well as a racing driving style, are completely unnecessary, and their presence is explained only by the requirements of the automobile fashion.


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Despite the fact that touch screens have long been standard equipment for many cars, experts consider such monitors to be very uncomfortable and outdated.

Indeed, touch screens in cars usually have terrible graphics and slow action. In general, it’s terribly inconvenient using them while driving. Therefore, if it’s possible not to order such an option – don’t order it!

Big wheels

Indeed, a car beautiful disks of the large radius will look more interesting and sportier. However, in addition to the external beauty from large disks, there are continuous flaws.

The larger the wheel, the greater the mass of the car, on which fuel consumption and acceleration dynamics directly depend. In addition, for large disks, you need large tires, which respectively cost more. Therefore, automotive experts strongly advise not to get involved in excessively large disks but to choose the wheel size recommended by the manufacturer.

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Integrated navigation system

Experts are sure that today when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket with a bunch of options including navigation, the built-in navigation system in the car, is not needed at all. Moreover, for 100-200 Euros you can buy a full-fledged portable navigator, the interface and capabilities of which are often more convenient than most factory automobile systems.

Indeed, only a couple of premium automotive brands has a good built-in navigation system – with beautiful, convenient graphics, and readable maps. In other cases, auto-navigation devices are worse than portable gadgets.

The decisive argument against embedded navigation systems is price. Some companies are sure that this option can actually cost 1500-2500 Euros, which is usually asked for. Thus, it’s much cheaper to go on a trip with an iPhone or a good TomTom device stuck to the windshield.

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Ventilated seats

Heated seats are a useful and necessary option, which can’t be said about the ventilated seats. This opinion of experts was taken according to numerous surveys and statistics – the vast majority of drivers whose car is equipped with this option practically don’t use it. Its price is usually 500-700 Euros.

Even with the most expensive car brands, ventilated seats don’t always guarantee the desired effect – a person freezes sometimes don’t feel cool. Many experienced drivers unanimously say that you can refuse this option – you won’t lose anything.

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Heated or cooled cup holders

Cup holders that can cool or keep the contents of a glass or bottle warm are not a bad option. True, under one condition – the vessel should ideally enter the cup holder, and be of the same diameter.

Otherwise, the desired effect is not achieved. If considering how many glasses and bottles of completely different shapes are on the market, it was found that this option work as it should be in only one out of ten cases. Therefore, if you want to save money when buying a car, it’s better to refuse this option.