How Much Money can I Make as a Writer in 2024?


Writing is a skill every educated human being possesses and which they need to optimally navigate the modern world. Not everyone writes the same, however, as most people use it for communication. On the other hand, we have written in the sense of a profession. Professional writers come in all shapes and sizes. What most associates with the term “writer” are educated people who have written and published numerous books during their careers, like novelists and poets.

In the modern era of human society, there are not as many great writers as those we know from history. There are seemingly fewer and fewer classics and more commercial works that writers finish quickly and without much effort. That is not to say that modern literature is not worth it, far from it. Hundreds and thousands of writers worldwide live off their talent and skills, and they have made writing their primary source of income.

Modern Writing


However, people still view it as a hard life of sacrifice and too much work, and the truth is not everyone has the ability, will, and devotion to become a professional writer in the traditional sense. But who said anything about traditional? Thanks to modern technology and the advancements and changes in many areas of business, virtually anyone can become a sort of writer and make valuable income from the comfort of their home.

You have probably heard about copywriters, SEO writers, and freelance writers, but what do you know about them? What do they have in common? The thing they all do is write texts and articles on various topics, for a wide variety of clients. They utilize their language and writing skills, as well as their knowledge of topics in question, and generate revenue based on the amount of work they do. It is not a full-time, traditional job, so much as a side or a part-time job. Despite this, thousands of young people proficient in computer skills, marketing, and languages write articles on a daily basis for clients they collaborate with. In this article, we will try to determine how much money an average writer could earn in 2024. To find out more about this, where and how to find freelance writing jobs, and learn how to become a better writer, visit Smart Blogger.

Writers’ Salaries


Right now, in western countries, writing is quite a lucrative job because of the sheer amount of jobs it covers. Because of this, writers are constantly in demand and it should not take long before you find your next gig. In the United States, it is estimated that writers could earn up to $65,000 per year, which is considered a good salary. It comes down to more than $5,000 per month and over $1,200 per week. More precisely, the hourly salary is north of $30.

Now, this is a rough estimate and it encompasses all sorts of writing jobs out there. IT is generally very hard to determine how much one can make from writing because it greatly depends on the kind of writing, the deadlines, the rates, and quality.

Fixed Rates


Around the world, freelance writers work based on their own rates. They value their knowledge and education differently, and a 1000-word article could range anywhere from $2 to $20. Native speakers educated on the topics charge the most, while those who are fluent in foreign languages they work in could also charge higher rates for their work.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who write in English for example but their language skills are subpar. They manage to find clients who do not want or need good language in their texts because all they need is reach and marketing. Therefore, they pay below average rates acceptable by those who deem their skills enough for such a task.

By combining these two tiers of writers, it is extremely hard to narrow down a single amount of money people charge for writing. Some pay per word, some per word total, while others specialize in complicated topics and offer special rates.

Great Part-Time Job / Insecure Full-Time Job


As the headline of this subsection clearly suggests, freelance writing is not a certain way of life because you can never guarantee that you will have a constant flow of projects by clients. Even long-time clients may end up not needing writing services anymore, after which you will be left with an income void. Therefore, those who write on the side have the most benefits because modern writing is an amazing second job. It will generate enough money for you to pay the bills, which is already great.

Depending on how fast and efficient you work, you could even cover grocery shopping and all the basic needs from writing alone, leaving you your main salary for other, more expensive things in life. You could also do it another way around and decide to save up all of your writing money for things you need. To put it simply, writing feels to much like a form of a skill-based lottery at most times, which is why it is an uncertain full-time job unless you work hours at an office with a regular salary and benefits.

No Limitations


With all of that being said, it should be noted that writing on the global level has never been bigger and anyone who can do it at a better than average level should try it. For example, blogging alone is a huge industry and it is mostly done by independent individuals who turned their passion towards something into a source of income by simply writing about what they love. If you think less about the total amount of money you could get out of it and focus on writing better and more to the point while specializing in a certain topic, you could get a lot out of it. Sponsorships and deals are sometimes better and more beneficial than being paid traditionally. There is something for everyone in the world of writing. You only need to determine what you can do best and then reap the benefits!