Gear Cycle Advantages and Disadvantages – 2024 Guide

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Everyone these days is looking to buy the newest bike in the market. Some choose road bikes (cycle) while others choose bikes or hybrids. There are also a few preferring buying a travel bike or a foldie. While the bike might certainly differ according to their choice, there is one thing that is common – bike gear. No matter what bike you will choose, the bike comes with gear.

The most popular factors that cause buying a geared bike include: living in a hilly area, health reasons like bad knees, desire to bike distances in different terrain, wanting a lighter bike (most cruiser bike bikes weigh more than road bikes), seeking to bike off-road.

Advantages of gear cycle

The advantages rely on what you want to do with your bike (cycle). Geared bikes are great for traveling, off-road, bike hiking, and long road trips, and getting around hilly places. Bikers in hilly Seattle, Rome and Edinburgh need geared bikes. For senior citizens or individuals with wellness issues, a geared bike can mean the difference between riding a bike or not.

Those with physical restrictions, heart circumstances, bad legs or legs can use the gear to reduce the burden on their own systems and are able to appreciate riding a bike where otherwise they may have been omitted. With recumbent geared bikes even those with more serious circumstances, such as dystonia, can benefit from bike riding.

On the other end, say you are driving on a nice flat road (slanting downwards), you can use the top gear on your bike. This can help you rotate your wheel faster without pedaling too hard.

So generally, gear helps you sustain your pedal rotation (How fast your pedal per minute – RPM). Normally, experienced riders try and sustain their cadence between 60 to 90 RPM.  This can help you drive perfectly without causing any muscle injury.

Disadvantages of gear cycle :

There are of course some drawbacks to consider too: fixed gear bikes are unsuitable for all driving circumstances. If you appreciate driving around mountains, you may find that you miss your gear and freewheel as it can be a lot more difficult without them.

It’s important to remember that if you’re braking with the rear wheel, you won’t get maximum braking power because, during deceleration, weight is used the front wheel. It’s, therefore, essential to have brakes on a fixed gear bike.


A bike with gear has far more moving items like the derailleurs, shifters, several cogs that need to function together. If one element shows the problem, the whole drive function might not function efficiently. As a result, these bikes need regular care and appropriate servicing.

  • COST:

As compared to a non-geared bike, a bike with gear is flexible and complicated, hence the price is higher. If you are looking for speed, better comfort and are aggressive, a multi-speed bike is ideal for you. That being said, a single-speed bike comes with a simple design, which makes it much easier to repair and sustain.

The best way to discover whether a fixed gear bike is right for you is to try one out. However, make certain you practice driving your fixed gear cycle in a safe and protected atmosphere – it’s not recommended to drive in traffic the first time you try a fixed gear bike as you need to get used to the way it manages.