Here’s How You Can Settle Down in College During Freshmen Year


College is difficult and can get a little overwhelming. It is a lifestyle change with so much to juggle and ace all at the same time – no room to make an error. That is why it is an advantage if you can have a school that will fit your personality. Maybe consider hiring a college admissions consultant? Not just consultants can help find you the best college school, but also they will find the right path for you and set you up in the application process. If you’re considering this, then check out first the ExamGenius. They have unbiased reviews and guides of the best college admissions consultants. With that said, you don’t have to succumb to a rut worrying about the unknown and definitely not by compromising your extrovert personality.

These four years change you as an individual both for the good and the worst. You’re more confident and ready to take the world by its collar. College offers you a rollercoaster ride with the most exciting and joyful yet nerve-wracking years of your life which forces you to make compromises. Well, if you’re a tad bit concerned about what the next four years old and want to conquer them both socially and academically, read along with some great tips!

1. Let the extrovert in you live


College is a great opportunity to meet new people. There are people from all across the country or rather globe for you to socialize with. People belonging to diverse cultures and educational backgrounds allow you to widen your horizons and learn beyond classrooms. Now, with that said, how to make friends? It’s difficult at first but trust me, there are various opportunities you can tap on and meet new people. The first and foremost step is to go out more. From orientations to exhibits to campus drives, attend them all. This way you’ll not only be aware of what’s going on around you but will also help you meet new people and make friends that’ll last you a lifetime.

Further, if you’re residing at a dorm or community hall, you’ve hit the jackpot. Sure, you won’t have a personal bathroom but it definitely provides a community setting. You will score great friends right off the bat which will also be your roomies so win-win situation if you ask me.

2. Explore!


College provides ample opportunities to learn and explore far beyond the classrooms. There are far more programs and courses offered which might be unrelated to your major but can definitely add depth to the overall college experience. From music to literature, learning opportunities are infinite. If you’re majoring in Finance, don’t let it overshine your passions in music, writing, etc. Getting involved in classes you truly are passionate about will enable you to not alter your personality coupled with something to talk about not only with your friends but also recruiters down the lane.

Moreover, there are various programs like that of Exchange programs that can enable you to attend a semester or two in another state at the same cost as your tuition. Not only that, but multiple colleges also allow or rather encourage the students to go on trips to volunteer as a credit course. These can be a little hefty on the pocket but if you budget well, can turn out great as an experience and definitely as an add-on, on your resume.

3. Accept it as a home away from home


It is imperative to acknowledge that even though you love it back home but this new place is where you’d be spending the next few years and hence, must be treated like home as well. With that said, you must explore the new area. Try by taking baby steps. Begin from your campus. I’m sure it’ll have a historical kick to it which might fancy you at the moment and be a great story to tell your friends back home or even your kids a couple years down the lane.

Further, look up your city and plan to visit famous places with your roommates like museums or even hit a good hiking spot. This exploration would help you be acquainted with the place and allow you to let go of that homesickness you’ve been feeling.

4. Put the internet to work


Let’s face it, we’re always on Instagram and Facebook and that’s okay. We should know what’s going on in our favorite celebrities’ lives. With that said, it is a great tool to meet new people and learn more about the events that are taking place around campus – so why not use it to your advantage?

Needless to say, the coursework and assignments in college are nothing like that of high school. They ask more about your opinion and take on a topic than what a particular book says. Now, with what we’re used to, it all can be a little daunting and new. The best way to pave your way through such assignments is by hitting up the internet. Google is your best friend for research but it can get a tad bit time-consuming. This is where websites such as myadmission specifically designed for students’ papers help swoop in.

5. Take a break!

With all the tensions and pressure you’re exposed to, it is inevitable to feel burnt out and lethargic during your very first year. That’s normal and absolutely okay! Most students tend to forget that even though it’s time to hustle, it is also time to take care of yourself and let yourself enjoy every once in a while. It is pertinent to mention that uninterrupted seven to eight hours of sleep is important for your body to function efficiently. Not only that, what you consume or rather eat also plays a significant part in how you feel and work. So, hustle hard but while taking much-needed breaks.