8 Tips & Tricks for Writing Last Minute College Essays

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As students, we are engaged in various activities besides our studying. Trying to have a normal social life, and incorporating a job at the same time can be difficult. Being that busy, we often forget to check our schedules and we forget about our assignments.

Even with all the promises that we have to ourselves that we will get our obligations done early, we still manage to prolong them to the last minute. The overwhelming stress is something that we have all experienced when we find out that our essay is due in a couple of hours.

To show you how to get your essay done quickly while keeping the quality standards high, we have made this article. Here, we have included a couple of tips and tricks that will surely be helpful whenever you get in a situation like this one.

1. Calm down

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Being angry is not going to help you in this situation. You will only think about the problem, without considering any solution. In other words, you are wasting precious time that you could’ve used for something productive.

That is why you need to calm down and think about the solutions. This is the time when you need to make a decision, whether you have time to do it on your own, or you should get help from a professional service.

2. Consider a professional service

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If you are not able to write the essay on your own because of other obligations, or you just don’t have the time to do so, consider hiring a professional like the ones that can be found on homeworkhelpglobal.com. They have been working with this for a long time which makes them more efficient and they will deliver the product quicker.

The topic of your essay is not so important since the employees can cover everything, from mathematics to medicine and technology. Since the quality of the essay is important for your score, you should not worry since professional writing firms deliver high-quality texts.

While there are various professional writing services, you should look for the one that suits you the most. You should research about them, and use the service that has many satisfied clients.

Another way to find the right firm is by asking your friends. If they have been satisfied with the results of a certain writing service, they can recommend you the one they were using.

3. Keep your attention in the right place

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In case you have decided to write the essay on your own, make sure you create a nice working atmosphere. Make yourself a coffee, and begin working.

If you notice that you are being distracted by something, make sure you place it somewhere out of reach for the moment. Keep your media applications closed, and put your phone on silent, or take it to another room.

This will help you to keep your focus on the essay only and use your time to the fullest.

4. Get a quick topic decision

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While sometimes you get a specific topic that you need to work on, there are situations where you need to choose the topic by yourself. That is where many people tend to have problems because they are guessing their choice and they think it is not good enough.

Since this loses your time, you will need to make a quick decision, and come up with a topic you will work on. Don’t guess your choice, and keep on working. Just make sure you follow the instructions, and you should be good to go.

5. Make the structure

Many people think that spending time specifically on creating the structure for your essay is wasting time, it certainly isn’t. This will help you with the thought process, as well as a reminder not to miss something important.

Depending on the essay, there are a couple of sections you will need to follow. Besides the title, you will need to make an introduction where you shortly explain the things you have worked on. After that, you should write about the main part.

If we talk about a scientific essay you will need to include the methods of evaluation and the results that you have gotten.

Lastly, the conclusion, or what have we learned from this research. Don’t forget to write down all the references and literature you have used for this project.

6. Adjust your timing

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To prevent wasting your time, you should create a pattern or a schedule for every section. These tiny deadlines will help your mental health by boosting hormones that will make you feel good about the things you have accomplished. In addition, you will make sure that you stay on track, and deliver the project on time.

7. Write the text and the references simultaneously

References and the literature you have used to create your essay are important factors that give weight to your work. They serve as evidence that the things you have written were previously examined and proven.

You should write them down simultaneously while writing your text. This saves a lot of time along the way since you will not need to hunt them down at the end.

8. Read it and look for mistakes

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When you have finished writing the essay, you will need to check if you have made any mistakes. This is done by rereading a couple of times and noticing any spelling or grammatical errors done along the way.

Besides the mistakes, you need to make sure that your essay is easily readable. This means that the sentences need to be short and that the text is being separated into paragraphs. Every thought needs to be a separate paragraph for a cleaner-looking text.

Having paragraphs makes the reading process easier since we feel like we have accomplished something after reading just one paragraph. In addition, people tend to lose the desire for reading if the text is not separated properly.


After making sure that your essay is written properly, with great readability, and without spelling mistakes, you are ready to submit it.

Next time, make sure you write your essays on time to prevent stressful situations. In case it is inevitable, you have these tips and tricks that will surely help you in overcoming that challenge.