3 Ways to Bypass a Forgotten Passcode on Your iPhone

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Losing a mobile phone is a really stressful situation. The reason being that pretty much all of the valuable information you have are on that device. Plus, chances are you will have some business-related files and images on it. So, the key is to understand why people are so afraid of this happening sometimes. At the same time, there’s one more situation that could be equally as stressful, but the device is not lost.

Imagine being in a situation when you lost or forget a passcode on an iPhone. Anyone who has this kind of smartphone knows that this situation is equally as serious as it is when the device is lost. The reason is that you will not be able to access any data on it. Furthermore, it goes without saying that obtaining the password once again is a pretty complex process, and that chances are the task will not be finished with a positive outcome.

As you probably know, Apple is a company that invests a lot of its resources into the security of its products and you can be sure that overcoming these obstacles can be pretty hard. Plus, some shops claim that they can overcome these problems if the owner pays for their service. The truth is that some measures don’t require anyone besides you, without needing to pay someone to do it instead of you. This is exactly what we will present you with.

Thankfully, some programs can help with these problems. If you are interested in taking a look at one of them, visit keypass. Some people are not willing to download any app, and they are looking for a solution they can do themselves. So, they will be happy to learn that there are several ways you can actually bypass the passcode. These six figures can become a real problem for people, and we are absolutely sure that they are eager to find out all the ways. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Using iTunes Backup

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One of the first things you need to do when buying an iPhone, you need to make sure that you’ve made a backup, just in case something like losing a password happens. It’s needless to say that you need to do it before you actually get in a situation where you’ve lost a passcode. Sadly, many people don’t do that, and they encounter a problem when some unwanted situations happen.

Therefore, we would like to guide you through this process of restoring. First, you need to connect your device with a laptop or desktop PC. When the screen appears, you need to click on the “restore” button. Naturally, you will be asked to insert all the necessary information that will provide you with a chance to start the process itself.

In case you don’t know or you don’t remember this information, you have a really big problem on your hands and chances are that you will not be able to see the process fully completed. After the process is completed, all the files and apps you’ve had on the date when you did the backup will appear once again on your device.

2. Cloud Backup

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Surely, you’ve heard that cloud computing has become one of the most important technologies in this day and age. There are so many companies around the world who’ve decided to implement them in their modus operandi. Those who are facing problems with losing passcodes for their mobile phones will be happy to hear that there are ways you can use iCloud to overcome these obstacles.

How you can do that? You should log in an iCloud and go through the wizard called “Find my Phone”. When you access the device, you will be able to go further with the process. After that, the next step is clicking on the “erase” button. It means that all the data will be completely erased, along with the passcode. Naturally, you will be presented with a message that will warn you about what you are about to do.

When this process is finished, practically the user has a completely new phone. Of course, when the basic process is finished, some additional things can be performed. However, it should be said that they are not as necessary as they might look. So, be careful about the other options or completely ignore them, without even considering using them.

3. Recovery Mode

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Last but not least, we would like to talk about the recovery mode. The first thing is to turn off the device. After that, it needs to be connected to a laptop or desktop PC. After that, the owner should perform something that’s called a hard reset. Even though it sounds strange, believe us, it’s not. The whole operation is pressing the sleep/wake button and home at the same time.

At some point, you will receive an option to connect to iTunes that appears on the screen. When it fully appears, the option of restoring will appear. Naturally, it will mean that the device will return to the date when you performed backup in the first place, meaning that all the information and data that were inserted into the phone will be erased. From then, you have a fresh and new device to use.

In Conclusion

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As you can understand from this article of ours, backup is crucial for this process. Otherwise, you will have to set up it from scratch. If this is not what happened, you will have the feeling of having a new phone in your hands. Chances are that you will go through this process at least once with your device.

Of course, you will be able to come up with a new passcode that you will certainly need to remember. Otherwise, you will go through the same procedure once again. Once again, we would like to remind you to use backup whenever it comes to your mind, that way, you will be able to save your data. So, remember a passcode and avoid all the problems.