7 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Used iPhone 2024

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The iPhones are manufactured by Apple that presents a great combination of an iPod, computer, cellular phone, and digital camera. Including this entire feature in one device, users get the benefit of the touch screen also. IOS is the system that is used to run these iPhones. The regular release is seen by the apple iPhone with surprising additions and changes.

Apple iPhones are very expensive. People judge the status of a person caring in his or her hand. At the start, the prices were not that high, but a sudden price hike by Apple made it surprising for the users. Users have accepted these hikes as the devices so deserved against the hike. There were numerous features that were enough to make users fall in love and do various new things with it.

Still, there are many cellular users who can’t afford the higher range of Apple iPhones. There is another way to make the dream of such type of lovers true. You may also go for the option of a second hand iPhone or refurbished iPhone. This is a superb way for the lovers to get their desired model in cheaper value rather than facing the price whooping.

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The residents of the countries where the subsidy is not available may have to deal with an exorbitant hike in the price. If you want, then you can go with other smartphone options. You may get many features at the most affordable prices. But if your mind is set for Apple choosing the second-hand purchase is the best suitable idea for you. Today Apple is a status symbol, and everybody wants to hold this status.

Whenever we choose an easy way, then definitely, there are some changes to have issues. If you want to walk on the short cut, then you must be ready for the tough diversions and bumpy way. If you are going to buy a second-hand or refurbished iPhone, then there are some risk factors that can lead you to get trapped in a foul play. A proper inquiry is possible when you, as a buyer, have enough knowledge about the things you need to enquire about. Below are some very important things that you need to know before buying a used one:

  1. Verification of the IMEI number: Many times, people buy the mobile phone that looks exactly the same as the iPhone by paying a high price. This happens due to a lack of knowledge in this stream. In used one purchase or refurbished maximum purchase, buyers complain about the cheat. A body replacement technique works to cheat people. Under this procedure, the parts of ordinary or cheaper mobile phones are inserted in the body of the iPhone.
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Replaced body iPhone sellers are earning great profits by this cheating. Buyers need to be very smart to judge whether they are buying a genuine second-hand phone or a replaced body iPhone. If the buyer is not that smart to differentiate in genuine or replaced body phone, then soon the performance of parts, features, and software will start indicating cheating. The body replacement is generally done to hide the actual reason for none or improper functioning of the phone. A bad fall on the floor or water can be the reason behind improper functioning. The affected part replacement hides this accidental story. Buying a used one with a brand-new shine may also have the same story of part replacement. Every buyer should try some very simple steps to check if they are not going to be a victim of this cheating. Below are some guiding steps which everyone should follow, no matter buying a brand new or a used one:

  • Go to the “setting” option
  • Tap on the “general” option
  • Tap on “about.”
  • Now scroll down to see IMEI

Here you will find an IMEI number. You need to match this IMEI number from the number mentioned on the back of the same iPhone. You can also check the SIM card tray to match the IMEI or MEID number. If you find the mismatch in both IMEI numbers, then you can ask the seller to reduce the price, or you may refuse the deal. This is the way you may save yourself from fraud.

  1. Activation lock inquiry: Apple is much known for its strong safety measures. The sale of a stolen one is very tough. A new buyer or user will not be able to use the iPhone until he or she is linked to the same phone’s Apple ID. A new user needs to enter the previous owner’s Password then he needs to enter the new password by generating his new ID. Without going through this procedure, no one can use even a single option. This safety measure of Apple is just to reduce the number of sales of stolen phones. You need to check the activation lock status if you don’t want to be a victim to stuck in a stolen case. Below mentioned steps will help you in checking this status:
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Go to settings, turn off the “find my phone option” from iCloud. If still, you are not able to use the phone, then you can take the help of the Apple online activation lock tool. Here you need to enter the IMEI number of the body.

  1. Blocked or unblocked IMEI number: When purchasing iPhones, other mobile devices, or gadgets, it’s essential to choose reputable sellers to ensure a secure transaction. Renowned platforms like Amazon and Swappa offer reliability and peace of mind. Notably, Swappa provides a valuable service through its free online IMEI checking tool. Verifying whether an IMEI number is blocked or not is crucial; a blacklisted IMEI could indicate the device is stolen, unpaid for, or linked to fraudulent activities. If the IMEI number is flagged as blocked, it’s advisable to avoid the deal altogether. This precautionary measure safeguards buyers from potential legal and usability issues while promoting ethical commerce practices. Always prioritize transparency and credibility when making such purchases.
  2. Unlink current owner:When purchasing a used phone, ensure the current owner unlinks their ID before finalizing the deal. The device won’t be functional until this step is completed and you set up your new ID. If the seller hesitates or fails to do so, it could raise suspicions of a stolen iPhone or potential fraud. In such instances, it’s crucial to back out from the transaction and explore other options. Prioritizing your security and avoiding potentially problematic purchases is essential. Remember, there’s always the possibility of finding better alternatives among used phones, offering both reliability and peace of mind for your investment.
  3. The legitimacy of the used Apple iPhone: To ascertain the authenticity of used Apple iPhones, visit apple.com and enter the device’s serial number. A successful transition to the next page confirms the legitimacy of the purchase, ensuring a reliable and genuine product. This simple step provides assurance to buyers and prevents potential issues associated with counterfeit or unauthorized devices.
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  1. Water damage indicator:Detecting water damage has been simplified by modern technology, a boon for used device buyers. When considering a pre-owned item, pay attention to the water damage indicator. A shift towards red or pink in color signals potential water damage, a crucial insight. Keep in mind that the method of checking this indicator can vary based on iPhone models, given the plethora of variants available. For instance, some models feature a red line, dot, or smudge on the SIM tray slot. Being versed in the distinct indicators for different models ensures a comprehensive assessment and empowers buyers to make informed decisions about their purchase’s condition and reliability.
  2. Ask for the buying details/ bill:When purchasing a used device, always insist on obtaining the necessary documentation for a seamless transaction. Request all relevant buying details and the bill from the seller. If they are unwilling to provide these documents, it’s a clear red flag to halt the deal. These documents are not only essential for the initial purchase but also critical for future servicing or warranty claims of your iPhone. The absence of bills or relevant paperwork can lead to complications down the line. Ensuring you have complete documentation safeguards your investment and guarantees that you can avail yourself of proper support and maintenance for your device whenever needed.

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips before buying a used iPhone, then definitely, you will enjoy unbelievable experience with the amazing handset.