10 Best Cycle Under 5000 in India – 2020 Buying Guide

cycles under 5000

Hey guys, looking for the best cycles under 5000 in India? My affordable research will show you a complete list of famous cycles and brands in India.

There are lots of benefits of cycles like your budget and your body will be absolutely healthy, reduces the risk of overweight. Actually, you don’t need to go to the gym workout.

Our Top Picks

#1 Hero Sprint #2 BSA Cycles #3 Atlas
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Before choosing a Cycle, you need to know everything about cycle brands, all features. Here some famous bicycle models are provided which suits your needs.

1. Hero Sprint Traveller 26 T Cycle

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A hero is a renowned company in India that is known for quality cycles and it has been going on for generations. This hero sprint cycle is best for regular use and going for morning ride for weight loss. The cycle comes with Caliper breaks and the frame is made from steel. 

Key Features:

  • Has a beautiful and colorful design
  • The steel frame is durable
  • Safety has been made a priority
  • It is comfortable and rigid
  • The cycle is quite affordable

The seat is quite comfortable so that doesn’t feel odd and the pedals are anti-skid to avoid any accidents. The tires are durable so that they do not leak easily.

Customer Reports
Vinayak B

The product is absolutely superb and stunning to look at. It’s totally worth its price.


Very good.

2. BSA Cycles Photon Ex Bicycle

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This cycle will be delivered in a fully dismantled state/  Pre-assembled state. It is advised to take local mechanic help for assembling the unit.

This is the first cycle that we have on our list and it can be used over the age of 18 to 38 and also by boys who are above 5 feet. It is a good bicycle that people can buy for them as it has specifications such as a steel frame and an MTB style saddle.

One can also adjust the height of the saddle without any tools. The bicycle sports Steel V brakes and has tires of Hindustan 26*1.95.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a great design
  • It is comfortable to ride
  • Comes with Steel Frame with V Brakes
  • Variant available with mudguard and stand
  • The saddle is easily adjustable

It is a very durable and budget-friendly bicycle that will do the job quite well and it seems flexible as well.

Customer Reports

The Bsa Slr a retro dream for most of us. Glad the cycle is still around. I’m happy to have this cycle and there are a lot of improvements on this cycle compare to the old Bsa SLR. Lighter and faster.
I got it through Sree Dhanalakshmi Cycles and they are giving black wall tire which are nylon grips and lasts longer and is better quality unlike the white wall doesn’t last long as they are cotton tires explained by the cycle store expert. I got the cycleway before the shipping date. The bike was nicely packed and was pre-assembled.
I would suggest don’t mind for the black wall ralco tires as they are better than the white wall. Utility over looks.


The cycle was delivered to our door, completely assembled, nicely packed. After removing all the protective wrapping, I went for a ride and felt about my college days. The cycle is very light weight, comfortable. It’s been a month, I am riding it, now I feel I need to take it for a regular serving which is normal for any new cycle.

3. Atlas Ultimate City 26T Matt Black

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This is one of the perfect cycles for boys and adults too. The cycle is available in has black colors and it has standard tube tires and standard breaks. It does come with trainer wheels.

Key Features:

  • The cycle design is attractive.
  • It is durable for men as well as women
  • The quality is great at an affordable rate

You will love this cycle as it is smooth and has been made with a comfortable seat to avoid any problem. As the components are made of metal, the cycle will last with time.

Customer Reports

The packing and delivery was impeccable. Not a single scratch on the matte black cycle. The cycle itself is sturdy and….my god ..its gorgeous….but…the front wheel alignment sucked. There was alittle bend in the wheel frame itself…so removed one of the front brake shoe…no front brakes…full back brakes and rest is gorgeous…also..the seat is quite hard and the grips are tiresome…so buy yourself a silicone cycle seat, soft handle grips…i assembled this myself and then did 16 km cycling to iron out small issues and make adjustments.

4. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle

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This is yet another cycle from the house of Hero Cycles. This is a cycle that can be used by kids as well as adults who are over 5 feet. The cycle sports V brake both in the front and the back. The steel frame makes the cycle durable for the rider.

Key Features:

  • The design of the cycle is great
  • It sports dual V brakes
  • The seat is comfortable and affordable
  • It sports anti-skid pedals for grip
  • The price of the cycle is affordable

The seat is adjustable and comfortable to avoid any problems. It does have anti-skid pedals for the times when there is water and it also provides a good food grip. In all, it is a good bicycle at an affordable price which can easily become a part of one’s life as easy transport.

Customer Reports
Kinshuk Banerjee

Very good product.

Easy to assemble.
Smooth ride.
Good brakes.
High-quality reflectors.
Strong frame but sometimes wobbly.
Good pedals, chain, freewheel.
Good grip steering.
Balanced structure.
Good tires (nylon).

Overall great product especially at this price.


Nice product. Minimum issues with assembling. With break especially. Overall nice to ride.

5. Global Bikes 26T with Carrier

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This Cycle for everyone in your family like for your grown-up kids, adults, children, men and women.

Global Bikes Grand Single Speed 26T Bicycle has a rustproof Frame which gives it a long life. It also has Power Brakes to avoid hard fall. The best part is this cycle has zero Maintenance.

Key Features:

  • The cycle comes in attractive colors
  • The cycle structure is adjustable
  • Rear disc brakes are present
  • Comes with Carrier

A chainguard is present for added protection. Other features present in the cycle include heavy-duty training wheels, adjustable structure, comfortable pedals, fender, and rubber tire. So, this can be the very first cycle for the tiny one.

Customer Reports
Abu Adnan

The cycle is good, but u have it assemble completely from the shop. Product is good.

Navin Sahu

This is a good product to assemble this product go to shop only yourself Not assemble.

6. Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Cycle

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Just like a hawk this adult male bicycle is perfect for those people who want speed at an affordable cost. The cycle sports dual Caliper brakes so that the rider never misses it.

The frame is made from rigid steel to add durability to it and the has a comfortable PU saddle and a carrier. The handles of this cycle are designed in a way that provides comfort for long rides.

Key Features:

  • The frame size is great for male adults
  • Great design of the handles
  • Full of all the needed features
  • The price is super affordable
  • The cycle is lightweight at 20.3 Kg

Riders do not need to think about much when they are purchasing this model as it has everything like mudguards, reflectors, chain cover and even the paddles are reflectorized molded, etc.

Customer Reports

Excellent product after some customization. Non-customized assembly is suitable only for racing.. (means you will have to bend down to get complete brake controls..).

S. Chatterjee

Here is probably the most inexpensive racing cycle from the house of hero. The build quality and finish are average to keep costs low. It is kind of easy to assemble but tge assembly guide supplied is not great. I would recommend to get it assembled in your local bicycle repair shop. Other than that it is good and is solving my requirement of a basic light weight gearless bicycle for very low price.

7. BSA Photon Ex with Bar End Bicycle

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As we said already, BSA Photon is known for making a good cycle. This is one of the best cycles that people can get from them at an affordable price. The cycle is for ages 11 and up. It sports things like dual V brakes and dual suspension which is important for many riders. 

Key Features:

  • The cycle has a dual suspension feature
  • Assembling the cycle is easy
  • The cycle has a carrier
  • The sturdy frame will last long

The cycle also has a carrier that is often missing in cycles. It is a comfortable cycle that has a good saddle and the frame is made from steel to provide it with much-needed stability. Kindly note, this product will be shipped in a semi-assembled/dismantled state

Customer Reports

Old charm still works. Very practical and durable bicycle. Quality of parts is good. Got fully assembled with no damage. Good to see the carrier and full mudguard which is often missing in similar price range modern bicycles just for aesthetic appeal.

Gaurav Gupta

Its a good cycle. Good quality, no issues so far. After delivery I took it to a local cycle shop to get the brakes tightened and the chains greased and all. The mechanic there complimented me on the purchase. If your bike mechanic compliments the thing you bought, you know it is good. Go for it.

8. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle

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When the child/girl is ready to have their second cycle, then this one can become a great choice for them. It still sports the trainer wheels and has dual Caliper brakes for higher performance. The frame is made from steel to provide it with strength so that it can take the weight of the child/girl.

The saddle is made comfortable and adjustable so that different kids can use the same model.

Key Features:

  • The design of the cycle looks good.
  • Both a carrier and a basket is present
  • Steel frame to add durability
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • The cycle is comfortable for the child

The handlebar has a good grip so that the hand doesn’t slip while the child is riding. A mudguard is present for the times when your kid decides to ride in the rain.

Customer Reports

A very good cycle for girls. Attractive color and design. Nicely packed and delivered. The quality of the mudguard is a little bit thin but overall good quality. The installation guide comes with the product is some what confusion.

Vadapalli Sreenivas

Product is very good, good looking, can be ensembled easily, only one drawback is that plastic has been used for side covers and chain cover, if it could be steel, I would have given Five star rating.

9. Vaux Excel 20 Green Kids Bicycle

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Vaux Excel 20 is very good looking cycles your child will feel attracted to this cycle. This cycle from Vaux Excel 20 is for kids between the age of 7 to 12 years. This cycle has tubeless tires so you do not need to worry about them.

Key Features:

  • Available in 3 attractive color
  • The design is really comfortable
  • Balance is maintained in a great way
  • Kid love the unique design

Other features present in this bicycle include a height-adjustable saddle, a carrier and a bottle carrier to make it a complete package for the children.

The design of the cycle is also great and great for riding. Vaux Excel 20 is a semi-assembled bicycle and assembly tools are also provided.

Customer Reports

Really it’s stylish and looking good, This bicycle is very comfortable Ride for 8 to 10 years boys. I bought this cycle for my 8 years old son and he is very happy now.


It’s really amazing product.

10. Btwin 300 Racing Cycle

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Minimal looking bikes are always great as they are free from the unneeded weight that is often present in those with designs. This Btwin 300 cycle is perfect for children that are above the age of 8 years.

The cycle has v brakes and the cables are friction-free so that brakes are applied effectively. It does have a chain cover so that the child doesn’t have a problem while paddling.

Key Features:

  • The cycle has V brakes
  • The design is great and minimal
  • The frame is made from BMX steel
  • Safety is a great aspect
  • The cycle doesn’t cost much

The frame is made of BMX steel so there is no compromise with the quality and durability. Kids will love the cycle and enough thought about safety has been given to the cycle while creating it.

Customer Reports
Amazing Cust

It has one of the best braking systems but that is delicate. Kids just love this bike as it has the best ride quality. The handle is straight and you will need to lean forward. Please note this is the base price, you will need to pay for the mudguard, bell and stand. If the bottle holder is an additional fitting


Awesome braking system. I bought it offline in decathlon showroom for Rs.5500 which doesn’t include mudguard, stand, bell, and additional fittings. Go for it if you get it below 6000.

The Health Benefits of Regular Cycling

  • Improve your self-confidence and independence.
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Maintain your positive mental attitude.
  • Reduce stress and body fat level.
  • It helps to increase height growth.
  • Pollution-free ride.
  • Save money.

Choose Cycle With the Help of Size Chart

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Useful Cycling Safety Tips

  • Don’t cross red light signals.
  • Before turn give an arm signal.
  • Consider wearing a helmet that protects your head.
  • Don’t use earphones or mobile phones while cycling.
  • Stay alert during cycling.
  • Make sure everybody can see you.
  • Use your horn bell when you overtake other vehicles.

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Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids' Bike (Multicolour, Ideal For : 7 to 9 Years )
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  • Tire size : 20 inches | Frame Size : 12 inches
  • Ideal For :7 to 9 Years | Min Rider Height :3 ft 10 inches | Max Rider Height :4 ft 6 inch
  • Front Brake : Caliper Brake | Rear Brake : Caliper Brakess
  • Gear : Single Speed
Hero Quicker 20T Steel Single Speed Junior Cycle, 12 Inch (Red)
  • The cycle is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition (85% assembled). Customer needs to assemble it before use. Allen Key & Spanner provided in box for installation.
  • Crankset : 32t x 4.5 inch, bb_set : Cottered, freewheel : 16 teeth
  • Pedals : Reflectorised anti skid pedal, rim : Magwheel, tyre_size : Mag wheel
  • Seat_post : Bolted clamp, zp finish, saddle : Rexine top, saddle_adjustment : Nut bolt, stem : Bpc
  • Handle_bar : Raised handlebar, front_brake : Caliper brakes, rear_brake : Caliper brakes, mudguard : Yes
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