7 Best Skateboard in India 2020 – Price & Review

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Are you on a hunt for the best skateboard in India? We spent 36 hours on research, Amazon, top review website and customer reviews. Then we collect a top 5 best skateboard in the Indian market. As most people know, skateboarding is a really exciting activity. If your skateboard is a low quality you can not excite that much. Homejournal Team has collected some of the best Skateboard in India.

Our Top Picks 2020

#1 Nivia #2 Jaspo #3 Strauss
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You really need to find the best quality of the coolest skateboards from the market. In the market variety of brand and options are available. It’s quite difficult to choose. Thus, we prepare a list of reliable skateboards. Let’s choose them. This is your ideal partner for instead of walk when you are going to school and want to shop. Below is the list of best selling Skateboard in India with the 5-star review.

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The Razor Ripstic Ripster is founded in 2000. Also, the focused on providing high-quality materials and innovation. The better suit for our modern lifestyle. The skateboard used a cutting-edge technology which enhances your riding experience. Built like a 9-inch penny board that improves your performance and takes it to the next level. Includes features like lightweight, super-tough cromoly steel down tube construction and fixed T-bar design. Here are its Key Features:

  • High-tech polymer with removable deck plates
  • High-performance ABEC-5 bearings
  • Rubber padded steel torsion bar
  • 360-degree casters wheels
  • Slip-resistant provides maximum grip
  • Lightweight and thick size

Additionally, its 360-degree swivel wheels ensure a flexible and consistent twist and carve ride. With high-performance ABEC-5 bearings, deliver a smooth ride. Mostly, slip-resistant deck platforms with classic web design detailing deliver maximum grip.

 Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard.

Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard

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Strauss Bronx FT Skateboards offer quality components paired with amazing eye-catching colorful graphics. It’s a mid-sized  31 inches long and 7.5 inches wide deck more flexible during riding. Skateboard standard features like the antiskid board prevent against falling. Also, high speed bearing with high-quality spacer & screw is present for smooth riding. Here are its Key Features:

  • The firm wooden base that won’t give way.
  • Colorful eye-catching graphics on the board.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • Aesthetically designed.
  • Very nice finishing.
  • High-speed bearing.
  • Durable PU wheels with the anti-skid board.

A firm wooden base to provide a secure footing and PU wheels made from solid steel for durability. The equipped with a 2.2-inch height of the truck

Jaspo Hurricane Wooden Skateboard


Jaspo Hurricane Wooden Skateboard


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Originally, Jaspo is an Indian iconic sports brand specifically for manufactures world-class sports equipment. The  7-ply maple wood skateboard durable and safe during skateboarding. The 4-inch nylon truck with ultra-durable deck ensures carry 180 kgs of weight so, it is ideal for kids and adult both. The reasonable range skateboard especially design for parents which buy for a child gift or other loved ones. Here its Key Feature:

  • Suitable for kids and adult.
  • Semi-precision ball bearing.
  • Ultra-durable with Anti-skid surface.
  • Super soft PU bushings.
  • ABEC-9 high-speed bearing, anti-shock 85A PVC wheels.
  • No assembly required.

Also, its double kick tail concave design provides greater control and easy braking makes you safer during skateboarding. Essentially provides 27” inch X 6.5” inch complete skateboard, don’t require assembly

Strauss Bronx KD Skateboard


Strauss Bronx KD Skateboard


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The last, but certainly not least, If you are looking mid-range skateboard for your kids then the best for you. Strauss brings you a quality skateboard. Its non-skid surface with on the top layer colorful graphics design loves too much your kids. Here are Key Features:

  • Colorful graphics which everyone love.
  • Board size: 23.5 x 6 inches.
  • Carbon ball-bearings provide smooth skateboarding.
  • Attractive and fancy cartoon face.

Durable, wooden base, high-quality trucks, and wheels make it good. Mostly, trucks are made of solid steel. An evenly weighted product which gives you a smooth ride. Also, its graphics design create a unique and stylish look.

Oxelo Mid-Tattoo Skateboard

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It is one of the best skateboards it comes fully assembled. It’s a product by Decathlon. It is firmly designed well to lift weight till 100 kg, goes smoothly in walking street, parks, roads, and almost everywhere. If you’re thinking of buying a skateboard which also has a gold standard for the Indian market then this is indeed the best product for you. It is suitable for ages from 12 to 32, Almost for all teens and adults.

Piso Skateboard Complete Dragonfly

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Piso brand is an Indian company made completely in India, They have made tough design, great quality, excellent turning ability. Wheels are so flexible and as well very comfortable for any kind of trick if you are a professional skater. The build quality is exceptional and it looks it can take a real beating. The best part is it comes with Dragonfly graphic with deck, wheels, trucks, grip tape & glossy bearings. It looks great, feels great and rides flawlessly. Its unbreakable skateboard. Overall, a great product. so if you’re looking for a board which can take a beating to go for it right away. This skateboard is for kids and adults too which means its great for all age group.

Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard

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Rumble Professional Manufacturer Skateboard brands which fulfill all crazy demands of the users. This 22-inch long and 6″ wide desk increases your riding style, i.e. cruising, freestyle, freeride and downhill. The skateboard made of heavy duty of plastic. Its wide and durable wheels provide you steady while riding. Here are its Key Features:

  • Lightweight compact size is better suited to the beginner or master player.
  • Assemble with thick and wide 3.25″ aluminum truck.
  • Slip-resistant platforms.
  • Furnished with high-speed bearing.
  • Capable to carry 90 kgs of weight.
  • Super fasting PU wheel.
  • Easy and ready to ride.

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This amazing skater beginner to ridder master all can play with it. With this skateboard, you can skate it on the road, park and U shape ground. Once again, one of the more anybody loves it when they get colorful deck and wheels.