10 Firearm Accessories Every Gun Owner Should Consider (2024)

Firearm Accessories
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Guns are powerful tools that can be used for self-defense, hunting, or law enforcement. But they can be made even more effective (and safe) with the right firearm accessories.

There are many types of firearm accessories. In this article, we’ll go over the top ten accessories that gun owners should consider to get the most out of their firearms. Let’s get started!

1. Mounted flashlight

A mounted flashlight can be attached to a firearm via a mounting system such as a Picatinny or M-Lok rail. The flashlight is designed to provide illumination in dark environments, making it a must-have for night-time home invasions or military campaigns. It’s less useful for hunters since light can scare away prey.

However, it may come in handy in some hunting situations.

By adding a flashlight attachment to your gun, you can identify targets more quickly, better your aiming accuracy, increase your situational awareness, and improve your response time to threats.

2. Scope

gun scope
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Scopes provide a magnified view of your target to enhance the accuracy of your aim. They are used mostly on rifles, but can also be used on some pistols.

A scope generally consists of a tube housing that contains lenses and other optical components that can be adjusted to zero the sight and change the magnification level. You attach the scope to the gun via a mounting rail.

Scopes can be useful in many shooting situations, but they are essential for hunting when you often must keep a distance from your target. They are also used by military personnel such as sniper shooters.

Some scopes even let you view your target in low-light conditions with night-vision technology or in the complete dark with thermal imaging technology.

3. Laser sight

Laser sights project a beam onto your target to create a reference point when aiming. The sight is typically mounted onto the gun and is available in different colors, though red and green are the most common.

Unlike a flashlight attachment, a laser sight can help you aim in low-light conditions without giving away your position.

This makes it ideal for home defense and military operations. It can also be used for hunting, though some hunters consider it an unfair advantage and prefer not to use them.

4. Red dot sight

firearm accessory Red dot sight
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A red dot sight is a transparent lens on which an illuminated red dot serves as a reticle for aiming (as opposed to traditional crosshairs). Red dot sights have only been around since 1975, but they’ve become very popular for their accuracy and ease of use.

What sets red dot sights, like those from OpticsForce, apart from others is that they are parallax-free, meaning the point of aim remains the same regardless of your eye position. This relieves you from needing to strain your eyes as with other types of sights.

That said, red dot sights don’t provide magnification. So unless you pair them with a scope, they are best used for close to medium-range shooting scenarios, such as home defense.

5. Foregrip

A foregrip attaches to the front of a gun (typically a rifle). This gives your non-dominant hand a place to hold the gun that isn’t the barrel.

That way, you can maintain better control of the firearm to reduce recoil and better follow up with shots. It also gives your gun a more tactical look.

6. Gun holster

Gun holster
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A gun holster is a carrying device designed to provide quick and convenient access to your gun while keeping it secured and protected when not in use.

It’s commonly used by law enforcement, military, and civilians concerned with self-defense. If you intend to conceal carry your firearm, a gun holster is a must-have.

For those debating the ideal handgun size for their holster, our detailed comparison of compact and subcompact pistols will provide you with the essential insights to make the best choice for concealed carry and comfort.

In many ways, gun holsters are better than carrying bags because they make your firearm more accessible to you and less accessible to unauthorized users such as criminals or children.

7. Gun sling

A gun sling is a strap attached to a gun, typically near the stock or the front of a rifle. The strap is then worn across the body so that you can carry your gun without the use of your hands. This can make it easier to transport rifles, which tend to be large and heavy.

8. Magazine loader

Magazine loader
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A magazine loader is a device that helps you load ammunition into your firearm more quickly.

They can be especially helpful when dealing with high-capacity magazines that otherwise take a long time to load. If you want to make your life a little easier, magazine loaders are a good investment.

9. Gun cleaning kit

A gun cleaning kit is a set of tools used to clean your firearm. It may include a cleaning rod, bore brushes, a bore snake, cleaning brushes, patches, gun oil or lubricant, and more.

Having these instruments on hand and using them regularly helps keep your gun in top condition to ensure it functions properly.

10. Hearing protection

Hearing protection firearm accessory
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Hearing protection refers to equipment used to protect your ears from loud guns. It includes ear plugs, ear muffs, electronic hearing protection devices, and shooting helmets.

When possible, you should wear some form of hearing protection whenever shooting a gun to prevent hearing damage and hearing loss. According to one study, 38% of adult target shooters and 95% of adult hunters report never wearing hearing protection despite knowing the risks. Don’t be one of them.

Final thought

As you can see, there are many firearm accessories to choose from. You don’t need them all, and you definitely don’t need them all at once. However, you should outfit your firearm with the accessories that maximize its efficiency and best suit your needs.

Start with one gun accessory. Choose one that is the most important. Do your research and shop around for the best deal. From there, you can add others one by one as you have the means. Over time, you can amass the gun accessories you need to create the ideal gun setup.