Best Injections for Lips


It’s no secret that many celebrities resort to various aesthetic procedures to cover up the shortcomings of their body, be it small breasts, thin lips, wrinkled face, or something else. In the last ten years, this has become a trend even among those who are not engaged in show business. As the years go by, the price becomes more affordable, which is another reason for women to decide for it faster. Also, a well-groomed face and body have become synonymous with successful women.

Still, it’s not enough to just say you want something and go to the first clinic that gets in your way. There are two key things when it comes to lip augmentation, and one of them is the quality of the fillers used. Today, we have many different brands on the market, and their price varies from 500-1000 dollars, depending on the quality, but also the place where you live. By choosing the wrong fillers, you can endanger your health, and it is possible that they will not get the desired effect. You can read more about quality fillers that will make your lips full and juicy at

Another very important thing is to choose a doctor you will trust because otherwise, the outcome will not be as good as you expect. Before you decide on a change in your body, talk to him to show you how long the procedure will last, whether it is painful, what to expect during the recovery period, and so on. When it comes to lip augmentation fillers, your doctor will advise you on how much filler is enough to give your lips the desired look. Women often get a counter-effect with lip augmentation because they exaggerate in their desire to have big lips, which in the end does not look at all-natural and seductive, but the effect of a “duck’s beak” is achieved. In most cases, 1ml is enough, and is not recommended to put more. The better is to come back again in one month if the doctor estimates it is appropriate.

To let you know what the doctor is talking about when you go for a consultation, we present to you some of the best fillers. Fillers can be divided into three basic groups, namely hyaluronic acids, calcium hydroxyapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid. Although the fillers from the last two groups are longer-lasting – calcium hydroxylapatite (9-12 months), and poly-L-lactic acid (2+ years), for several reasons we prefer fillers from the group of hyaluronic acids. One of the biggest reasons why we prefer hyaluronic acid (dermal fillers) is precise that the effect is shorter and that by injecting the enzyme it is possible to speed up the filler solution if you are not satisfied with the result you got.

What is the best dermal filler?



This is one of the favorite fillers around the world. The effect lasts for about 12 months, and side effects are minimized. Of course, the appearance of swelling and small lumps is normal, but it passes in a few days. This filler is used to shape the lips and emphasize the contours.



This was the first dermal filler on the market and more than 25 million treatments have been done with it so far! People often compare Restylane with Juvéderm and say that there is no big difference between them as if we are talking about Pepsi and Coca Cola. This filler contains the optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid and as a result, you will get very soft and sensual lips that look completely natural. The procedure itself is non-invasive, so very often the treatment coincides with the day of the consultation. However, the doctor will warn you not to consume ibuprofen, aspirin, alcohol, and cigarettes for a few days before the treatment, to save yourself the bruises that may occur.



This hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler was produced in 2013. It is one of the very good product at an affordable price. There are several subtypes of this filler and each is recommended for a different region. Revolax Deep is used for lip augmentation and the effect is visible for 12-18 months. All in all, it is a non-animal derived filler with great longevity.



These fillers have high biocompatibility and are completely degradable. The effect lasts from six to 24 months, depending on several factors. These are high-quality natural fillers that help hydrate the skin and produce collagen, which is a natural ingredient of our body.



This product is on the market at a very affordable price and it has a very easy rejuvenating effect. The treatment itself is painless, and the results are immediately visible. In addition to lip augmentation, this filler is also suitable for removing grabber lines, as well as restoring tightness and freshness to the cheeks.

Is it painful?

For many, the first association with lip augmentation is pain. Still, you don’t need to pick about it. This treatment is almost painless because you will get an anesthetic first. The whole procedure was completed in a maximum of 30 minutes. Keep in mind that swelling will appear which will disappear in 7-10 days.

Are lip fillers safe?


Dermal fillers are safe and are made based on hyaluronic acid. Large amounts of hyaluronic acid are found in human connective tissue. There are no major contraindications other than a swelling or small lump that soon go away on their own. However, if pain and redness occur, it is time to see a doctor. Cold and hot drinks are not recommended during recovery, as well as applying lipstick or lip gloss.


Although we have already mentioned that by injecting enzymes it is possible to speed up the breakdown of fillers if you are dissatisfied, it is important that you do this solely for yourself and not for someone else. It is also important to be realistic about expectations, because, no matter how attractive your big and full lips look, it is important that they are by your face. Otherwise, you will be noticed, but in the wrong way.