VPS Hosting Managed Dedicated Server 101 Guide

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The website has become a factor that can help people to achieve their success in this modern era. It is not about the business matter, but also helpful for self-actualization, socializing with the new people in the whole world, and even learning. The Internet is able to break the common law about time and space. A person in the United States can make communicate regarding business or friendship with people far away in the Middle East country. By recognizing the benefits of the internet and the website as the platforms to be connected with people from different sides of the world, a lot of businessmen and personal people manage to create a website for various purposes. Thus, they have become in touch with the website hosting activities such as SEO (search engine optimization), hosting, content creation, and website management in advance. This article is focused on the hosting aspect. To be more specific, this article is going to talk about VPS hosting and managed dedicated servers. Later on, in the below section, you will find the complete discussion about the understanding of a managed dedicated hosting server, the mechanism in running the dedicated and VPS hosting server, plus the benefits that you can get from the fully-managed dedicated server. Time is money, so let’s start to learn about VPS and the managed dedicated server below.

Managed Dedicated Servers

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Managed dedicated server is an advanced website hosting service that allows you to fully access the whole server aspects for single personal use only. What does it mean for single personal use only? It means that once you rent the managed dedicated server from the website hosting service provider. You will get the full benefits in using the resource for our website wellbeing, gain the high technology computer for your server, and get the whole space in the digital environment without sharing a space with the other users.

Resources are anything in the website hosting activity. Many people are willing to get the best resource for their website, but it will make their billing so much more costly. To overcome the problem, people were using the cheaper website hosting such as cloud hosting and shared hosting to be able to get the resource and drive their website to be online without spending more money. Then what about VPS? Well, VPS or Virtual Private Server is not categorized as the cheap website hosting server because it has a bit higher cost compared with the cloud and dedicates resources. The performance given by the Virtual Private Server is the closest one with the features from the managed dedicated hosting server, which VPS (Virtual Private Server) also provides the dedicated resource or the concentrated resource that can only be used for a single user.

Virtual Private Server (https://www.vpsserver.com/vps-hosting/) is also providing the best performance in the website hosting process since VPS offers a separate space between its clients that can make them optimizing their website without getting worried about being exposed by the other users under the same management of the VPS service provider.

VPS hosting server is also providing the managed VPS hosting services that are also available on the managed hosting service. The feature gave is almost similar, but the managed VPS hosting offers the more comprehended assistance covering the monitoring, maintenance, protection, audit, and advisory service. VPS (Virtual Private Server) has numerous services under its category named the unmanaged VPS hosting service, managed-to-host service, Cloud VPS hosting service, Windows VPS hosting service, and Linux and SSD VPS hosting service. We highly recommend choosing the managed VPS hosting service due to its comprehended assistance to conduct the website hosting activity in the digital environment.

Suppose you are a wealthy individual or a businessman. In that case, we highly recommend you choose the managed dedicated server that gives you the best performance in managing the website with a high traffic activity. Because in some cases, the increased traffic activities in the website can affect the performance of the server even for the VPS hosting too. The best solution to overcome the technical problem is by using managed dedicated hosting for your business website’s wellbeing.

Can I install custom software/applications on the server?

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The answer to the question: “Can I customize the software or applications in my server?” is yes. Yes, you can freely and legally do that on the managed VPS hosting server and VPS hosting server. A managed dedicated server is fully yours once you rent the service. The access to manage the software or apps in there is entirely your decision that no one can restrict you. You can also change the operating system (OS) on its server computer to optimize your website’s performance.

You can get the full accessibility on the VPS hosting service too. The feature in the VPS (Virtual Private Server) is called full-root access. By full-root access, you are granted the freedom to manage the whole aspects of the system, such as installing software, changing, and uninstalling software or application as free as you want. Once you choose the VPS hosting service, you are achieving a single virtual server computer that you can optimize with your own wisdom and knowledge.

What kind of support is covered in Fully managed dedicated servers?

Managed Dedicated Server supports you in many areas in the website hosting activity, such as on the resource allocation aspect, performance aspect, security, accessibility, fixed price, and the feature in the unique IP address you only designed.

Actually, there are a lot of features that you can consider as the advantage of using the managed server for your website hosting activity. Dedicated Hosting Server is actually and truly designed to support the business industry websites and the people with high prosperity. That is why a dedicated server has a higher price compared with cloud hosting service, shared hosting service, and even the VPS (Virtual Private Server). Indeed, the advantages you can get are also higher than the other website hosting service mentioned above.