Top 6 Ways to Find Winning Brands Every Time 2024


If you have an eCommerce store and are looking for some new and popular products to sell, it can become very hard to stay on top of all the things that are trending.  In fact, one of the biggest questions that many eCommerce sellers have is ‘how do I find a winning product to sell online?’

According to TrueTop5, you may even be wondering how some stores are making six and even seven figures every single year while there are many others that are making exactly $0.  The difference between the two different types of stores is going to be one simple thing, choosing winning products. With that being said, all you have to do in order to cash in is to find just one winning product that you can sell on your store.  Here are some of the easiest ways that you will be able to find a winning product that will potentially skyrocket the number of sales that you make.


If you have ever been to an online store, there is a good chance that you have noticed how they have a bestsellers list.  This is not only great for all of the site’s customers, but it is also a goldmine for just about every single online retailer on the planet.  Unfortunately, most of the new entrepreneurs are not able to exploit this particular thing for whatever reason.

While most of the people trying to break into eCommerce are going to cry that everybody is dropshipping the same exact products, the best thing that you can do is to actually approach the matter as the glass is half full.  What this means is that if everybody is selling the same exact stuff, you can sell it too as it is in high demand.  So, if you are able to identify what the best-sellers are, you will have a winning product.  While it can potentially sound like a lot of work, finding the next hottest product is as easy as doing a little bit of simple competitive research.

Here are some of the websites that you can use to help find the top. Selling products in just about every niche you can think of:

1. Amazon Best Sellers

So, this is obviously going to be the very first choice for finding products that are extremely hot and that are going to sell well.  Amazon is the #1 eCommerce site on the planet, so if you are able to steal some of its steam, that means that you will be making some good money.  What makes Amazon the best site for anybody trying to make money with eCommerce is that they have a bestseller list for just about every single category and niche that you can think of.  Not only that, but they also update that list just about every day, hour, minute, or whatever, it’s Amazon.

2. Wish’s Winning Products


Another example of an online retailer is going to be Wish, who is best publicized for their award-winning products.  For example, if you were to search ‘cat towels’ on the Wish site, you would notice that there have been over 50,000 people who have bought a cat towel from the Wish site.  What this means is that cat towels are going to be a winning product.  What makes the Wish site even better though, is the fact that they allow and encourage customer feedback for all of the products that are bought.  This is huge if you are looking for a winning product to sell as reviews are essentially the best form of advertisement ever.

3. Insert Your Competitor


If you are serious about being in the eCommerce space, you have already checked out the competition.  And when you did this, you have discovered that all of your competition has a bestseller list.  With that being said, you are going to want to check out the products that they have on their lists.  This is not only going to give you a great idea of the most popular trends, but it will also give you some of the most popular items as well.

4. eBay Watch Count


If you are really looking for the products that you should be selling, you need to make your way over to eBay watch count.  When you do this, you are either going to find some of the best-selling products ever or at least find some of the most popular keywords such as ‘ionic brush’.  When you do this, you will be able to see all of the photos that sell, as well as the most popular style for selling that actual product.

5. Watch the High-Performing Ads


In this day and age, everything that you do includes scrolling.  Just think for a second and you will realize that you scroll through newsfeeds, articles, videos, and even product pages.  With that being said, have you ever stopped to think about what you may encounter when you decide to stop scrolling through all of the posts?

If you have ever taken a few minutes to stop scrolling through your phone and actually take a look at your surroundings, you have more than likely thought to yourself that you can sell just about anything.  And that is absolutely true as long as you are able to put out high performing ads that appeal to your target audience.

6. Use Oberlo to Find Products


When you use the Oberlo app, you are able to get complete access to all of the AliExpress products that are the best sellers.  This means that you are going to be able to find out what you should be selling and what you are wasting your time on.  The only downside to using Oberlo as your main source of sales is that it does not dictate if all those product sales were in the last three weeks, or the last three months.

No matter what your main goal for finding some winning products in 2024, all of the products listed above are not only super popular, but they are also super requested as well.