How Much Is YouTube Tv Premium A Month And Year


Do you watch YouTube? Well, what am I asking, of course you do! Do the ads piss you off? Well, of course it annoys me. At one point it got so overpopulated that Google decided it could make money on it not only directly, but indirectly by turning off ads for a fee.

The idea was to set up a special subscription at YouTube, and to make sure it didn’t seem like siphoning off cash, Google offered users additional features like access to YouTube Music, background playback, and downloads for offline viewing. But you don’t have to pay full price for that at all. Here’s how.

I guess you know that many companies, including Google, adjust the price of their products for different countries. That is why YouTube Premium in the United States costs as much as $10, and in Russia, the prices are only 200 rubles if we are talking about an individual subscription for just one person. This is a very cool practice.

YouTube Premium is cheaper


Google is taking into account local income levels and, based on that, is creating a new price for people in our country that will be acceptable to most of them. But it’s not the lowest price yet. It’s not like India, where a subscription to YouTube in our money is only 130 rubles.

Despite the fact that it’s not quite fair, residents of Russia and other countries also have the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube Premium at the Indian rate:

  • Download the VPN India app from Google Play;
  • Launch it and connect to the Indian server (there are others);
  • Once successfully connected, launch YouTube and open your profile;
  • Here, select “YouTube Premium” – “2 months free”;
  • In the window that opens, click on the line “2 months free”;

Enter your bank card details and confirm the payment.

Indian tariff is convenient not only for its price, which is set at 129 rupees a month (131 rubles in our money), but also a 2-month trial period, which provide all subscribers. That is, in the output you get 260 rubles of freebies and almost 40 percent discount on the subscription fee.

Getting a silver or gold button on YouTube or a tick on Instagram has become much easier with the right tools. Inexpensive subscribers, views and likes will provide an organic influx of real audience and traffic to your channel and account.

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The cheapest YouTube subscription


But it’s iOS users who will save the most money if they snag an Android smartphone somewhere (or maybe use their own, which they keep just in case). It’s just that for them, a subscription through the App Store costs not 199, but 249 rubles (so Google compensates for the 30 percent commission that Apple charges), and there is no VPN India app for iOS.

Although a VPN is required to subscribe, you can watch YouTube without one. The main thing is to subscribe and not to refuse automatic renewal. Then the money will be deducted systematically every month, and you won’t have to do anything to ensure your access to YouTube without advertising with a good discount.

The only thing I would warn you about is the exchange rate. Since the subscription payment is in rupees, it’s best to prepare a bank card with adequate exchange rates. For example, although Tinkoff does charge a small fee, it is almost imperceptible against the general background, because the extra ruble and a half that you have been charged, you will not even see it.

But as far as I know, there are banks that charge their customers dozens or even hundreds of rubles for the exchange itself. So be careful.

YouTube premium version for free – how to do forever


YouTube Premium is a paid service offered by the platform. It provides the ability to watch content without ads, play videos in the background on mobile devices, and enjoy new original content. Currently, you can:

  • Enjoy watching videos without annoying ads
  • Watch videos offline on your mobile device
  • Use YouTube Music’s special features

How to access YouTube Premium features for free

  1. Download 4K Video Downloader. Available for PC and Android.
  2. Select a video, playlist, or YouTube channel for offline viewing without ads.
  3. Copy the link in your browser and paste it into 4K Video Downloader. In the window that appears after that, select the format. In 4K Video Downloader such formats as MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP as well as all possible video resolutions up to 8K are available!

Tip: You can subscribe to YouTube channels within the 4K Video Downloader application and download all existing content as well as automatically save new videos from channels to your computer as soon as they are published to YouTube.

  1. Watch all videos from your favorite channels on your computer, tablet or phone offline and ad-free whenever you want.

Via bank card

The safest and easiest way to access all YouTube Premium content is to use your credit or debit card information. You need to sign up for YouTube Premium, enter your payment information (i.e. your card number). After that, you’ll get one month of free use of YouTube Premium. It’s important to remember to deactivate this service before the free period ends!

Family Subscription


More and more users around the world are using YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Many share their subscriptions with family through the Family Subscription package, with which you can link up to six accounts. Ask your friends or family – maybe someone already has this subscription package and could share it with you.

In exchange for showing ads

You cannot get access to YouTube Premium in exchange for ad impressions, but the Music service allows you to do so. So if you want unlimited and free access to the music service (with ads), you just need to sign up.

Besides videos traditionally present on YouTube, official albums, singles, remixes, live recordings and other recordings are available on YouTube Music. YouTube Music has a smart search feature that allows users to search for the right song. Users are also provided with recommendations based on their musical tastes, as well as a variety of thematic, genre and author selections.

The paid version of YouTube Music Premium allows users to download songs and listen to them without ads. Google Play Music subscribers will be able to use YouTube Music Premium at no extra charge.