Technologies and Tools Plumbers Use in 2024

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When speaking about different technologies and tools plumbers use, you have a lot of options on the market. Depending on the choice or better to say the habit of working with specific tools by their side, plumbers insist on safety instruments in their tool-kit. When facing demanding and sometimes confusing tasks in front of them, a piece of diverse equipment is required.

Fortunately, in time as everything around us, the tools used by plumbers have evolved into pieces of high-quality equipment that precisely locates and deals with plumbing-related issues. The other popular option that plumbers use is the standard tool kit that has been around since the end of the 80s.

The majority of people invest around 2% of their incomes a year in equipment for their homes. Some of them even go further and opt for professional tools by their side, although they are not trained to work with them. Professionals, on the other hand, in this topic, have their heart set on those new smart tools that can now be purchased for reasonable prices. Look, it is easy to understand that quality tools and high-cutting technologies boost the level of the performance of plumbers.

The time required to determine the level of damage in the water system is shortened, and efficiency is increased by over 50% compared to 10 years ago. We have done the homework and prepared a few examples of technologies and tools plumbers use daily.

Pressure Sensors

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Most of us don’t remember the hard work and experience required to pinpoint where leaks accrued in the home precisely, and the procedure needed 30 years ago. Plumbers then actually had to break-down the wall to take a good look at the situation to be sure what their next step will be and determine where the issue started. Even today, this can happen, but not so frequently like before.

Pressure Sensors represent the technologies that allow plumbers to locate the leak precisely with minimum efforts required. The mentioned tool will measure where the pressure drops in the pipe or the water system, indicating the area to focus on. As the name implies, pressure sensors locate the area to address the problem where the pressure drops, shortening the time of determining the location of the leak. Professionals use it as a shortcut to fix the issue in the minimum needed time, so the repairs are done swiftly with them.

Flex shaft drain machines

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One of the tools that have appeared recently with the evolution of plumber’s technology is the Flex shaft drain cleaning machine. The machine uses chain knockers at the end of a cable, which is powered by a drill with high-speed to resolve all commercial and residential pips swiftly. All works are done on the plumbing system in the minimum required time. Clean and practical for professional plumbers like plumbersemergency, this Flex shaft drain cleaning machine is a must.

Optic Equipment

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A well-hidden secret from plumbers today is the implementation of flexible cameras in their work. When you call a professional plumbing company like A Alert Drain to asset the situation in your home and determine the cause of the leak, you give him space to work, right? Diagnosing the issue in the pipes or plumbing system in your home is more comfortable with the assistance of fiber optics than using the standardized measures from the past.

Where ever the leak has occurred in the plumbing system or pips, the help of a small flexible camera will give you a piece of vivid inside information. The introduction of optic equipment has decreased the cost of average plumbing labor per hour. Note that the most significant expense when the plumber comes to your rescue is the cost of his time spent on the issue you may have.

High-Pressure Washers – Hydro Jets

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These powerful hydro machines represent an option tool for resolving the matter of clogged soap, grease, hear, etc. Through a long hose, warm water is used to clear the system of any obstacles that may be in it. With the pressure around 3000psi on their side, not much can stand in the way of a plumber equipped with Hydro Jets. The mentioned technology shortens the needed time for the tasks of cleaning the plumber’s system of homes and allows continuous efficient results when used.


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Plumbing wrenches are a symbol of this trade and have been for a long time now. When you expect to see a plumber in your home, you know he will have a pair of wrenches in his tool-kit for sure. People must understand that this primary plumber’s tool is also the most crucial one in his too-kit. You have a couple of different wrenches to start with, and they are vital for dealing with fittings on various sizes of pipes. One plumber must have in his tool-kit standard fixed wrenches, adjustable wrenches for pipes, faucet key, adjustable wrenches, basin wrench, radiator spanner/key, torque wrench, and for broken, rusted threaded ends of tubes internal pipe wrench.

Drain Tools

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Drain Tools are a natural part of the equipment of any plumber out there. When dealing with clogged toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs, and many other drains in the house, an experienced plumber has to be ready. This may sound and be a messy task, but for a professional in this field, it is a typical day on the job. A plunger is present in his drain tool-kit along with a sponge, bucket, hand drill, and a screwdriver. All mentioned tools are practical during the unclogging of the plumber’s system and after it when cleaning the space.

Necessary Plumber Tools

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In this group of equipment, we have put the hacksaw, PVC primer, metal brush, PVC pipe cutter, and pipe glue. The mentioned tools are used on the spot to cut the pipes precisely to the required size, resolving all issues that can be handled with the mentioned tool-kit. Spare parts are also present in this group as they are frequently required when resolving the matter with valves, fittings, and washers.