8 Reasons Why You Should Use An Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular due to several reasons. For the average city folk, this might be the best investment you make; and we’ll certainly explain why.

But you might feel that an electric scooter isn’t a thing you’d drive. We’re here to disagree with you and give you our 8 reasons why you should use one for day-to-day dealings instead.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Speed Is Your Ally

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Long gone are the days when electric scooters were limited in terms of speed. Nowadays, some of these can reach top speeds of 15 mph, which is more than enough for you to get to work and back safely.

If you’re an adrenalin addict, then an electric scooter won’t give you your daily fix. But if you feel commuting to work takes too much of your time, then do know this vehicle will safely transport you anywhere you need to be in a fast manner.

Partly why that’s the case is solely down to the fact that…

2. They’re Convenient And Can Fit Anywhere

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Yes, that’s right. A huge plus when commuting with such a vehicle is that it can fit anywhere you need it to and safely avoid the long waiting lines of city commuting.

With an electric scooter, going from point A to point B is nothing but a convenient ride. These vehicles are built to be smaller than your average motorbike and make it possible for you to avoid huge lines while driving to work.

3. They’re Inexpensive

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It’s a well-known fact that electric scooters will cost you a quarter of a dollar for every mile you pass. When it comes to recharging this vehicle, it only takes for you to plug it and wait until the battery is full.

With an electric scooter, you can kiss goodbye to paying for gas or any other type of fuel. This is exactly why you should be using one, as prices for gas and oil will start racking up pretty fast.

Also, these vehicles cost only a fraction of what a car would cost. Granted they offer far less in terms of transportability than cars, but they’re perfect for a one-man show that needs to navigate in the city.

4. They Look Awesome

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If we’re to compare the looks of all the vehicles available to us, then we can safely assume that electric scooters are a no match to cars and even proper motorbikes.

But even so, they look amazing and easily attract the attention of other commuters and bystanders. If we also add the promise of speed and transportation abilities a single person is offered with it, we can safely re-assume that electric scooters are the real deal when it comes to commuting.

And not only that, there are dozens if not hundreds of brands that manufacture these electric motorbikes. Each brand has more than a single unit on display, making the selection that more diverse and up to your liking.

We’re betting on the idea that you’ll find a scooter that meets your needs of speed and transportation, while also looking good.

Since an electric scooter is a revolutionary technology that combines multiple techs into one, it’s important to keep tabs on recent advancements that will make your future selection that much better. And there is no better way to follow tech trends than to bookmark blogs, such as jaxtr.com, that specializes in it.

5. They’re Safe

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Contrary to popular beliefs, electric scooters are quite safe since they don’t allow you to reach unimaginable speeds that compromise your safety.

While they are fast, they come nowhere near to what a Kawasaki Ninja can do. They simply aren’t designed for it. Some are designed and capable to reach the speeds of a proper motorbike, but you shouldn’t be interested in these.

What you’ll need is something that will transport you from point A to point B in a relatively fast manner while also maintaining your safety and not compromising it.

A lot of scooter lovers love the fact that these are very safe for anyone to drive them. Some are even equipped with an insanely bright LED headlight that alerts oncoming drivers of your presence.

6. They’re Durable

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If you’re looking for a reliable and durable vehicle that will last for years while also being budget-friendly and economically sound, then look no further than electric scooters.

Simply said, these will be your bread and butter for years to come. Investing in one of these will prove to be a smart decision since most come with a multiple-year warranty that protects your investment from any wrongdoings.

While it won’t survive being totaled, they’re still extremely durable machines that don’t break down so easily. Partly responsible for that is the clever technology and design that prevents any issues from ever occurring.

7. They’re Eco-Friendly

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Since we live in a day and age of being eco-friendly, there is no better way to practice this lifestyle than with an electric scooter by your side. Since most of these are either battery-powered or solar-powered, an electric scooter is the best possible solution to our current environmental issue.

Being zero-emissions vehicles means that you contribute 0 towards the total emissions the US produces annually and even daily. Since the US is slowly looking to lower its carbon footprint on our world, buying an electric scooter is a great way for you to help.

So, if you’re looking for speed, transportability, safety, durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, then look no further than this vehicle.

8. They Mark the Start of a New Social Movement

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And lastly why you should use an electric scooter is the fact that everyone uses them. It’s safe to say that a new social movement has erected through the use of these vehicles.

Nowadays, electric scooters are fully integrated into city life and communities and they’re even a vital member of traffic.

There are tons of other reasons why you should use these vehicles for day-to-day dealings, and these were simply a couple that we deemed important to share with you.

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