5 Power Leveling Tips and Tricks for Beginner WoW Players

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World of Warcraft was the game that introduced a completely new perspective on how the video game industry will look in the future. When we say that, we mean it literally. Just think about it, the previous entry in the franchise was an RTS genre, which was quite popular at that time. However, with the introduction of the internet, a plethora of options have been presented to the public.

Not only that you can have a blast playing a video game, but you can also share that experience with people from all over the world. You can either collaborate or compete with them. You will agree that these two factors are some sort of standard. However, many don’t know that World of Warcraft was the title that popularized this concept heavily. To overcome your opponents, you need to be on top of your game.

To do that, you should make the leveling process much faster than it really is. At first, not many people were aware of how this can be done fast. Thankfully, many great players have introduced a couple of tips and tricks you can level pretty fast. Without further ado, let’s check some of the easiest ways you can perform leveling without wasting too much on your time.

1. Raids

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We would like to start this list of ours by talking about raids. These are quite popular because they utilize the concept of collaboration between a couple of players. Naturally, the reason why you would need to have someone to collaborate is that conducting these on your own will require that your character is powerful enough to do it. Naturally, this is not always possible, no matter how powerful it is.

What needs to be said about these is that the experience will not be shared between those who participate in it. Not to mention that these will provide you with a chance to come across some really powerful items that can make a crucial difference in some situations when your character cannot rely only on the abilities it has. Therefore, raids are something that you should check out.

2. Farming

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Naturally, farming is one of the things that will be of utmost importance at the beginning of the game. When we say that, we mean that the player will need to conduct in a wide array of different fights and overcome spawns to gather experience. We all know that South Park episode when the main character’s heroes are leveled up by battling boars in a forest. Sure, we are not talking on this level.

But the idea is not too different from what you have seen in this South Park episode. Overcoming these enemies will provide you with a chance to gather loot, gold, and experience at the same time. Sure, this is something that will be of much help when you are at the beginning of the game. When you progress, the enemies will be much more powerful. However, to get to that level, you need to be on the basics.

3. Dungeons

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In the last couple of installments, we’ve had the chance of starting the journey in dungeons. The difference between these and any other raids out there is that they represent a much bigger challenge. It needs to be said that you cannot start overcoming the enemies you will meet here when you are on a low level. Instead, you will need to wait until your character is competent enough.

Sometimes, this can last for a lot of time before you are ready to do it. Still, we don’t believe that it is not impossible to do it as fast as possible. We would describe dungeons as a concept where you will be able to level up fast when you are on a higher level. Without any doubt, it was necessary to think about these, especially when you play the game for the first time.

4. Buying a Boost

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The next aspect we would like is not something that is a part of the game. When we say that, we mean that you can purchase it if you want, but it is not necessary by any means. Still, sometimes you will encounter a situation when you will not have a chance of overcoming a problem without it. We are talking about purchasing a boost. There are a lot of these to choose from.

The choice on which one of these you will purchase should depend on your character’s needs and preferences. So, before you make the purchase, you need to examine all of them carefully. Otherwise, you will just be in a situation where you spent money on something that wasn’t necessary for you by any means. If you want to check some of these, be sure to visit https://buy-boost.com/wow.

5. Completing Quests

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Finally, we would like to discuss the most obvious way you can level your character fast. You can do it by completing all the quests you encounter in the universe. Surely, their number is practically limitless, and the chances that you will complete all of them are pretty small. However, we cannot stress how important it is to complete as much of them as you can, for obvious reasons.

Thankfully, you will not need to spend a lot of your time to find them. They are located practically anywhere around you. Naturally, some of them will be challenging, while some of them can be finished in a couple of minutes. Whatever’s the case, we don’t believe that you should avoid them. There are some claims that you can level up fast without utilizing this approach, but we don’t believe it, to be honest.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, leveling up in World of Warcraft is a crucial factor in having the best possible time. Spending countless hours with a character that is not competent is not something we would like to do. In this article of ours, you can take a look at a couple of ways you can perform it quite easily.