Parental Control App-The Revolutionary Discovery

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We are living in a digital age, where finding materials online is much easier than ordering something from the nearest grocery store. It has become more comfortable for your kids to use the internet, and get embroiled in things that might not be good for them. With this generation completely engrossed into technology, it becomes challenging for the parents to keep them safe from all sorts of bad stuff loitering on the web 24x 7 and 365 days a year. A study shows that a kid spends somewhere around nine hours on their mobile phone using the internet daily. And unfortunately, parents are not aware of that.

This is the reason why app development companies have come up with a robust solution, and that is parental control applications. They are designed in a way that will allow you to keep an eye on your kid whenever you want to, know where they are in real-time, block unwanted, and harmful apps, and even filter web content, and restrict them from using their cell phone when they should be studying, eating, and sleeping.

Let us talk about a parental control app that comes along with all these rich features. Think about it once, getting all the control over protecting your child when you know that they could be in danger, give you a sense of relief. And the app that we are talking over here is nothing else but the stability of FamiSafe. The app is the brainchild of a company called Wondershare that offers stunningly impressive features. Using an app like FamiSafe will let you do the following:

Time management

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Knowing that your child could be using their smartphone secretly does give every parent a heart attack. But a parental control app realizes that something needs to be done, and that’s why they offer screen time limitation function. Using this feature will let you put a restriction on how long they can use their phone. You can set the screen time when they are at school, when they are studying, or when they go to their bed.

Application blocking

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Here’s the thing, even if your child is not browsing through dangerous content on different browsers, there is still a chance that your kid might be receiving non-age-appropriate content from some of the apps. There are dating apps, social media platforms, or else gaming apps, which could make your child remain busy. Dating apps, as we all know, are not for kids. Would you want your kid talking to someone unknown? And is it safe for them at all? Plus, games like PUBG evoked a lot of anger among parents, too, because they are time-consuming. The app blocking feature will let you block all the nonsense apps that are not good for your kid’s mental health. Keep them safe, healthy, and secure by blocking such apps. Also, parental control apps will let you see what apps they have recently installed and what they have uninstalled.

Track their location

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Other than blocking unwanted and dangerous content from the internet, another necessary thing that parental control application lets you do is tracking your child’s location in real-time. You never know where your kids are going or who they are meeting. It is hard to tell. Your kid might have planned for a secret get-together in an outskirt that you asked them not to visit. But kids will be kids; it is difficult for them to understand why you are asking them not to go to a particular area, or too far away from home. Since it is difficult for them to weigh the pros and cons, you need to figure out a solution, that will tell you everything about their whereabouts. The location tracking feature is that’s why handy. You will see where they are going. Another feature that apps like, FamiSafe offers is geofencing. Through this feature, you can set a safe zone for your kid, and whenever they cross it, you receive an alert.

Which one is the best parental control app?

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There are a plethora of parental control apps available both for iOS and Android. To download the app, one needs to go to the Play Store, or else App Store, whichever you have. You can search for the parental control application on your mobile phone and click on the download option to start downloading it. The app needs to be downloaded both in your and your child’s phone. The one that we recommend is FamiSafe. You will get to know soon how easy and safe it is to use the app.
Follow these three easy steps to start downloading the app:
Step 1: First, you need to register a membership account.
Step 2: Now, go to App Store or else visit the Play Store to download FamiSafe. Download the app both in your and your child’s phone.
Step 3: The last step is to connect both the phone and you are all set to monitor your kid’s phone.

Do these parental control apps work?

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The first question before you even begin downloading a parental control app that may appear is whether this app will work, and will allow you to keep a close eye on your kid? Are the parental control apps worth it, and have other parents used such apps earlier? As per the latest studies, parental control apps have immense potential when it comes to keeping your child safe from online bullying, harassment, and more. These sites have in-built algorithms that let you see what apps they have recently downloaded. Once you get to know about them, you can easily block them from their mobile phones.

More and more people are now downloading parental control applications. It has been noted that parents whose children have been bullied online, or they have gone through any mental trauma after using a dating app or social media platform, parents, have usually turned to parental control apps. These parents might come across as someone strict, but cyberbullying is a real deal, and more than a hundred child gets bullied online every day.


An app like FamiSafe gives you a safe and secure way to get hold of what your kid does daily and create a safe environment for them. Before downloading such apps and making your kid feel vulnerable, you need to talk about the dangers of using the internet and the different types of threats. Once you do, visit the official page of FamiSafe, and download the software to keep your child secure.