6 Modern Technologies That Will Improve Online Gambling in 2024

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Gambling is part of the entertainment industry that is constantly developing by implementing the most recent advancements in technology. Since the introduction during the 90s, online gambling manages to become more popular than land casinos, especially with the introduction of smartphones and modern online platforms. While the main reason for such popularity is the convenience since people can play from their homes, interface and good graphics are also very important for the overall experience.

Also, most online gambling platforms are attractive to new players because they are giving great welcome bonuses like free funds and free spins, such as the PlayAmo Casino, where you can get up to 1,500 AUD and 150 free spins. Moreover, since there is great competition between online casinos, developers are thriving to improve the platforms to provide users with an even better experience. In this article, we are going to introduce you to modern technologies that will improve online gambling even more in 2024.

1. Virtual Reality

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VR gaming brings a whole new practice, and it is available for both mobile devices and consoles. While most video games with VR support are still not developed enough to have advanced graphics like standard games, the experience of playing them and the gameplay are unique. The main advantage of using VR and AR while gambling is that you can have a feel close to those when you are in a land casino. That is especially beneficial when you are playing poker since you can hear and see the moves of other players. In 2024, we expect even further development that will make virtual reality headsets more popular among gamblers.

2. Improved Smartphones

In recent years, the industry of smartphones is a leader when it comes to the expansion of new technologies. We can see that popular brands are constantly introducing advanced devices with improved capabilities. Today, an average smartphone has specifications and capacities that allow people to use all sorts of services, video games, streaming, while flagship devices can be compared to average computer devices with their high-end specs. When it comes to gambling, playing over a mobile device provides many benefits since it is more comfortable, and you can play wherever you are. That is the main reason why developers are creating modern platforms to be compatible with mobile devices.

3. Live Dealers

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While slots are the most popular option when it comes to mobile devices, we can see that many online casinos are introducing a feature where you can play roulette, blackjack, and other games with a live dealer option. For a long time, gamblers would rather avoid playing these games over online platforms because they think that there are improved chances to play these games at live tables, especially roulette. Even though there are not any reasons to think how online versions are rigged in any way, people consider a live dealer option as much more attractive. Therefore, we expect that more platforms will introduce this option in 2024.

4. Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain technology represents an evolution in terms of a new monetary system, improved security, and fast transactions. Also, transfers over e-wallets provide people with anonymity. Also, there is a great benefit of using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in gambling since they are highly volatile, and there is a chance that your winnings will become even bigger over time in case that a particular cryptocurrency becomes more valuable on the market. Another advantage is the time needed for a withdrawal. In a standard online casino, you will have to wait a couple of days for the transaction, while you can withdraw your funds instantly over an e-wallet. Moreover, blockchain provides online platforms with improved capabilities that allow developers to create even better games.

5. Cloud Gaming

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The biggest advantage of implementing cloud services in websites is the improved performance that gives users a better experience. With cloud computing, developers can create advanced systems that allow people to use online platforms and apps without the need to waste their storage memory. When it comes to online gambling, people won’t need to download any apps. You can only register on a cloud where you will have access to a particular online service. Your device can not affect the game in any way as well.

6. New Table Games

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Besides slots, we also expect that other casino games will also become more popular. With modern systems, the experience of playing Scraps, Texas Hold’Em, Roulette, Blackjack, and many other games will become more interesting because they will offer a more realistic sense. The combination of VR and live dealers will create a digital atmosphere that is close to the feel like you are in a land casino.

The Bottom Line

New technologies are affecting every industry and improve services in all branches. As a result, we can see that some of the most popular names in the casino industry that are popular for their big casino resorts are now investing in online platforms. However, there are still many people, especially professional gamblers, who find games in land casinos more attractive, and they claim how the experience of playing at a live table cannot be compared with any website. On the other hand, with the implementation of modern technologies, online platforms are getting closer to offer players the same feel as when they are in a land-based casino.

Furthermore, we also have to mention that the year 2024 was crucial for the development and popularity of online gambling platforms. One of the main reasons for that was the fact that many people had to stay home because of the lockdown measures, where many of them who never played any casino games before started getting more interested in them. According to current trends, the growth of online gambling will continue in 2024, especially because of the technological improvements that will have a positive impact on both the quality and performances of casino games. Also, high competition will force companies to introduce even better features, higher bonuses, and more.