Five Online Slots Based On Great Video Games


The line between video games and online slots has been getting blurry for a while, and these days it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between the two. That’s simply because online slots are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. Log into any of the better online slots websites, and you’ll find that there are games there to suit any theme you could imagine. Now the confines of physical cabinets have been left behind, the people who make online slots can work with any category and any topic to create a video game-like entertainment product. Every topic is covered, from movies to travel and sports and yes, of course, video games.

In recent years, we’ve even seen the launch of brand new video games accompanied by the release of an officially connected online slots game as part of the game’s promotional efforts. It’s also another way to provide entertainment to gamers who occasionally enjoy the adult thrill of trying their luck on the slots in search of a greater reward. The fun hasn’t been strictly limited to brand new games, though – some of the greatest games of the past have also been pulled off the shelf, dusted down and re-imagined as an online slots attraction. We could list dozens of examples in this article, but instead, we’re going to focus on five of the very best!

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior


If you know anything at all about video games, you won’t need us to explain why Street Fighter II was one of the best fighting titles ever made. It was one of the first console games to transcend the format and become an entertainment property in its own right, even leading to the creation of a movie that was derided at the time but is viewed more sympathetically in hindsight. It’s been adapted for online slots websites like Rose Slots more than once, but this 2024 release from NetEnt is our favorite iteration of it. It features one hundred ways to win, 96.06% RTP, and a bonus feature that allows you to play a mini-version of the full game it’s based on. What more could you ask for?

Worms: Reloaded


It’s hard to explain the unique appeal of Worms to someone who’s never played the game. It started out life as a curious, eccentric platform game for the PC and Commodore Amiga before finding new life on the first PlayStation, and then developing into a fully-fledged video game series that’s still being added to today. We don’t know who came up with the idea of making a war game featuring worms instead of humans, but we’re eternally grateful to them. This Blueprint online slots game is a celebration of everything that’s fantastic about the ‘Reloaded’ version of the game, right down to a constant battle between worm armies that continues as you spin the reels. You might even find that you’re able to exert some influence over its outcome! Worms: Reloaded comes with 92.66% RTP, which is a little low, but the bonus features make up for it even if you do have to keep a closer watch on your bankroll.



There are probably hundreds of video games that star a snappily-dressed assassin as the central character, but something about Hitman stood out and broke the mold. It was probably the fact that it was a joy to play, and was as atmospheric as early PlayStation games got. The legacy of the game lives on in sequels, movies, and even a professional wrestler who’s based his character on the game. The official Hitman online slots game should also be seen as a continuation of the first game’s legacy. Having been released in 2007, it looks a little dated in some respects, but the fact that well-respected provider Microgaming was responsible for its creation might explain why it’s stood the test of time so well. RTP comes in at 95.84%, with 15 ways to win and an interactive bonus game to go with the free spins feature.

Tetris Super Jackpots


We told you that online slots developers sometimes go back to the classics when they’re looking for inspiration, and what could be more classic than Tetris? For those of us who are old enough to remember playing with the Nintendo Game Boy, it was our introduction to the wonderful world of video games! Making lines out of ill-matched shapes might not exactly provide the same high-octane thrill as a good headshot on Call of Duty, but it was entertaining to us at the time! This 2017 online slots game, released by Bally, is no less entertaining. There are fifty ways to win backed by an RTP rate of 95.8%, but what makes this slot truly memorable is the way that the free spins feature is combined with a ‘real’ game of Tetris. You can win once with each of the free spins, and win again if the falling pieces of the Tetris puzzle land in the right places.

Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs


There aren’t many video game characters more famous than Lara Croft, and there aren’t any video game characters at all who appeared on more bedroom wall posters than Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame. Like the Street Fighter gang, Lara has appeared in more than one online slot game over the years, but she’s never looked better (or appeared in a better game) than this Triple Edge Studios release from mid-2019. If you’re a fan of online slots with modern features, this might be the one you want to check out the most from the five games we’ve mentioned in this article. It incorporates the ‘collapsing wins’ system, in which every win might immediately be followed by another one when new symbols appear to replace your winning ones. Add that to the 243 ways to win, the 96.05% RTP and the free spins feature and bonus wheel, and you have an action-packed slot on your times. There’s no way that Lara Croft would have settled for anything less.

That completes our little tour of video game-themed online slots for now, but as we said at the beginning of this article, there are dozens more to choose from. There will be even more joining them in the near future. Will there be an official online slots version of Fortnite or Minecraft? There might not be right now, but as a gambler would say, we wouldn’t bet against it!