5 Most Common Misconceptions about Watching Adult Movies

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Opinions about certain sensitive things in the world have never been in agreement and it seems that there will always be certain taboos and misconceptions about what people engage in and do for fun. We are all different and nobody can expect all of the people to enjoy the same things, find pleasure in different ways of doing things or watching certain videos that make them feel good.

Finding pleasure in your alone time comes in a great variety of ways especially now in modern times when it is perfectly acceptable to openly talk and mention sex, sexuality, and sexual pleasures. We live in an age of acceptance where differences are celebrated and individuality encouraged, which can be seen with movements trying to normalize differences in sexual orientation. In such a climate, watching adult movies, and not even calling it that anymore but simply saying porn or pornographic content, is more normal than ever.

The majority of the 18+ population especially adolescents and adults do it on a regular basis and the reasons why they do it vary. What cannot be overlooked is the fact that there are many misconceptions about watching adult movies that no longer have a place in the modern society in which we are all actively trying to break the old ways of thinking, belittling, and judging people based on what they enjoy. Remember that if nobody is being harmed and as long as it is within the limitations of law, you are allowed to do anything in your spare time that makes you feel good and special.

With all of this in mind, in the following sections, we will discuss the most common misconceptions about watching pornographic content and tell you why they are not true. If you want to learn more about this as well as to check out the best places where you can partake in these pastime activities, make sure to check out TopPornSites.net.

1. The Content is Violent and Misogynistic

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People who disapprove of watching porn and those who are completely against its existence often think that it is too violent towards women and even misogynistic. The fact that such videos exist makes them believe that the actors, especially actresses, are forced to do things they do not enjoy and that do not really want. The reality of the matter is that all modern porn is made with the consent and all the participants have real jobs and contracts that make them behave and do things a certain way. Best of all, the most popular types of videos show normal things, the usual ways in which people are intimate, and how most people enjoy their time with their partners anyway. Exotic things too exist and seemingly unorthodox fetishes and kinks are a thing, but the participants still like it and nobody is being hurt. Even if they appear to be, remember that it is acting like any other.

2. Watching it Causes Erection Problems in Men

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This is a very common misconception that has some truth to it but adult movies are not to blame themselves. It is a fact that there are no documented studies about the increase of erectile dysfunctions and other problems of that nature since the wider spread of porn material. Since most men watch porn, it is easy to blame it for certain issues. The only problem would be if the guy is too used to what he watches in porn that he can no longer have an erection from “ordinary” things they do in the bedroom. This is, therefore, more connected to the next entry on the list, which is….

3. Porn Causes Addiction

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This is probably the most widespread misconception especially because it is often related to other things being said as a follow up like the fact that watching adult content makes men underperform in the bedroom or that they affect the quality and happiness of their sex life. Now, it should be said that these two things could be true if there is indeed an addiction developed. However, to say that everyone who watches porn is addicted would be too much and completely untrue. Just like with virtually anything else in the world, too much porn can cause addiction and ruin a person’s life. Too much of anything is not good for people. As long as it is within reason and as long as you would rather be with your partner that watches people perform it online, you will be fine.

4. Only Men Watch It

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The fourth myth on the list could not be further away from the truth. Not only do women watch porn practically as much as men, but they watch more genres and types of porn. They enjoy regular videos as well as lesbians, which further means that they are a more interesting and diverse customer and viewer target group for production houses. While women did watch less porn in the past, a few decades ago, for example, today there are completely equal in the number of hours spent on the websites. Furthermore, couples now watch them together to get in the mood, explore their relationship, or try something new and fun. It is a whole new movement in the industry and the newfound freedom and acceptance have helped everyone enjoy themselves more.

5. Adult Movie Fans have Low Moral

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Porn viewers have been subject to judgment and name-calling for decades before the industry took over and expanded in the recent decade or so. Back then, if somebody was to mention they occasionally watch adult videos in their free time, others would deem them immoral or perverted. Such treatment made them close completely and never mention what they like and enjoy, a feeling that never feels good and can even cause other issues regarding social life and even relationships. Nobody should feel bad about what they like and think there is something wrong with them based on other people’s opinions. People who like watching these movies are completely normal, they enjoy sex (such as on cam4.com) as they should because it is a wonderful thing that needs to be celebrated and not something to shy away from. There is no reason to believe they are of low moral because of it.